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Why most of us get our computer infected by recently? It is curious that our awareness of internet security seem so much more important than which antivirus software we use. We suppose the reason is that we will be more careless when we have antivirus software installed on computer. However, we do not know all the circumstances that have occasioned infections and so manage to avoid in ourselves what we can avoid by using antivirus software. Then to be away from the same attack of this browser hijacker, let us get some professional helps. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Remove in simple steps

Remove SEARCH.SNAPDO.COM in Simple Steps
  • http//

  • Learn more about

  • SEARCH.SNAPDO.COM comes in the family of browser
    hijacker and infect computer of users without
    their concern. It time and again works as a mean
    extension and is compatible with most of the
    popular internet browsers. SEARCH.SNAPDO.COM Ads
    is known as adware which is created to harm
    computer of users and to collect all information
    of user.

  • Actually such type of threats is created by
    hackers just to hack users system and steal all
    confidentail data from it which includes
    username, password, credit card information, bank
    details etc. It even flaunts useless pop-ups
    which are specially designed, to make lots of
    illicit activities on your all functioning web
    browsers. Generally in enters into the system
    when any free software is downloaded from
    internet as it bundles itself along with
    software. It totally changes the browser
    extensions like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer
    and Mozilla Firefox.

  • It amends or replaces several crucial web
    browsers files with intention to entirely control
    it and frequently redirect the websites to those
    hosts who either paid them to do so or to
    distribute nettlesome content to your internet
    browsers or computer system. It enters into the
    system without users information and gets
    installed when the software gets installed.

  • It gets installed into the system when any free
    download is there from internet and users dont
    have any knowledge of it. It initially targets
    your computer internet browsers like Google
    Chrome, Firefox or IE that add lots of vicious
    stuff like toolbar or ad applications to the
    internet browsers. After that it completely
    modifies the setting of browser extension and
    whenever users start the system, the homepage
    gets changed with the virus.

  • Even it displays lots of unwanted pop-up ads and
    is unstoppable. Once your web browsers gets
    infected with this hijacker it will alter the
    full functioning of your web browsers and at
    first place replace your internet browsers
    preset search engine with a hazardous one that
    you dont need to go through. It propagates
    location to location and platform to platform and
    is actually extremely hard to keep an eye on.

  • Remove SEARCH.SNAPDO.COM in Simple Steps

  • Step 1. Uninstall unwanted applications from your
    Control panel.

  • 1. To do this, go to
  • Windows 8/7/Vista Start gt Control Panel.
  • Windows XP Start gt Settings gt Control Panel

  • 2. Double click to open
  • Add or Remove Programs if you have Windows XP
  • Programs and Features if you have Windows 8, 7
    or Vista.

  • 3. In the program list, find and Remove
    (Uninstall) these apps
  • Agent (By Bettersoft)
  • EZDownloader (By EZDownloader)
  • Also uninstall any other unknown application.

  • Step 2. Manually remove SEARCH.SNAPDO.COM
    Homepage Search settings from your internet

  • Internet Explorer
  • How to remove SEARCH.SNAPDO.COM Homepage
    Search settings from Internet Explorer.
  • From Internet Explorer main menu, click Tools
    and choose Internet Options

  • 2. At General tab, delete the unwanted homepage
    SEARCH.SNAPDO.COM from Home page box type
    your preferred Home Page (e.g.
  • 3. At Search section press Settings in Search
  • Notice If you want to modify search settings in
    Internet explorer while in main Internet Explorer
    window, just press the Gear and choose Manage

  • 4. On Search Providers options, choose and Set
    as default a search provider other than the
    unwanted search provider SEARCH.SNAPDO.COM
  • 5. Then choose the unwanted Websearch search
    provider and click Remove
  • 6. Choose Toolbars and Extensions on the left
    pane and then select any unwanted toolbar or
    extension belonging to WebSearch from here and
    click Disable
  • 7. Close all Internet Explorer windows and
    proceed to Step 3

  • Google Chrome
  • How to remove SEARCH.SNAPDO.COM Homepage
    Search settings from Google Chrome.
  • 1. Open Google Chrome and go to chrome menu and
    choose Settings.
  • 2. On Startup section, choose Set Pages3.
    Delete the unwanted webpage SEARCH.SNAPDO.COM
    from startup pages by pressing the X symbol on
    the right

  • 4. Set your preferred startup page (e.g.
    http// and press OK
  • 5. Under Appearance section, check to enable
    the Show Home button option and choose Change
  • 6. Delete the unwanted webpage SEARCH.SNAPDO.COM
    from Open this page box
  • 7. Type (if you like) your preferred webpage to
    open when you press your Home page button (e.g. or leave this field blank and
    press OK

  • 5. Go to Search section and choose Manage
    search engines
  • 6. Choose your preferred default search engine
    (e.g. Google search) and press Make default
  • 7. Then choose the unwanted WebSearch search
    engine and remove it by pressing the X symbol
    at the right

  • Choose Done to close Search engines window
  • 8. Choose Extensions on the left
  • 9. Remove the unwanted WebSearch extension from
    here by pressing the recycle icon to the right
  • 10. Close all Google Chrome windows and proceed
    to Step 3

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • How to remove SEARCH.SNAPDO.COM Homepage
    Search settings from Mozilla Firefox.
  • 1. Click on Firefox menu button on the top left
    of Firefox window and go to Options

  • 2. In General tab, delete the unwanted
    homepage SEARCH.SNAPDO.COM page from Home
    Page box type your preferred homepage (e.g.
  • Press OK when finish

  • 3. From Firefox menu, go to Tools gt Manage
  • 4. Choose Extensions on the left and then
    remove any WebSearch extension that exists
    there, by pressing the Remove button
  • 5. Close all Firefox windows and proceed to the
    next Step

  • GO TO
  • http//
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