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Weight Loss Tips for 2016


14 Quick Weight Loss Tips for 2016 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Weight Loss Tips for 2016

14 Quick Weight Loss Tips for 2016
So to keep up with our fitness resolution
to lose weight you are frantically searching
for some quick fix tips. Search no more as The
workout Magazine brings you 14 Quick weight loss
tips for 2016.
Drink Lots of Water
Water the Elixir of life, composes around 60 of
a human males body and has benefits beyond
compare. Water can lower the percentage of fat
stored in your bodies. How? Well heres what
happens when you dont drink water. Your kidneys
tend to become lazy and pass some of their tasks
to the liver. Now one of the primary functions of
your liver is to help your body burn stored fat
to produce energy for the bodily functions. With
kidneys tasks passed on to liver, your liver
cannot focus on its job completely. Thus drink
lots of water to keep you kidneys active, so that
the liver can focus on its job. Use water
wisely drink before your meals, as it will help
you suppress your hunger thus make you consume
less food. Also drink, Honey lemonwarm water
just before you sleep, this helps in detoxifying
your body while you are sleeping so you can dump
all those toxins in the morning.
Eat more RAW fruits veggies
A Tufts university research found that the more
vegetables people eat the more leaner they become.
The logic behind this is Fruits and vegetable
keep you satisfied and full for a longer period
of time on less calories. It is about getting
full at the smallest amount of food portions. The
raw fruits and vegetables excel in getting you
full and thus helping you consume less food
portions and loose weight.
Drink Green Tea
Alright in a food only weight loss regime, green
tea is the most important component. According to
studies you can lose up to 35-43 fat in daytime
by drinking 3-5 cups of green tea as they help in
speeding up the metabolism thus speeding up the
digestive process. Here are few green tea tips
for your fat loss program gtDont drink green
tea empty stomach if you have it try to sip this
drink only in the morning. Drink green tea after
every meal, but only after 30-45 mins after you
have had your meal. This gives time for the
natural digestion process of the body to kick in,
and then the green tea can come and just speed
the process up.
Eat more protein fiber
Eat more protein fiber Research shows when
Protein fiber comprises 30 of your daily diet
you end up with a 4 increase in your
metabolism.. This increased body fat burning
metabolism on consumption of proteins fibers
helps helps you loose weight as it takes more
calories for your body to digest the proteins you
eat. Continuing on the fact that it takes more
time and effort for your body to completely
digest the proteins, they make you feel full and
thus help you in controlling your appetite. When
at least 30 of the calories you eat is from
protein you'll probably eat up to 500 calories
less per day and lose an average of 11 pounds in
12 weeks without exercise.

Limit your salt
Salt is this underestimated bitch as it has the
ability to hold water 50 times of its weight. If
you consume more than 1 table spoon of salt in
you diet, the sodium present in the salt will
make you retain more water. More water retention
make it look like that you are gaining weight or
bloating. Your goal is to limit your sodium
intake to 1 table spoon only, as this will help
you in shedding all that unwanted water
weight. Stay away from fast foods, canned soups
and cured meats. Instead use things that are low
in sodium like lemons, garlic, pepper, caraway,
Sleep Just Right
Finding the right amount of sleep has a relation
with weight loss. According to a study,  people
who oversleep (over 8 hrs) or under sleep (less
than 6 hrs) are more probable to gain weight than
people who sleep just right(7-8 hrs) When you are
sleep deprived your leptin levels drop. Leptin
is the hormone that lowers your
appetite. Alternatively the levels of Ghrelin
rise, which makes you feel more hungry thus
consume more food.
CHEW your food longer and lose weight faster
The name of the game is to make your brain
register what you have actually eaten. The more
you chew the faster your brain registers what you
have eaten, that results in less portion size as
you feel fuller. If you eat in a hurry or chew
less, your brain doesnt register what have you
eaten or in what quantity, thus leading to
binging on more food and increased weight gain.
Use Small utensils
One of the trick to force yourself to have less
portions size is to use smaller utensils,
container, tiffins etc. This will make you eat
smaller portions, which will make your meals last
longer at the same time make you full on lesser
Eat Walk
Walk for 5-10 min after consuming each meal.
Instead of walk you can use any other activity
 of you choice. The idea is to increase the
amount of calories your body will burn during the
digestion process.
Please Avoid sodas - Even Diet sodas
According to a study, people drinking diet soda
increased their waistline 6 times more than
people drinking any other kind of drink. Now
imagine if you could just replace those 2 bottles
of weekly soda with 2 bottles of water, which is
0 calories. You could loose almost 1 pound every
Don't sit down for more than 4 hours
According to a study, if you sit idle or
inactive for more than 4 hours your metabolism
begins to slow down. Inactivity triggers
the ability to store more fat, which you dont
want at this stage in your life. The solution is
try standing for 10 mins after every 4
hours, this will keep your body active and not
let it enter that fat storing zone.
Think Moderation
OK, so you just love Chocolate, chocolate cakes,
pies and everything that is chocolate. Well sadly
if you have to shed those extra ponds you have to
say bye to them. If you really have a craving for
chocolate, you can have dark chocolate
(Sometimes), as it is nutritionally better for
your body. But the trick is to lower your
cravings for the junk foods that you
would love to consume, till the day you actually
leave them.
Get rid of all the sugars
Alright so SUGAR might be sweet but it is your
worst enemy, in your journey to fitness.. Get rid
of all the sugars, get rid of twigs, get rid of
candy, get rid of all of the stuff which is
sugary. Do not go near any things that have
sugar, do not eat what your grandma made for you
for your birthday and do not cheat on your
diet. The kinds of sugars you can have are
apple, banana, pineapple, strawberry, grape,
blackberry, blueberry, oranges, Honey.
Nutritional facts to look out for
  • Whenever you go shopping and buying things
    with nutritional information on them. Do make
    sure you look for these specific things.
  • Trans fat should never be over 8
  • Sugars should not be over 12 grams or 9 grams
  • Try to stick to things which have less than
    200 calories
  • We hope you would go out there and keep
    these quick weight loss tips in your mind. Stick
    to these tips and you will soon realize the
    benefits of these tips for a healthy and better
    lifestyle. Do share with us your favorite tip of
    them all?
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