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CMMI Certification


This publication is about CMMI Certification is Capability Maturity Model Integration. In which it is talked about various level of CMMI Certification and among them there is short analysis on CMMI level 2 and 3. It also provides complete documentation details about CMMI level 2 and level 3 Certification for implementation of any Organization. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: CMMI Certification

CMMI Certification
  • - By Global Certification Consultancy

What is CMMI?
The Capability Maturity Model Integration, or
CMMI, is a process model that provides a clear
definition of what an organization should do to
promote behaviors that lead to improved
performance. With five Maturity Levels or three
Capability Levels, the CMMI defines the most
important elements that are required to build
great products, or deliver great services, and
wraps them all up in a comprehensive model.
Main Goal of CMMI?
  • Consistency CMMI provides a proven approach
    that has enabled diverse organizations to drive
    out real benefits in terms of dramatically
    improved project predictability and consistency. 
  • Cost Saving CMMI driven process improvement
    also delivers real cost savings such as earlier
    and more effective error detection, and hence
    reduced cost of remediation, more effective
    management of change
  • Self Improvement There is also the aspect of
    self improvement. Companies will be able to use
    CMMI as a way of differentiating themselves
    locally and by achieving a level of CMMI will
    have naturally improved their processes which
    will make them more competitive.
  • Market demand Competing companies are
    utilizing CMMI for  industry best practices and
    reaping the benefit of it. Companies have adopted
    this approach to best meet the customer demands
    and competition. ?Growing popularity of CMMI in
    the market is also a big reason of adoption of
    this practice by companies.
  • Performance demand The purpose of CMMI is to
    improve upon the performance of the existing
    organizational standards, processes and
    procedures and NOT to redefine or them.
  • Process improvement A CMMI driven improvement
    project will deliver a framework to standardize
    your processes, ensuring that your businesss
    best practices are captured, shared and adopted
    so that you can move staff around your
    organization and leavers wont take business
    critical information away with them.
Why should we achieve CMMI Certification?
  • Provide an organization with the framework for
    improving its processes and its ability to manage
    the development, acquisition, and maintenance of
    products or services.
  • This is provided through appraisals and
    assessments of the organization's processes,
    based on CMMI criteria.
  • Provide clients with a maturity scale rating
    for potential vendors
  • The more mature an organization, the more
    likely its processes and development are to
Maturity level of CMMI Certification
A maturity level is a well-defined evolutionary
toward achieving a mature software process. Each
maturity level provides a layer in the foundation
for continuous process improvement. In CMMI
models with a staged representation, there are
five maturity levels as follows Maturity Level
1 - Initial Maturity Level 2 - Managed Maturity
Level 3 - Defined Maturity Level 4 -
Quantitatively Managed Maturity Level 5 -
CMMI Maturity Level 2 Managed
  • Maturity Level 2 deals with managed processes as
  • Planned and executed in accordance with policy
  • Employs skilled people
  • Adequate resources are available
  • Controlled outputs are produced
  • Stakeholders are involved
  • The process is reviewed and evaluated for
CMMI level 2 Documentation Kit
CMMI maturity level 2 Documents are designed with
aim to help software companies in designing swift
documentation for CMMI certification for stage 2.
The document kit is designed to assists CMMI
implementation and documentation process. It will
guide user that to achieve fast and effective
implementation for stage 2 CMMI model.
CMMI Level 2 Documentation Kit covers
  • Sample CMMI level 2 Manual (12 chapters and 1
  • CMMI level 2 process flowcharts for 8 different
    phases of the system
  • CMMI procedures (total 24 Procedures)
  • Guideline documents ( 10 Guidelines)
  • Coding Standards
  • Set of standard Blank Form Templates (more than
    65 CMMI templates)
  • CMMI audit checklists (More than 400 questions)
  • CMMI Interview Affirmation Questions
CMMI Maturity Level 3 Defined
  • Maturity Level 3 deals with defined processes as
  • Well defined, understood, deployed and executed
    across the entire organization.
  • Processes, standards, procedures, tools, etc.
    are defined at the organizational level. Project
    or local tailoring is allowed, however it must be
    based on the organizations set of standard
    processes and defined per the organizations
    tailoring guidelines.
CMMI Level 3 Documentation Kit Covers
  • CMMI maturity level 3 Documents are globally used
    documents available with uncomplicated
    modification features and compatible with
    clause-wise requirements of CMMI maturity models.
  • CMMI level 3 Documentation Kit covers
  • Policy Manual
  • Process Flow Chart
  • Procedures (35 Procedures)
  • Guidelines (22 Guidelines)
  • Coding Standards (08 coding standards)
  • Formats (93 Formats)
  • CMMI Level 3 Audit checklists (04 files of
    400 Questions)
  • CMMI Level 3 Interview affirmation questions
    (08 files of 380 Questions)
Benefits of CMMI Certification
  • Adopting CMMI can enable organizations to
    explicitly align management and engineering
    activities with their business objectives. Some
    of the other benefits reported by organization
    who have adopted CMMI are
  • Facilitates consistent quality at all locations
  • Focus on measurement based decision making,
    project and organizational management
  • Improved quality of the delivered
  • Focus on people and process as integrated
    assets to meet organizational objectives.
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