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stem cells therapy in Delhi,India

Description: is an online organisation that assists people in Stem cells therapy and also by informing them as to which healthcare organisation is the best for their health condition. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: stem cells therapy in Delhi,India

Stem Cell Therapy in Delhi
Showing stem cell as a pluripotent cell
What is a Stem Cell
  • A cell that has the ability to continuously
    divide and differentiate (develop) into various
    other kind(s) of cells/tissues.

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Types of Stem cells
Stem cell type Description Examples
Totipotent Each cell can develop into a new individual Cells from early (1-3 days) embryos
Pluripotent Cells can form any (over 200) cell types Some cells of blastocyst (5 to 14 days)
Multipotent Cells differentiated, but can form a number of other tissues Fetal tissue, cord blood, and adult stem cells
Diseases cured by stem cell therapy
  • Spinal Cord injuries
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Tooth implanting
  • Deafness Blindness
  • Baldness etc.,

Spinal Cord Injuries
  • The stem cells after being extracted from the
    hipbone (iliac crest) post collected from a
    patients bone marrow is implanted once again
    into the body few days later.
  • The stem cells that are re-injected are capable
    to transform into a number of cells which in turn
    have the capacity to regenerate the tissues

Treatment of Stroke
  • A stroke is also known as cerebrovascular
  • Patients bone marrow is the source of stem
  • These cells are re-injected into the cells that
    are destroyed, are capable of changing into
    multiple cells and can regenerate the tissues

Cancer Treatment
  • To treat cancer patients, umbilical cord blood
    stem cells are utilized for conditions such as
    leukemia and lymphoma.
  • The inopportune side effect of the chemotherapy
    is given an attempt to be reversed by the Stem
    Cell Therapy

Treatment of Heart Damage
  • Various experiments and clinical trials have
    proven that adult stem cell therapy is safe and
    effective for hear diseases.
  • The adult stem cell therapy is available on
    commercial basis in at least 5 continents.

Deafness Blindness
  • Success has been achieved in re-growing cochlea
    sensory hair cell by stem cell therapy.
  • With the use of embryonic stem cells, researchers
    have succeeded in growing a thin layer of
    totipotent stem cells in the laboratory. On
    transplanting these layers on the damaged retina,
    stem cell stimulate renewed repair, sooner or
    later restoring the vision.
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