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The Best Survival Strategy


The Lost Ways Review – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Best Survival Strategy

The Best Survival Strategy
  • Well, if you are about to do a serious amount of
    jail time and you have never even been in a jail
    cell over night I am about to teach you some
    serious techniques that can save your ass and
    your life when your doing time in jail. The news
    and stuff you see on the internet about prison is
    all real. It's a very violent place but it
    doesn't have to be if you follow these rules
    below. I know how it feels if and when you have
    been diagnosed with prostate cancer. It's not a
    pleasant feeling at all. Many even think they are
    going to die right after the diagnosis without
    even having time for anything else. Well, that's
    not the truth. No matter what you have been told
    by the doctor, it's not over for you yet.
  • Being ready in this day and age is more critical
    than ever, and having emergency survival kits
    will keep you one step in front. There are so
    many things happening everyday and there is no
    way of indicating what can come to pass. When it
    comes down to it, you and your family are what
    matters most and being ready will make all the
    difference. Survival knives can be one of the
    most important parts of your survival gear. This
    piece of equipment is a required part of any
    survival gear you make.

  • One of the most important - and most frequently
    overlooked - aspects of planning outdoor
    expeditions is to ensure that you have sufficient
    training in survival skills to give you the
    maximum chance of maintaining your well being in
    potentially dangerous or even life threatening
    situations. Survival skills are essentially ways
    to ensure that all your basic needs - food,
    water, shelter, safety, and warmth, for example -
    are met. Surviving an economic collapse requires
    survival planning and preparations.
  • Cancer survival rates differ according to
    whatever type of cancer you have and also the
    stage that it is diagnosed. One of the worst
    cancer statistics anywhere in the world is lung
    cancer. Published 5-year survival for patients
    with lung cancer varies from internationally. One
    of the reasons that the cancer survival rates
    differ so widely is the fact that the statistical
    information is not always in the public domain,
    and each individual study collects and interprets
    the data differently according to the abstract of
    the study. In other words each cancer statistic
    is as unique as you are.

  • Survival skills training is becoming more and
    more important as our world becomes more
    dangerous. Even the most basic survival skills
    can mean the difference between life and death in
    several situations. You'll never stop learning
    new ways to survive, because potential threats
    are endless, but the more you know, the better
    your chances for safety and security.
  • When hunting it is imperative that one carries
    the basic survival equipment. Whether the hunt
    takes place in the backyard property or on a hunt
    in familiar land basic survival equipment should
    be carried as if the hunter were in unfamiliar
    territory. The amount of equipment used for a
    bigger expedition of course would be greatly
    increased, but the main focus is on basic
    survival equipment. These are everyday items that
    should always be included. Many people ask the
    question how to survive a breakup and wonder what
    they can do to reduce the pain and move on. Going
    through a breakup is a very hard thing to deal
    with. It is hard for both you and your ex, and it
    involves a lot of emotional and personal
    strength. Initially the task seems rather
    intimidating, especially with something missing
    in your life.

  • There are several things to consider when
    preparing your survival gear and supplies.
    Generally it is a good idea to have both a short
    term and long term strategy in regard to survival
    preparedness. Keep in mind that a preparedness
    strategy needs to be customized to The Lost Ways
    Review meet you and your family's individual
    needs, in terms of disaster planning, there is no
    such thing as a one size fits all plan. We will
    touch on some basic questions you may want to
    consider when planning and creating a survival
  • Survival has always been considered a priority
    and is an actual concern for every person out
    there that has already been through a natural
    disaster and has made it out alive. We can't
    really match nature in terms of raw power and
    this is proven over and over with every
    hurricane, tornado, flood, earthquake and winter
    storm that appears in different parts of the
    world frequently. It just goes to show how
    defenseless we can to be when unprepared, and
    we're actually more prone to natural disaster if
    we choose not to prepare ourselves.
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