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Useful Tips While Driving On Fog


Because of bad weather conditions lots of injuries happen on the road, which is why the personal injury lawyer Richmond Hill is here for you. For more information please visit: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Useful Tips While Driving On Fog

Useful Tips While Driving On Fog
  • Fog is more characteristic and common in autumn
    and winter, especially in the valleys and river
    valleys. Fog is one of the natural factors that
    have a negative impact on traffic safety on the
    roads. Because of bad weather conditions lots of
    injuries happen on the road, which is why the
    personal injury lawyer Richmond Hill is here for
  • According to the regulations it is considered
    that the fog is present when the driver cannot
    clearly see the other road users at a distance of
    at least 200 meters on an opened road.

  • Regardless of the intensity and density, fog is
    always an obstacle to the visibility of the road
    narrows the field of view of the driver, reduces
    visual acuity and has a negative impact on the
    psycho-physical ability of the driver (causing
    fatigue, tension, nervousness, impatience,
    insecurity, fear, a feeling of anxiety,
    uneasiness etc.).
  • Fog represents a separate obstacle and threat to
    traffic safety when accompanied by simultaneous
    occurrence of frost, black ice or wet roads along
    the way, when there are extremely unfavorable
    conditions for successful and safe operation of
    the vehicle on the road.

  • Such conditions created by the fog on the roads,
    are responsible for the occurrence of many
    accidents with severe consequences. The
    successful and safe management of the vehicle on
    the road in conditions of fog depends on the
    intensity of the density of the fog, and the
    condition of the road (frost, ice, dry or wet
    pavement, etc.), The type of vehicle, from its
    technical features and equipment, especially the
    ability of the driver (physical, psychological,
    vocational, etc.), and rules for driving in these

  • In case of a fog a driver of a motor vehicle
    shall be obliged to have dipped lit lights, road
    lights or fog lights, or both simultaneously.
  • It should be borne in mind that separate fog
    lights for vehicles are not required, but can be
    built, from the front in white or yellow and red
    on the back.
  • If built, these lights are is desirable to usein
    foggy conditions, but also in case of low
    visibility and fog when their use is permitted.

  • The use of positional lights in foggy conditions,
    not only is wrong for safety reasons because they
    are weak and have no performance, but is also
    contrary to the legal provision because these
    lights are used for marking the vehicle in
    conditions when stopped or parked on some part of
    the road.
  • The speed of the vehicle must be reduced or
    adjusted according to the length of the field,
    depending on the distance needed for keeping the
    required distance between vehicles when moving
    for safe stopping of the vehicle.

  • Do not travel if you do not have a need. Fog is
    very bad for drivers especially if it is
    accompanied with frost. In that case you should
    cancel all your scheduled appointments and wait
    for the weather conditions to get better. Drive