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Hatha Yoga and Yogic Sleep


Yogic sleep or yoga nidra is a state of semi-consciousness which lies somewhere between sleeping and waking. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Hatha Yoga and Yogic Sleep

Hatha yoga and Yogic sleep
Yogic sleep or yoga nidra is a state of
semi-consciousness which lies somewhere between
sleeping and waking. In this state, both the body
and the mind feels relaxed and the practitioner
can also pursue spiritual experiences.
Yoga nidra is quite similar to meditation.
However, it cannot be completely equated with
meditation because unlike meditation, which
emphasises on focus, in Yogic sleep, the
concentration is set free of any focus. In fact,
Yogic sleep can be considered more similar to the
state of lucid dreaming. The positive effects of
Yoga nidra have been scientifically proven after
multiple researches.
However, one should always remember that during
the practice of Yoga nidra, one should create the
right ambience with care. A noisy and distracting
environment might sabotage the practice of Yoga
nidra, resulting in bad effects instead of the
benefits. Yoga classes in Dubai make sure that
practitioners get the right ambience for
practice. This is a reason why one must avail the
services of a good Yoga class in Dubai. An expert
professional would be able to point out the
mistakes one might make while practising Yogic
sleep, thus enhancing the effects.
The regular practice of Yoga Nidra is known to be
an effective way to tackle anxiety and mental
stress. Besides, Yogic sleep also helps in
relieving one from headaches and uneasiness. It
is also known to cure giddiness and palpitations.
It also helps one in erasing bad memories which
frequently causes depression and sadness. Many
practitioners of Yogic sleep claim that it has
helped them forget their dark memories from the
Yoga nidra is a very useful therapy for people
suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder.
This is the reason why soldiers prefer Yogic
sleep as a part of their stress reduction therapy
after participating in a battle. Another
important feature of Yoga nidra is that unlike
other postures of Hatha Yoga, it does not demand
any movement of the body, thus eliminating the
risk of any injury.
An increasing number of Yoga classes in Dubai
have introduced yoga nidra as a part of their
Yoga training package, attracting a huge number
of practitioners. The youth of Dubai knows very
well the benefits of this form of Yoga, and are
taking up such classes with enthusiasm. Rightly
enough, most practitioners are happy with the
result of regular practice of Yoga nidra. Most
claim that it works as a medicine to cure the
anxiety they accumulate during the busy working
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