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Find the Best Eye Hospital in Delhi

Description: is one of the best eye hospital that you are finding from a long time. It has a qualified team of surgeons and staff to check your eyes and give the best possible treatment. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Find the Best Eye Hospital in Delhi

Get the Best Cataract Eye Surgery
What is Cataract Eye Problem?
Cataract develops when protein buildups in the
lens of eye thereby causing opaqueness of clear
lens surface which prevents the light from
passing through the lens properly and hence
leading to reduced vision. This clouding
increases with age because of the protein clump
formation in eyes and as such the vision further
gets worsened.
How is cataract diagnosed?
It is not very difficult to diagnose cataract. It
can be simply diagnosed by any ophthalmologist or
an eye specialist while a routine eye checkup. In
addition to this, there are various tests which
are performed to clarify or to confirm presence
of cataract. Visual acuity test, dilated eye exam
and tonometry are three major examinations for
detecting cataract. Eye specialist also checks
the papillary movement and responses in order to
measure pressure inside the eyes.
What Are The Risk Factors Of Having Cataract?
Different risk factors relating to cataract
include ageing process which promotes the chances
of having cataract. Secondly, patients who are
having diabetes are also at risk of having
cataract. Glaucoma, eye inflammation, eye injury
are also some of the reasons which can result
into cataract. Some patients are judged to have
cataract due to family history and some of them
are having it by birth also.
Best Cataract Surgery
Micro Phaco Surgery
Phaco Surgery
Phaco surgery done for cataract when the person
faces reduced vision, increased pain and
inflammation in the eye. his surgery is really
successful in most cases and people who undergo
this surgery later find an improved vision and
also increased mobility of the eye without any
fear of getting blind.
Micro Phaco surgery is also a type of Phaco
surgery which is much more effective for the hard
cataracts and also for the corneal astigmatism
which is created during the surgical procedure.
It is really advantageous in decreasing the
postoperative corneal aberrations.
Our Doctors
  • Dr. D. K. Mehta, Ms
  • Dr Rajiv Mohan, Ms, FRCS
  • Dr. AnshulGoyal, MS. FMRF
  • Dr. Sanjiv Mohan Ms, FRCS
  • Dr. Ashu Agarwal Ms, FLVPGI
  • Dr. R. K. Aggarwal, Ms, FRCS
  • Dr. Saniiv Mohan, Ms, FRCS
  • Dr. Saniiv Mohan, Ms, FRCS
  • Dr Sarika Gupta, MS .
  • Dr. Lalit Choudhary Ms, MCH
  • Dr. L. D. Sota, Ms
  • Dr. PankajJain, Ms
  • Or Ravi Manocha, FRCS
  • Dr. J. S. Chillana, MS
  • Dr L. D. Sota, Ms
  • Dr. R. L. Garg, MD
  • Dr Harish Bora, DA
  • Dr K. P Mathur, MD
  • Dr A. S. Dave MD
  • Dr D. S. Dua DcP
  • Shireen Samar
  • Pushpa Kumari

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