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Beat Diabetes


. If you wish to manage and control your diabetes to avoid complications, it is important to take it seriously and follow directions. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Beat Diabetes

Daily Life Changes for Those With Diabetes When
you're diagnosed with diabetes, the amount of
change that occurs in your life depends entirely
on your type of diabetes. Diabetes is broken up
into two different types, Type 1 and Type
2. Type 1 diabetes results from your body's
failure to produce insulin while Type
2 diabetes happens when your body decides
to become insulin resistant. You will have to
constantly monitor everything that goes into
your body if you have Type 1 diabetes. Type 2
diabetes provides you with a little bit of
leeway. You still have to manage your life, but
not to the same extent as what you would have to
do if you had Type 1 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes
makes up for 90 of the cases of diabetes in the
Managing Gestational diabetes A third type of
diabetes pops up in pregnant women called
gestational diabetes. This type of diabetes
occurs when women who did not have a previous
diagnosis of the disease experience high levels
of glucose in their blood. The main effects of
this type of diabetes are babies that are born
at a size larger than their gestational age,
jaundice, and low blood sugar. Children born
from mothers who had gestational diabetes during
their pregnancy have a higher risk of getting
diabetes later on in life. Mothers who properly
regulate their glucose levels can avoid getting
gestational diabetes. It's common for women to
believe they can eat whatever they want when
they're pregnant. The exact opposite is true.
You should eat a little more than you did before
you were pregnant, but not so much that it ends
up becoming unhealthy. A guide to a type 1
Diabetes Type 1 diabetes requires you to inject
insulin into your bloodstream on a regular
basis. You have to test your blood countless
times a day to make sure your sugar
levels are
balanced. If
you too much you could
take insulin, have
so it's
problems, important
to figure much
out how
insulin you need for particular levels and
address it
appropriately. Many people with Type 1 diabetes
use an insulin pump that monitors their blood
sugar levels for them and injects the right
amount of insulin without them having to do
anything. You should try to balance your blood
sugar manually first. Don't hesitate to get an
insulin pump if you begin to have
problems. Medical Alert Bracelet When you
receive your diabetes diagnosis, you should waste
no time in purchasing a medical alert
bracelet. Diabetics have to realize that
medical alert bracelets are more important for
their condition than any other. You could
have a serious reaction at any time in any
place. Sometimes you will be around people who
know how to manage your condition,
but there's a high chance that you will be
caught somewhere by yourself. You will
want your medical alert bracelet to let medical
professionals know what type of diabetes you
have. The lack of a medical alert
bracelet could result in improper treatment and
serious complications. It is also important to
have medical id bracelets for kids if you have
children who are diabetic because it could mean
saving their life at school or during an
activity if something goes wrong. You won't know
what you need to do until you find out what type
of diabetes you have. A proper diagnosis will
give you a framework for how you will maintain a
high quality of life. You must stay within the
treatment program your doctor plans for you or
risk taking a step backward in your condition. A
medical alert bracelet should remain on your
person at all times. You don't
want to be caught out in public having a serious
reaction and no one who knows how to help you.
The drawbacks of diabetes can be managed if you
maintain a program. A steady program will keep
your blood sugar balanced and you healthy.
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Common Diabetes Complications There are several
serious issues and risks for individuals with
diabetes. All these risks go up exponentially if
left untreated. Treating diabetes through
medication and correct diet will facilitate
eliminate or delay issues related to diabetes.
Therefore if you have got diabetes or
pre-diabetes, it's imperative that you and your
doctor keep close observance of your
health. Blindness - even if you're treated, many
folks who have diabetes can still suffer from
some type of eye issues, reduced vision and even
visual defect. Always let your medical specialist
know that you have diabetes. Eye issues are
therefore common in diabetic patients that
generally the eye doctor is the initial one to
notice that there is something wrong. Kidney
failure - because of the very fact that diabetes
damages tiny blood vessels, kidney issues and
even failure is common among diabetics. Keep
your doctor enlightened if you notice issues or
begin obtaining a lot of infections. Cardiovascul
ar problems - one among the most important
killers of individuals with diabetes is
cardiovascular sickness. You are able to develop
coronary artery illness which may cause a heart
attack and/or a stroke. Many people solely
find out about their
diabetes once it's too late and they are in the
ER because of a heart attack. Amputation -
because of the very fact that diabetes damages
tiny blood vessels, veins and nerves, some
individuals with diabetes have a problem with
their lower extremities.
Injuries do not heal as
quick, and they eventually need damaged nerves
develop issues that
amputation. Because of
you will not feel your foot hurt. Do regular
self-exams to be safe. Pregnancy problems - If
you have got diabetes while pregnant, you're at
bigger risk of getting a child with organ injury,
and also at a very high risk of kidney issues or
even death if without well- managed
care. Avoiding Complications from diabetes When
you have diabetes, regardless of the kind, it is
important to try to manage and keep your blood
sugar as near appropriate levels as possible to
prevent these issues. Depending on what kind of
diabetes you have got, diet can have either a
colossal impact or enough of an effect to
matter. Follow your doctor's instruction on
testing your blood. This relies on what kind of
diabetes you have got, as well as another
factors. With type I diabetes, your doctor can
likely ask you to test a minimum of 3 or even
more times per day - usually after meals, before
and after exercise, before bed and even
throughout the night. With type II diabetes,
depending on how much insulin you're taking, you
are sometimes planning to be testing in the
after fasting, and after meals. Some individuals
with type II who can manage without insulin do
not have to test as much. Your doctor can give
you a range for which you want your blood
glucose levels maintained. Typically and on the
average, before meals your range ought to be
between seventy and 130, after a meal 180, and
after fasting between 90 and 130 (mg/dl). Ask
your doctor to assist you understand these
numbers in order that you can keep track
better. Your doctor will also prescribe a
specific diet. If you wish to manage and control
your diabetes to avoid complications, it is
important to take it seriously and follow
directions. Article Source http/EzineArticles.
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