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Toowoomba Dental Clinics For Your Family Dental Care


Northpoint Dental Centre provides each individual with the biggest visual dental care fulfillment our aim to provide you best dental treatment by dental clinics in Toowoomba. Visit here to know more about us:- – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Toowoomba Dental Clinics For Your Family Dental Care

Northpoint Dental Centre
Proper Dental Hygiene for Kids
Dental Clinics in Toowoomba
  • North Point Dental Centre, one of the best dental
    clinics in Toowoomba has provided us with this
    list to help your kids learn proper oral hygiene
    techniques and reduce their risk of suffering
    from cavities and other dental ailments, with
    these simple steps-

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  • Brush twice a day - Use Fluoride toothpaste to
    remove the sticky plaque film, which is the main
    cause of tooth decay
  • Floss daily-Floss properly every day to remove
    plaque from in-between your teeth and gums,
    before hardens up to form tartar. Flossing daily
    avoids the build-up of tartar, which can only be
    removed by a professional dental cleaning.

  • Eat well- A balanced diet that excludes starchy
    or sugary foods, as they tend to create plaque
    acids which leads to tooth decay. If you can't
    resist the urge for such food items, instead of
    having them as snacks, try to eat them with your
    regular meals instead as the extra saliva
    produced during a meal will help wash away the

Childrens Dentistry Toowoomba
  • The finest childrens dentistry Toowoomba
    emphasizes the points mentioned below to teach
    your children proper dental hygiene.
  • Place a pea-sized dab of toothpaste which
    contains fluoride. Exercise caution that your kid
    does not consume the toothpaste.

  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and clean the
    inner surface of each tooth first, this is where
    most of the plaque accumulates. Brush gently
    moves back and forth.
  • Point the brush along the outer gum-line and
    gently brush back and forth to clean the outer
    surfaces of each tooth.

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