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23 landing page optimization best-practiced strategies to boost conversion.


Your sales volume will not meet your expectation even if you got the best website in the world ranked high on Google! Bizzare but true, traffic is of no good if it's not converting! And optimizing your landing pages is the key to boost your conversion rate and drive your business growth, Skyrocket your revenue. So let's check 23 ultimate techniques of landing pages that can boost your conversion to the peak. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 23 landing page optimization best-practiced strategies to boost conversion.

23 landing page optimization best-practiced
strategies to boost conversion.
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What is a Landing Page?
  • A Landing Page is a standalone web page linked to
    your site where your visitors will land and find
    the specific desired content which they have
    been looking for all over the Internet!

Do you need a landing page?
  • You must need a landing page if you are-
  • Promoting a new product or sale.
  • Building your email list.
  • Want to target a particular type of client.
  • Getting traffic to your website but not
  • Converting but unable to nurture.

Every Campaign Needs a Landing Page
What do you need Landing Pages for?
  • You need Landing Pages to
  • You showcase your stunning offers individually
  • Your visitor can see exactly for what they are loo
    king for on WWW (World Wide Web)
  • Works as secondary entrance to your home site!
    A landing page is linked to your che ckout page,
    signup page or any other page you decide!
    It helps you to bring the right visitor on-board!
  • No unnecessary content! Your visitor is not strang
    led by promising fancy statements!

So, How to create a High Converting Landing Page?
  • First, understand the type of Landing page you
  • Designing you Page layout.
  • Creating the right content.
  • Optimizing your page for conversion.
  • Integrate Analytics.

Types of Landing Page
  • Click-Through Landing Page
  • Microsite
  • Product Detail Landing Page
  • Infomercial Ladning Page
  • Lead Capture Landing Page
  • Viral Landing Page
  • Opt-In Landing Page

Click-Through Landing Page
  • Displays an offer to your viewer with context and
    benefits! Convincing them to click on a CTA that
    will redirect the viewer to a transaction page
    where they may complete a purchase or

  • Microsites acts as the different shape of the
    same entity as your website online. These pages
    usually have a vanity URL connected to its
    relevance of the campaign. Microsite have lesser
    information and focuses on actions taken by

Product Detail Landing Pages
  • Popular in the retail business, these pages
    showcases complete details of a perticular
    product or offer placed within the main website.
    They take less time and are very easy to set up.

Infomercial Landing Page
  • Typically very long pages with a detailed view on
    the offer! Viewers would have to scroll down for
    quite a long to check the offer. However, the
    content is presented in such a manner on these
    pages that it gets to the visitor quickly and
    makes the engaged to the page. They keep
    scrolling down to the end only to see whats
    next! So the design and content placement is the
    key for these pages.

Lead Capture Landing Page
  • Also known as squeeze pages. These page does not
    have any redirected links or any other place to
    navigate through. The only option it will display
    will be a field to enter the email address or any
    other contact information of the visitor.

Viral Landing Page
  • These pages are designed to create a buzz in the
    hood which will spread throughout the community.
    These pages are built with entertaining, funny
    and catchy elements that creates a trend.

Opt-In Landing Page
  • This is a very popular type of landing page for
    issuing anything free to the visitors. Such as
    check lists, videos, E-books, webinars etc. This
    is a landing page which is very effective to
    capture targeted leads against free wares.

After setting on the Type of Landing Page you
  • Focus on the Following

1 Setting an Eye-Catching, Dynamic and Unique
  • Choose a dynamic, unique and relevant headline on
    every one of your landing pages! Highlight the
    offer on the heading to fulfill the desire of the
    visitor educate the visitor in seconds.

2 Explanatory sub-heading, expressing the
benefits of your product or services.
  • A great sub-header which should express the
    benefits to your visitor. Make it short simple.

3 Making sure your Jaw dropping offer is on the
table and clearly noticeable.
  • Share your offer with minimum content with
    maximum value. For example, grab the attention by
    a catchy headline, create interest by
    subhead-line, inform about your offer right away,
    and show the way to grab the offer!

4 Making a short Opt-in form and placing it on
the right place.
  • Your landing page will have a higher chance of
    collecting leads if its asking lesser
    information to the visitor. One of the core
    reasons of your website bounce rate is high, is
    the lengthy form which asks too much information
    (From Visitors Point Of View).
  • So you just keep the most vital parts like email
    address filled phone number field or email
    address full name.
  • Your lead collection rate will increase

5 Placing your big CTA(Call-to-Action) in the
attention section.
  • Put your CTA (Call to Action) in the right place!
    A call to action button is used to tell the
    visitor whats the next step!
  • For example, if you want a visitor to proceed
    towards a particular action such as entering the
    email address, downloading something, watching a
    video or signing up for a service, a call to
    action button is used to give that particular
    instruction to your visitor!
  • Make sure the contrast of the text of your CTA
    matches the background. Make sure you are clear
    with your CTA message! Confusion on instruction
    provided to a visitor causes a huge bounce rate!

