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Eco-friendly Benefits of Garden Ponds


Check out this article about the four eco-friendly benefits of garden ponds. Brought to you by, a family-owned water feature installation company located in La Crescenta, California. For more info and useful tips on garden water features, visit today. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Eco-friendly Benefits of Garden Ponds

Eco-friendly Benefits of Garden Ponds
Garden Pond
  • Some are worried that garden ponds will only
    consume more water than lawns do. This isnt
  • A garden pond works with and not against Mother
  • Also, your pond should blend with your existing
    landscape while providing you and your loved ones
    a place where you can unwind anytime of the day.

  • Here are few more reasons why garden ponds are
    eco-friendly, along with few tips how you can
    keep yours that way.

Garden Pond Uses Water Efficiently
  • Your pond may be losing water due to several
    factors, and one of which is evaporation, but the
    only time, most probably, that you will have to
    fill it with water completely  is during the
  • After that, you only need to top it off
    occasionally. Also, water you put in the pond
    system recirculates.
  • Unlike keeping a lawn where watering may only
    cause pollutants to get carried into the sewage
    system, in garden ponds, you need not worry about
  • Also, you can still use the pond water for your
    other yard needs. However, if you notice your
    pond losing water at an unusually rapid rate, do
    check it for leaks the soonest you can to avoid
    losing more water than the usual.

Promotes Plant Life
  • An ecosystem pond wouldnt be complete without
    the plants. Apart from adding beauty to the scene
    with their varying colors and textures, plants
    also help sustain life in the pond.
  • They help control algae growth by competing with
    them for food source, that is the excess
    nutrients that fish produce. Floating plants also
    filter sunlight and provide shade to the pond,
    which is another way they to control algae
  • They also help keep the water temperature cool
    which is beneficial for the fish. Its important
    though to remove dead or overgrown plants
    immediately as decaying matter only consumes
    oxygen, which your fish also need for survival.

Reduces the Need for Fertilizers
  • Ponds can thrive even without fertilizers. Grass
    lawns would require pesticides and fertilizers to
    stay healthy, and unfortunately, these substances
    only get carried into and pollute our sewage
  • As you replace your green lawn for a garden pond,
    you not only get rid of the harmful chemicals,
    you also free yourself of mowing errands.
  • Also, less mowing mean less air pollutants and
    more free time you can instead use for yourself
    or with your family.

Explore Wildlife
  • With a garden pond, you give kids the opportunity
    to explore wildlife without having to leave home.
  • The addition of fish makes relaxing by the pond
    all the more enjoyable. The garden pond serves as
    a haven for beneficial insects as well as
    butterflies and birds.
  • These insects feed off mosquito larvae, which in
    turn helps keep mosquitoes at bay. Having a
    garden pond is also one way children can learn
    more about our environment.
  • Theyll see how everyone, including us, take part
    in preserving Mother Nature. And thats one
    opportunity to bond with them at home.

Enjoy Your Water Feature
  • A garden pond makes for a refreshing and
    environmentally-friendly addition to your
  • Its important, however, that the pond is
    properly installed so you can enjoy it for a long
  • Yes, keeping a garden pond requires regular
    maintenance but it shouldnt have to be taxing,
    and should not keep you from enjoying your water
    feature installation.

Check These Out!
  • Check out this article about the eco-friendly
    benefits of garden ponds.
  • Brought to you by, a
    family-owned water feature installation company
    located in La Crescenta, California.
  • For more info, visit site  http//www.californiaw