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Top 10 Game-Changing Marketing Trends of 2016


Trends come and go on the fly. Staying relevant to the times keeps any strategy functional. Marketing trends has been evolving since the bygone era. But, there are some innovative trends that redefine and raise the ante giving the competitors chase for money. Find more here... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Top 10 Game-Changing Marketing Trends of 2016

Top 10 Game-Changing Marketing Trends of 2016
  • Embrace it to invigorate your campaign and sales.

Adopt the Customer Experience Model
  • Out goes the tepid mass advertisement strategy,
    in comes the innovative custom branding.
  • The new marketing lingo is the meet and greet.
  • Personalization is the modern weapon of choice to
    sell products and services.
  • The right audience counts as performance metrics.
  • Close knitted sales and support will make buyers
    loyal to brands.

Is Ad Blocker a Game Changer?
  • Coaxing is wrong! In your face ads makes it
    worse. It drives consumers away!
  • Irrelevant advertising is a fail.
  • Guerilla marketing is the golden key that unlocks
    all doors.
  • Listen to consumers needs and augment your
    campaign. Blend in do not intrude!

Visualize, Virtualize And Drive Verticals
  • The cog in the trending markets is the
    virtualization using technology.
  • Make consumers feel the brand. Infuse them into
    product experience.
  • 3D technology Once a science fiction, now a
    smart marketers Swiss knife.

Social Media Isnt A Strategy Its A Window Of
  • It is not a self-functioning strategy. It is a
    channel to get the word out.
  • It is an omnipresent channel to support larger
  • It is a hyper drive tunnel to reach quickly and
    efficiently the farthest prospective.

One channel For All Is Every Retailers Preference
  • Integrated customer experience will streamline
    the campaigns. It is a friendly approach.
  • The unification will diminish the walls between
    realms of online and offline shopping
  • Brings B2B marketers and retailers in a single
    arena. Makes addressing problems efficient.

Time To Use Big Data
  • It wasnt long until marketers understood the
    untapped power of Big Data.
  • Marketers refused to work with big data due to
    lack of understanding and impromptu translation.
  • Data mining and management is easier than before
    thanks to modern marketing tools.
  • Inject analytics into campaign strategy to
    monitor growth.

Say Yes To Mobile
  • The number of handheld gadget users has surpassed
    the desktop users from a bygone era.
  • The market is on the move from desktop to trendy
    mobile phones. Blame the addiction or the
  • Apps are the magic portal between selling to
    sold. Goodbye to lengthy queues and billing
  • Frontrunners have already figured out the tail
    enders are catching up soon.
  • Mobile optimization is the priority to brands and

Nothing Is Livelier Than Video Promotions
  • Brand awareness in the millennium happens via
    Video marketing.
  • Consumers find it interestingly distracting and
    hard to look away.
  • Gifs, Vines, YouTube, and much more. An array of
    platforms to start. So, why wait?
  • Anyone with Smartphone can see what you want to
  • Videos are the frontlines of branding warfare.

Content Is Still The King
  • Undeterred by emerging platforms, the old timer
    is still the preferred outlet for marketing in
  • Organic market is still the acquainted place for
    content marketing strategies to unleash its
  • Storytelling is still the feisty essence that
    draws hordes of consumers.
  • Relevant content fast tracks campaigns.

Results! It is Mandatory
  • Results are the converging point of marketing
  • All efforts and strategy must yield results.
  • C-list marketers track results from every phase
    of a campaign to streamline the investments.
  • The customer becomes the center of marketing
  • Do not stuff consumers with information. Allow
    them the space to explore voluntarily.
  • Get innovative with technology to get the best

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