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Global Warming Research Paper


Global warming is rather bulky topic. Find some specific areas and issues to be described in your research paper! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Global Warming Research Paper

Global Warming Research Paper
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  • One of the most important environmental problems
    of our century is global warming.
  • It is a wide known fact that the main reason for
    a global warming is a big concentration of
    greenhouse gases which come from human activity.
  • A lot of ideas were introduced and many programs
    were launched but the problem still exists.

The Worries You May Have Concerning Global
Warming Research Paper
  • The issue is already fully disclosed.
  • As soon as I start completing my research paper,
    Ill get lost in the enormous amount of
    information on the topic.
  • I will spend hours on choosing the topic for my
  • Dont worry! We prepared the list of different
    aspects to be described in your global warming
    research paper.

The Sides of a Problem
  • 1) Roots
  • a natural process
  • human activity.
  • 2) Causes
  • power plants
  • gasoline
  • agricultural emissions
  • deforestation
  • chemical fertilizers.
  • 3) Effects
  • rising sea levels
  • severe storms
  • crop failures
  • a huge extinction of species.

  • 4) Consequences
  • environmental
  • economical
  • political
  • social
  • psychological.
  • 5) Levels of contribution
  • people
  • countries.
  • 6) Countries
  • involved in the process of solving the problem
  • indifferent to the problem
  • aware of the harm they produce, but dont take
    part in solving the problem.

Global Warming Research Paper Topics
  • How is carbon dioxide connected with the process
    of global warming?
  • What are the forecasts for the next years? How
    will the temperature change in the next 50 years?
  • Why global warming is considered a harmful
    process? Provide the pros of a warmer climate.
  • How do people measure the human contribution to
    the process of global warming?
  • The comparison of the natural level of carbon
    dioxide to the one which comes from manmade
    production. Do they both influence global

  • Which countries produce the most of carbon
  • How to make all the countries take part in the
    program of carbon dioxide reduction?
  • Is it possible that global warming isnt caused
    by human activity? What if it is influenced by
    the Universe?
  • If some countries abandon any manufacturing
    activities they will become poor soon. How to
    save the economic stability in the world?
  • Should humanity return to the Stone Age to stop
    global warming processes?

Make Sure that Your Research Paper
  • Contains facts and figures on global warming. To
    complete an upscale research paper you should
    provide a lot of evidence and facts about global
  • Includes your own ideas (unless it is a report
    research paper). Since this problem is still
    undecided today, each person in the world can
    make a contribution to its solution.
  • Has the right structure and proper formatting. In
    the end make sure your paper contains
    introduction, the main part and conclusions,
    logical sequence and the right formatting style.

  • If you have any difficulties in completing your
    global warming research paper, you are always
    free to turn to our helphttps//
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