6 Creating a product educational Video.
  • Embed a short promotional video of a couple of
    seconds. Create the video to educate and inform
    your visitor!
  • For example, your visitor is browsing online to
    look for cheapest email campaigns available! Your
    video can have a short brief on how email
    campaigns work and how it benefits others! Share
    few knowledge which can help a visitor regardless
    of any action they take on your page.
  • The video is less than a minute long and
    describes the offers efficiently. This engages
    the visitor more your page and keeps them hooked
    up longer! This eventually results in higher
    conversion and better impression of your site!

7 Placing the video on your page.
  • Include demo videos with clear and easy narration
    about your offer. Keep it simple and short and
    embed it on your landing pages. You dont need
    glamor but instead, follow this quality check-
  • Clear audio and a professional voice over
  • Background music should be catchy that leaves an
  • Short and simple with clear and exact information
  • Easy to understand with step by step sequences

8 Using unique, eye-friendly sooting images.
(Avoiding stock Images)
  • Brain storm to integrate excellent images! Make
    sure every image you put on your page have a
    relevance and connect with your message. Make the
    color combination perfect and eye friendly.
    Ensure that the concept of the image directly
    relates to your offer and catches the focus of
    the viewer.

9 Using the right colors, that lets your
foreground, background and content work in
  • Craft a design which would be dynamic in its
    appearance but simple to understand. Appear with
    fascinating images and eye-catching color
  • Place your CTA (call to action) buttons in proper
    areas with a color combination that matches your
    background. Put the information in the right
    places of your page.

10-16 Setting up a Lead Magnet.
  • Lead magnets are basically free offerings or
    bribes to your visotors to influence them to give
    off their contact information in exchange for
    something from you.
  • A Dynamic Catalogue
  • Create a dynamic product catalogue! Offer it free
    to the visitors and let them ask for it online!
  • A Whitepaper
  •  Whitepapers are documents which speaks about a
    particular issue or problem and then presents  
     a solution! Choose topics which are concerns of
    your industry and publish it on your landing
    page! Highlight the whitepaper and ask for the
    contact information of the visitor for      
     downloading it!
  • Lottery
  • Arrange a lottery! Include a lottery
    participation form on your landing page and let
    the visitor participate. Giveaway simple things
    like a great E-book, your custom made tutorials
    or even a free ride of your product! However,
    make sure the prize is related to your business
    so you get only interested participants and valid
  • Free Download
  • Offer a free download, such as an e-book, a
    training course or a free beta to motivate your
    visitors to convert and let you page give off a
    vive of giving rather than taking.
  • Referral Program
  • Highlight referral program! Let your visitor sign
    up for something free by your landing page! Then
    instruct them to refer you to a certain number of
  • Set up a Survey.
  • Crowed sourcing is a great way to attract your
    visitors and encourage them to become your leads!
    Arrange voting survey on your product and
    include it on your landing page! Let your
    visitors recommend what type of product they
  • Webinar
  • Record your webinars! Then share the sessions
    with your visitors potential customers! This
    will work as a free tool for learning about the
    industry and your    services. Create an email
    page from where people can request for the
    webinar session. Categorize the recordings
    according to the theme of the session.

 17 Let your action speak louder than words
  • Share your offer with minimum content with
    maximum value. For example, grab the attention by
    a catchy headline, create interest by
    subhead-line, inform about your offer right away,
    and show the way to grab the offer!

18 Placing Testimonials on the page.
  • Include testimonials on your landing page and
    highlight them to your viewers by a visual
    emphasis. For example, add photos or videos
    besides the testimonial and social proofs!
  • Now, what is a social proof? A social proof is
    when you attach a happy customers feedback with
    the customers social profile link! This creates
    a great trust for your visitors when they are
    spending a couple of seconds on your landing

19 Placing Trust Signals.
  • This is a great way to lift the appeal of your
    landing page! Visitors online are skeptical and
    trust badges can help you to overcome that
  • Simply add logos of any well-known brand you have
    worked with in the past! Any recognition or
    groups you are associated with can be mentioned
    on your landing pages if thats relevant. This
    creates an edge for the trust to grow between
    your visitors.
  • Furthermore, graphical badges designed like
    following sometimes catch the attraction of your

20 Be the help guru
  • Have a FREE advice offer on your landing page
    where visitors can sign up! Share simple, normal
    and effective tips every day!

21 Set up a Ask for a quote along with your
fixed pricing.
  • Offer free quotes with customizable pricing
    option. A visitor should be able to quote for a
    price according to their needs.

22 Put a Contact Us button on the page.
  • Make sure you have a clear contact information on
    your landing page.
  • Encourage the viewers to contact you and let
    them feel that they can get help regardless of
    any subscription or purchase!

23 Set up your Analytics.
  • Integrate your landing pages with a analytics
    program to keep track of your page and an eye on
    your visitors. Analytics will help you understand
    whats working for your conversion and what are to
    be considered as distractions to further optimize
    your page.

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