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Student Attendance Management System


Most of the schools and colleges are adopting the technologically advanced automated attendance system. Here are the features of time and student attendance management system. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Student Attendance Management System

Why Teachers Parents love Automated Student
Attendance System?
Most of the schools and colleges are adopting the
technologically advanced automated attendance
system. It eliminates the time consuming
traditional system. It helps the teachers to keep
a track of student in the classroom. Also, the
inbuilt leave management system keeps a track
record of leaves/absents of students. The
automated system also has features to send
instant SMS to the parents as soon as there ward
enters the classroom. The parents are also
finding it very useful.
Why Parents love student Attendance System?
Parents are very much concerned about their kids.
They want to know if their ward is regularly
attending the classes and reaching school on
time. Most parents get surprise of their life
especially in parents meeting when they come to
know that their ward is not attending school.
Here, timely information from institution would
have helped them tackle the issue in a better
way. Moreover, safety of child is also a big
concern for parents. If they get information on
daily basis that their kid has reached school
safety then they can be stress free. The
attendance management system has feature to
inform the parents that is the reason they simply
love it.
Let us take a quick look at the features of time
and student attendance management system.
  • The teachers can breathe easy with the
    implementation of attendance management system,
    now they dont have to every day go through the
    tedious process of taking out names of each
    students to mark their attendance. In some
    educational institution, the attendance is marked
    twice once in morning then later in some period
    to ensure that students are not bunking the
    classes after first period.
  • 2 Saves data entry time as the records are
    automatically updated in the database. Again a
    big relief to teachers.

3 It helps to mark attendance and absenteeism
from multiple campuses. 4 Real time tracking of
leaves. 5 Apart from student attendance, it
allows to mark attendance of teachers and other
staff. Some systems have option to delicate work
to staff.
6 Accurate collection of total number days the
student present in the school. 7 There are
options to send automatic emails/SMS to parents.
The message can be sent on daily basis or when
the student is absent. 8 It helps you generate
various kinds of report related to attendance
within seconds like weekly, monthly etc.
9 The system is completely safe. Only authorized
person can access the data stored in it. 10 It
has option to save the data on cloud or
centralized servers. 11 It increases the
security and confidentiality. 12 It helps in
disciplining the students as they know the
information is regularly sent to their guardians.
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