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The Most Effective Way to Do Business Online


The blogosphere is crammed with writers on every subject imaginable.Most blogs online are written by authors who enjoy a topic and want to share their general interest with a small audience. As a business owner, you want to create a blog that is thought-provoking, fresh with content about your business and industry, and most importantly, that drives up your online sales. The key to any great blog is that it provides specific, clear, and helpful information in an entertaining fashion. If you can gain the trust of your target audience by providing relevant content on a consistent basis, they will be more inclined to purchase from your business because of your standing as an established brand. A great blog can also elevate your placement on search engines and attract inbound links from authoritative websites in your industry or renowned media sites. web; Email; Skype-seoinfotech49 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Most Effective Way to Do Business Online

The Most Effective Way to
Do Business Online
SEOFIED Pvt Ltd. Email
2 How to Create Blog ?
Today, with brand company websites, social
media ,and blogs. Businesses have the
unprecedented ability to broadcast their
products, services, and industry news to their
target audience online. With so many people
trying to make them heard by publishing
information online, The way to
differentiate you from the competition is
to create compelling original Content. Content
should interest your potential target
audience, bring them back to your site
repeatedly, and eventually convince them to
purchase your products or services. If you are
able to build your brands reputation as an
industry expert or thought leader, it will only
be a matter of time before your online
conversions grow as well.
3 Where to start your Blog promotion ?
As you are well aware, there are millions of
blogs, vlogs, and branded content on the
internet, and the number rises every day. The
blogosphere is crammed with writers on every
subject imaginable. Most blogs online are
written by authors who enjoy a topic and want to
share their general interest with a small
audience. As a business owner, you want to
create a blog that is thought-provoking,
fresh with content about your business and
industry, and most importantly, that drives up
your online sales. The key to any great blog is
that it provides specific, clear, and helpful
information in an entertaining fashion. If you
can gain the trust of your target audience by
providing relevant content on a consistent
basis, they will be more inclined to purchase
from your business because of your standing as an
established brand. A great blog can also elevate
your placement on search engines and attract
inbound links from authoritative websites in your
industry or renowned media sites.
What Makes An Insanely-Great Blog Design?
  • What do you want to accomplish with a blog or a
    content-curated section of your website? Have a
    look at below.
  • To introduce my business to the world?
  • To personalize my business?
  • To help establish yourself as an expert in your
  • To provide useful and valuable information to my
    visitors about my industry?
  • To give my target visitors information on
    subjects that is of interest to them?
  • To enter a dialogue with your visitors?
  • To drive sales for my business?
  • To rank higher in search engines?

Why Blog? The Benefits of Blogging for
Business Introducing Your Brand Through Publicity
For example
Introducing your Business as a Recognized Brand
A real estate law firm can discuss the
fluctuations of the housing economy and how
it will affect prospective homeowners An
insurance company might lay out a plan of
action in the face of impending national
disasters An energy company could offer
methods for saving energy during the
winter and summer months. A
Unless you are a Fortune 500 or name-
brand company, there are going to people who have
never heard of your business. A company blog
that gains traction and readership can be
an extension of your website that gets
your brand out to the masses and engages more
of your target audience. Remember that your
blogs writing style doesnt have to be the
same as your policy code section.
Be conversational. Give your audiencea
different perspective of your business that they
have not seen before.Brain storm the
short dont
health professional can share exercise routines
for people that have time to go work out at
a gym .
demotions you want your blog to elicit from
your potential target audience
outside of just being informative. People
like doing business with brands that they can
relate to,so put a human face on your online
presence with a blog that
demonstrates your passion for your
products, services, and industry.
Benefits of Starting a Blog for Your Business
Providing Valuable Industry Information
Appeal to Your Target Audiences Lifestyle If you
want to appeal to your audience and be more than
just a business
Beyond showing expertise, you can your
industry, but
your companys highlight trends in dont
stop at just
summarizing important details. Delve into
how they came to be, whether you think these
trends will be short or long term, and
what you think about them. Another way to
draw the interest of your audience is to
predict future trends in your industry.
Way to go. While this type of content doesnt
immediately lead to direct sales, your
target audience will come
to appreciate that you are not constantly trying
to sell a product or
Service, and that you also understand their
  • For example
  • If you are selling clothing or

