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Ayahuasca Ceremonies Peru


| The Ayahuasca Foundation is dedicated to the preservation and continuation of the ancient science of plant spirit medicine. It is our mission to guard the sacred tree of spiritual knowledge that has grown in the Amazon Rainforest for millenia, and replant the seeds of spiritual awareness so that new trees of forgotten wisdom will again grow throughout the world. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Ayahuasca Ceremonies Peru

Ayahuasca Foundation
Ayahuasca Retreats in Peru - Ayahuasca Research
and Initiation Courses
Healing Plants
  • How blessed we are to have such an amazing
    variety of plants sharing our planet with us. We
    are connected to them in so many ways and rely on
    them to create the energy that we take in each
    day for our survival. Humans and animals are
    literally made of plants.
  • Their lives make our lives possible. To think
    that humans are superior to plants would be
    naive, as we do not know how to process the
    energy of the sun as they can. The spirits of
    the plants are millions of years older than
    humans and thus have wisdom that dates back to
    the creation of life itself on earth.
  • Plants are the keys to regaining our harmony,
    within our society, within our communities, with
    our families, and within ourselves. Plants can
    provide the answers to all our problems.

Plant Spirit Healing
  • The knowledge of spiritual dimensions and beings
    has been scientifically removed from our belief
    system. Only through the study of other, much
    older cultures have we been reminded of what our
    ancestors knew, that we are all spirits in a
    dream. The spirit within each of us is capable of
    much more than we could ever imagine, and by
    believing in it and learning what it is, who we
    are, we can begin to expand the boundaries of our
    true potential, so far as to gain the power to
    heal ourselves and bring back balance to our
  • Many afflictions and diseases have roots in the
    spirit and cannot be healed by treating the
    physical body. Unfortunately, capitalism has all
    but ruined the field of medicine, and tactics to
    increase profits have gotten to the point where
    the Modern Medical Industry supports the
    degradation of health in our society because more
    sick people means more customers, and more

Ayahuasca Healing Retreats
  • The Ayahuasca Healing Retreat is an adventure
    into the Amazon Rainforest of Peru. The power of
    this ancient place helps to reconnect each person
    to the whole, to the earth, to nature, to
    themselves, to god. By venturing deep into the
    jungle and feeling the tranquility and peace of
    this vast paradise, ones vibrations begin to
    harmonize with the flow of nature, slowing the
    mind down to a level of subtle observation. The
    rainforest is old and wise, beyond human
    comprehension, and it contains the answers to
    questions that humans cannot ascertain by
  • A visit with a Peruvian shaman, called a
    curandero, is an opportunity to discover the
    answers to many of the personal questions each
    person has. Through the use of medicinal plant
    preparations, teas, and by attending ayahuasca
    ceremonies, retreat participants are freed from
    the causes of their illness or sorrow and begin
    to heal their afflictions.

Ayahuasca Initiation Courses
  • The Ayahuasca Foundation recognizes that more
    and more people are responding to this call, and
    we have designed an educational program to
    facilitate their journeys on the healing path.
    Located in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest,
    the Ayahuasca Curandero Initiation Courses seek
    to preserve and spread the wisdom of the
    indigenous cultures of South America. Plant
    Spirit Healing is the oldest form of medicine on
    earth and we as a civilization are blessed that
    it has been developed and maintained for
    millenia, but its lineage is now in danger of
    being lost forever due to the spread of modern
    culture. This ancient wisdom must not perish.
    There are individuals like you who are ready to
    learn the philosophy and healing techniques of
    the curanderos, and now you have the opportunity
    to continue the heritage of Plant Medicine. By
    taking part in a course, you are taking part in
    the healing of humankind, as well as the healing
    of the Earth.

Ayahuasca Womens Retreat
  • This special, once a year event features and all
    female staff curandera, assistant healers,
    facilitators, cooks, etc. providing the optimal
    environment for women to go deeply into the
    healing process. Spend two weeks at the
    Ayahuasca Foundations Jungle Camp, located
    inside a national reserve, on the bank of a
    gorgeous river. Participate in healing specific
    workshops, activities, and six traditional
    ayahuasca ceremonies led by an authentic female
    curandera from the Shipibo tribe. Assisting her
    in the healing ceremonies, treatments, workshops,
    and lectures are three students of the Shipibo
    healing tradition who all have extensive training
    in counseling, massage, yoga, aroma therapy, and
    a number of other therapeutic sciences.

About The Foundation
  • The Ayahuasca Foundation was conceived in the
    spring of 2008 by Carlos Tanner, an American and
    long-time student of curanderismo. The
    Foundation supports the preservation of
    indigenous wisdom and culture. We offer healing
    retreats and educational courses focused on
    ayahuasca, the powerful rainforest medicine used
    for millennia by indigenous healers of the
    Peruvian Amazon. The Ayahuasca Foundation
    provides comprehensive information on ayahuasca
    and plant spirit medicine, and information on the
    various ayahuasca retreats and programs available
    for travelers. The Foundation also participates
    in community outreach programs, encouraging
    sustainable living efforts and cultural
    reeducation projects. Our future projects
    include the development of an Indigenous Culture
    Retreat and the creation of an Ayahuasca Museum,
    which will increase public awareness of natural
    medicine and the use of ayahuasca throughout
    history and today and will educate both locals
    and visitors alike about the work of the
    countless indigenous healers of the Amazon
    Rainforest as well as the work of the Ayahuasca

Contact Us
  • Mailing Address Psje. San Gabriel K-18, Urb.
    Santa Sofia Iquitos, PERU
  • Phone (from US) 011-51-954-064-553
  • (from Europe) 00-51-954-064-553
  • (from Peru) 954-064-553
  • Email carlos_at_ayahuascafoundation.org
  • Website http//www.ayahuascaassociation.org
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