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Security and the Cloud


As more and more businesses migrate to the cloud, one question seems to arise - How safe is it? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Security and the Cloud

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  • As more and more businesses migrate to the cloud,
    the question, How safe is it? has become an
    incredibly important one. Comprehensive research
    from Crowd Research indicates that 90 of
    business owners said that they were moderately
    concerned to very concerned about public cloud
    security.1 How justified are these worries about
    security and the cloud?

  • Ever since the cloud came into being, people have
    expressed concerns about its security. While many
    of the worst fears about the security of the
    cloud havent come to pass, it is still true that
    the cloud presents security challenges that some
    companies struggle to manage, creating the
    potential for compromised systems and data

  • While the cloud will never be completely
    impervious to security breaches, the security
    risk involved is often overstated and storing
    data on a private server does not guarantee that
    data will be safer.2 According to business owners
    who have migrated to the cloud, only 28 said
    that their security risk was higher. The rest
    reported their security had improved, remained
    the same, or they did not keep track.

  • Perhaps surprisingly, malware and hacking are not
    the biggest risks to cloud security. Instead, the
    most prevalent cloud security issues are
    unauthorized access (63), accounts being
    hijacked (61), and malicious insiders who
    purposely compromise organizational security from
    within (43). Comparatively, malware and denial
    of service (DoS) attacks were considered to be
    relatively smaller risks (33 and 39,

  • As the previous data shows, the biggest threat to
    cloud security often comes from inside an
    organization, rather than without. Lax internal
    security policies, employee carelessness, and
    malicious insiders can all compromise the safety
    of data irrespective of where its stored  in
    the cloud or internally.

  • To help organizations keep their data safe, cloud
    service providers can provide them with tools
    that help maintain cloud security and which
    effectively monitor their systems to catch
    potential threats as soon as possible. Here at
    frevvo, we help businesses keep their data secure
    with multiple levels of security features.

  • Some of the ways that frevvo keeps information
    shared safe on its cloud-based web forms include
  • Keeping all processing and storage contained to
    private subnets with no Internet access.
  • Maintaining strict firewalls between all subnets.
  • Daily security patches.
  • Secure storage access auditing.
  • Individual user verification for all sessions and
    data transfers.

  • To keep the cloud secure, businesses and service
    providers need to work together. When service
    providers give organizations access to a robust
    and effective set of security tools, those
    organizations become empowered to protect the
    security of their data from within.

  • frevvos mobile electronic web forms and workflow
    approvals allow businesses to harness the power
    of the cloud. frevvos enterprise-ready web forms
    are easy to build, and can be accessed 24/7 on
    any device.
  • To learn more, visit today.

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  • The biggest security threats to the cloud include
    unauthorized access, malicious insiders, and
    employee accounts being hijacked. To combat these
    threats, organizations need a strong internal
    security policy, as well as access to security
    tools from service providers.