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Business Administration at ABMS SWITZERLAND UNIVERSITY


Our Business Study Programs at ABMS school of business switzerland will prepare you for today’s challenges to be a manager and to be able to solve problems you will face in any business field – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Business Administration at ABMS SWITZERLAND UNIVERSITY

Business Administration at ABMS SWITZERLAND
Become an Innovative Leader in Business
  • Individuals who complete the Euducation in
    Business Administration at ABMS will become
    tomorrows leaders and researchers.
  • In our 100 online program, you will
  • Solve complex problems in an ever-changing world.
    Pursue a research area of youwant.

  • Develop effective writing and presentation
  • Learn and practice scientific research methods.
  • Join and engage in the online learning community
    at ABMS.

  • Collaborate with dedicated faculty who guide you
    through coursework, exams, and writing your
  • Make a unique contribution to the academic
    community by publishing your doctoral
    dissertation in peer-reviewed journals and/or
    presenting in academic conferences.

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Program Overview
  • ABMS has 4 intakes per year for this study
    program January, April, July, or October. Be
    sure and sign up today.

  • Our Business Study Programs at ABMS school of
    business switzerland will prepare you for todays
    challenges to be a manager and to be able to
    solve problems you will face in any business

  • Our Graduates will improve their capacity
    understand and communicate effectively with their
    staff and work colleague, think Independently and
    work in a team to thrive in work situations.

  • We offer courses for undergraduate and
    postgraduate for students interesting in
    combining skills in Management and business in
    order to get a full spectrum of new skills and
    knowledge in order to become effective and
    professional managers of the business industry.

  • Business Administration has been ranked the most
    sought study in the world, a survey made by other
    Universities, showed that a graduate from a
    business School earns in average 45,200 (NACE
    Salary Survey).

  • Did you know that Switzerland Management
    Education has been ranked 1 worldwide by the
    World Economic Forum?, If you are interested in
    Business Administration and want to be a future
    manager or get a better position, then you should
    apply today to Study with us. All our study
    programs are made for you to be able to finish
    within one academic year.

  • This course at school of business Switzerland
    combines the world of business with the world of
    management in order for students to build up a
    portfolio of skills that are important for a job
    in the business industry, and combining them with
    the theory and hands on experience of their

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  • Modules on this course will focus on allowing
    students to build on their confidence when it
    comes to the responsibility of finance and
    leadership while also learning the skills to be
    an effective employee of the business industry
    such as how to deal with customers and making
    sure quality of service is at a high standard.

  • Graduates of this course will walk away with a
    degree that allows them to follow a career path
    in business or any similar industry. A lot of
    students with this degree and undergraduate
    degrees of the same nature usually follow
    international managerial career paths in large
    chain companies. 

  • All students that graduate this course will be
    confident leaders with knowledge of financial
    stability as well as an extensive vocabulary.
    They will be able to apply discipline and high
    standards to any situation they may find
    themselves in once employed in the professional

  • The set of skills as well as the a postgraduate
    or undergraduate degree that every student will
    be adding to their C.Vs will make them stand out
    as dedicated employees to future employers of the

  • During the course in school of business
    switzerland, students will be taught through a
    series of lectures the theory of running and
    upholding a business.

  • There will be set modules that every student must
    undertake. However, in order for the students to
    get the most out of their study period, they will
    be choosing a series of elective modules in order
    to shape their degree to fit the career path that
    they wish to take.

  • For more information, visit us

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