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Challenges in Startup Hiring


Most startups fail because they are not able to hire the right set of people for their business. Here some common hiring challenges that most startups face. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Challenges in Startup Hiring

Startup Hiring Challenges
  • Introduction
  • People Who Can Adjust
  • The Requirement To Hire Quickly
  • Finding People With Enough Motivation
  • Communication Skills
  • Inappropriate Planning
  • Cost Limitations
  • Collaboration
  • Finding The Best Fit Team
  • Technical Hiring

  • There are quite a few challenges that every
    startup faces. One of these includes, hiring the
    right sort of people at the right price point.
  • Here are some common challenges that every
    startup faces

People Who Can Adjust
  • A startup faces challenges of finding experienced
    professionals who can fit into the needs and
    requirements of the company, completely. The cost
    level that the business may be looking to hire
    at, may not match with the required skills.
  • A startup requires resources who are quick to
    understand the business and take the
    responsibility head on.

The Requirement To Hire Quickly
  • Most startups require to hire employees quickly
    so they can take on their responsibility and add
    to the growth efforts.
  • If the hiring is not done on time then the
    business can lose a lot of precious time on
    activities that are planned for its growth and

Finding People With Enough Motivation
  • Every startup is looking for leaders who can
    propel its growth through sheer motivation and
    zeal to grow. Most startups find it difficult to
    find such people. Every startup is looking for
    talented individuals who have the ability to
    learn and adapt in a dynamic environment.
  • Many a times the prospective candidates have the
    skill set, but do not have the right attitude.

Communication Skills
  • Having the right set of communication skills is
    extremely important for a startup employee.
    Finding people with the appropriate communication
    skills can be extremely challenging.
  • It is important for startup employees to
    understand the work culture in the organization
    and communicate with the team in an appropriate

Inappropriate Planning
  • Every startup faces a shortage of resources.
    Since there has to be a lot more focus on the
    core business and revenue, to begin with, it
    becomes difficult for the startup to focus on the
    hiring activities.

Cost Limitations
  • Every startup is looking to maximize the return
    on resources invested, there are limitations on
    how much a startup can invest. A startup usually
    finds it difficult to find people who can be
    hired at a smaller budget.
  • Hiring freelancers helps in saving on hiring
    costs like employee benefits and long term
    hiring, but reduces the stability of employment
    and the activity.

  • The one quality that every startup is looking for
    is the ability to collaborate with the team. This
    is very important for getting the team to learn
    and grow. The overall productivity level of a
    startup should be at the optimum level for it to
    survive and grow. Talented individuals who can
    work as team players are an essential for every
  • Finding the right talent becomes a herculean task
    for most startup businesses.

Finding The Best Fit Team
  • The biggest challenge that every startup faces,
    is to find the best fit resources. A startup is
    looking for people with multiple skill sets and
    all rounders.
  • People who fit into a specific business type
    with specific requirements are hard to find.

Technical Hiring
  • One of the biggest challenges the startups are
    facing is the lack of technical talent that fits
    the project requirements. Technical resources
    with the desired skill set and experience are
    hard to find.

Choosing The Right Partner
  • Virtual teams are a cost effective way to grow
    your business and improve productivity. Hiring an
    expert agency like ValueCoders helps in hiring
    the best-fit teams for your project requirements.
    This simplifies the management process and makes
    the hiring cost effective as well.

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