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Emerging Technologies At Myhpage.in


Myhpage.in is an online portal wherein users can upload and maintain their personal webpage. It also have features wherein the recruiters can post for jobs in their organisation. There are other different sections about startups and emerging technologies for the tech savvy people. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Emerging Technologies At Myhpage.in

Emerging Technologies
  • Founded By Prakhar Abhishek,
  • Email id myhmpage_at_gmail.com
  • Contact Number 91 9913 672 648
  • Web Address www.myhpage.in

  • This work presents the viewer a glimpse of
    scientific advancement in the field of
    engineering and Technology.
  • Here we are listing out 6 exciting topics in the
    field. For more details viewers are requested to
    logon on http//www.myhpage.in/emerging-technologi
    es/index.php website to find out more detail of
    each technology.

Disclaimer The views express are the personal
opinion of author and is not endorsed by any
industry/organisation. The images used are solely
for explanatory purpose and we declare no
conflict of interest with any individual/organisa
Quantum Computers Next Generation Computers
  • Quantum computers are the next level of our
    present laptop/desktops/ supercomputers. A normal
    processor at present works on bits, (0 1
    whatever) for the storage and computation of
  • A quantum computer are made up of quantuam
    particles may be electron, photons, nucleus or
    any other atomic/subatomic particles. They are
    can be used to store and process the data.

Read More at http//www.myhpage.in/emerging-techn
ologies/index.phpquantum computer
Facebook Aquilla Internet Connecting Drones
  • A solar powered unmanned drones will be used to
    provide internet access in remote areas. The
    drones are designed in such a way that its
    wingspan is similar to Boeing 737 and weighs less
    than a car. It can remain in air for months.
  • The working principle is "A ground station will
    transmit the radio internet signals to the drones
    out in the air. These drones will communicate
    with the other in the consellation using laser

Read More at http//www.myhpage.in/emerging-techn
ologies/index.phpFacebook Aquilla
Atomic clocks Clocks dancing on the tune of
Atom vibration
  • A theory suggests that the time slows down when
    kept near heavy weighted objects. Atomic clocks
    are kept in close vicinity of areas susceptibile
    to volcanos.
  • When volcano erupts or molten magma comes from
    beneath the earth surface, the clock slows down.
    This time is compared with the other atomic clock
    placed at different place indicate the plausible
    eruption of volcano in the region.

Read More at http//www.myhpage.in/emerging-techn
ologies/index.phpAtomic Clocks
Edible Password PillsOperate devices via
  • This technology uses a tiny stomach acid-powered
    tablet that produces an 18-bit signal which can
    be detected by outside devices and can be used
    for authentication.

Read More at http//www.myhpage.in/emerging-techn
Artificial Brain Understanding Brain
  • Artificial brains are man-made machines that are
    just as intelligent, creative, and self-aware as
    humans. It ia based on Artificial
    Intelligence,Neuroscience, Nanotechnology and
    other tools to understand the working/mimicking
    of brains.

Read More at http//www.myhpage.in/emerging-techn
ologies/index.phpartificial brain
NanoRobotics Robots to kill tumor
  • Machines of nanometric sizes(1e-9 meters) that
    are best drug-delivery carriers for tumour
    treatment. Once injected in the human body, their
    drug loading capacity and the capability of
    performing robotic task can be useful for the
    treatment of human cancers.

Read More at http//www.myhpage.in/emerging-techn
  • Stay Tuned for the latest post only at..
  • www.myhpage.in/emergining-technologies/
  • Thankyou,
  • www.myhpage.in
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