Cute dog backpacks – Combine your love for dogs with your backpack - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cute dog backpacks – Combine your love for dogs with your backpack


This article is about dog and dinosaur backpacks. Both these creatures are very popular among kids and therefore they want to always be associated with them in some form or the other. These dog and dinosaur print school bags will make your children very popular among their peers and therefore improve their social skills. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Cute dog backpacks – Combine your love for dogs with your backpack

Cute dog backpacks Combine your love for dogs
with your backpack
  • A dog is a mans best friend. It is the most
    loyal animal that can be domesticated. It always
    remains true to its master and loves him more
    than himself. They are extremely friendly
    creatures and are therefore the most popular
    animal among children. Dogs are said to even
    enhance the growth of a child. They are extremely
    tolerant and therefore can bear the minor
    physical violence subjected on them by the kids.
    They seldom bite the ones who pull their fur or
    ears and therefore are uncomplaining. Kids love
    dogs and to some extent even cats, especially
    kittens. Both are known for their cuteness. Hence
    the idea of having images of dogs and cats
    printed on childrens stuff is not a bad one at
    all. If they are printed on stuff such as books
    and bags they might even want to study more that
    would benefit them in the future. Hence dog
    backpack bags are a must for school-going
    children. It is a great incentive to make them
    sit to study.

Why are dogs so popular?
  • Dogs are such friendly creatures that there have
    been many films based on them. Had they been
    human beings they would have been called the
    protagonists of the film. The films have truly
    shown them to assist their masters in moments of
    great physical crisis and sometimes even mental.
    They usually do it at the cost of their lives. As
    a result they usually die at the end of the film.
    This is another reason why dogs are so popular
    among not just kids but also adults. The popular
    representation of them on screen is that of a
    fiercely loyal creature who should be preferred
    to even human beings, because no matter who
    betrays you a dog wont. Therefore dog print
    backpacks will appeal to a wide range of people
    of all ages.

  • Dogs are useful not only to children but also old
    people. They are their guides when the old people
    falter in their steps. Here too their tolerance
    comes into play. The patience with which they
    deal with old people is remarkable. In this case
    too they are believed to be much better than
    human beings. Hence Cute Dog Backpacks might be a
    good option to please the old relatives in your

  • While attracts innocent attention and much love
    from people another animal to attract equal
    enigma is the dinosaur. Though they are extinct
    they are still equated with a strange mystery.
    There have been several films on them too. In all
    these films they are symbols of power and
    physical strength. Hence carrying Dinosaur Print
    Backpacks will tell the onlooker about your
    mental strength too.

  • Dinosaurs feature a lot in childrens films as
    well. They are therefore quite popular among
    children for that reason. Dinosaurs are portrayed
    as cute children-friendly creatures that have an
    extremely didactic purpose in films. They teach
    children good manners and values and also provide
    general knowledge to the kids. Hence dinosaur
    print school backpacks are a great hit among