accessories, audience of essentials for
inform your the must-have each season and
For example
predict future fashion styles.
  • If you are a health foods store, blog about
    nature and adventure traveling.
  • If you are a music retailer, rate and
    discuss the most recent album releases
    that your target audience wants to know about.
  • If you are a sporting goods store, blog about
    local and national sporting events.
  • If you are a coffee shop or bakery,
    blog about your favorite food or drink
  • If you are a tech startup, be on the
    forefront of discovering and informing your
    target audience about the latest
    technological advancements and inventions
    relevant to your specific industry.

Benefits of Starting a Blog for Your Business
Engage Your Readers in a Conversation
Using Great Content as a Search Engine
Optimization (SEO) Tactic
Urge your readers to leave comments or
suggestions at the end of your blog posts,
and do not ignore them!
Search engines like most of the same
things that internet users like. There are
several important ways that a blog on your
company website can help increase your search
engine rankings.
Comments provide insight into what type of
content your readers like or dont like.
By responding to their requests by listening
Content Search Engine Success Factors
their topic suggestions inquiries, you
demonstrate about their opinions while with
great customer service.
or answering
that you providing
care them
  • Fresh Content search engines pay more
    attention to websites that update their content
    more often.
  • Relevant Content the more well-organized
    content you have on your site, the
    more potential it has to be perceived as
    relevant to your target search queries.
  • Utilize Imagery Readers are much more
    receptive to blogs that feature images in
    their posts. By breaking up text with
    imagery that adds value to the understanding of
    the post, a blog post with properly tagged
    and relevant images can boost your websites
    overall SEO rankings for essential keywords.
  • Authoritative Content a major factor in search
    engine rankings is how many other relevant
    websites are linking to yours. Be a resource to
    others on the web who are interested in
    your area of expertise nothing indicates
    authority and rank-worthiness to
    Google/Bing/Yahoo like other high domain
    authority sites linking to your content or citing
    you as a source.

8 A blog is worth the investment because
An informative, entertaining and interactive blog
can create a brand identity that will make
your business more relatable to your target
audience. A blog that is consistently updated
with fresh content that covers trends,
appeals to your audiences lifestyle, or
proves that you are an industry expert,
will grow your online presence over time.
More of your potential target audience will
discover your business and the initial step
towards making a first- time visitor, a
repeat visitor, and eventually, a
satisfied customer, will have been directly
influenced by your blog.
9 Being an Influential Industry Blogger No matter
what your business does, chances are a quick
Google search will bring up pages and pages of
websites filled with great content relating to
your industry. To work your way up organic search
engine rankings, you will have to start
writing for other industry-related authoritative
websites, as well as your own. If your content is
spread across multiple influential domains,
people interested in your industry and
business will be able to find your website more
Establish Your Business and Brand Across the
Internet To build your reputation as an
industry thought leader you will want to
pitch to and write for other authoritative
industry websites or blogs. You have to
establish your blog first, but writing a
post or eventually getting a routine column on
other reputable websites will build your brands
credibility to your potential customers.
Great Content is Always in Demand Even the
biggest websites want to feature guest
writers who can provide unique insight on a
specific topic. Such content is helpful to
the host sites visitors and is a free way for a
writer to enhance their own online authority.
For example, Blue Fountain Medias Founder
and CEO has written for numerous other
authoritative websites about digital marketing
that include The New York Times, The
Huffington Post, WIRED, and Fox Business.
This has proven tremendously helpful in not
only bringing more visitors to our own blog,
but also in generating more sales. This is
because potential clients, during their
search for a digital marketing partner who can
enhance their own online presence, conclude
that Blue Fountain Media is an industry leader
they want to work with.
Where to Begin No matter what your area of
expertise, this search should give you a fairly
large list of sites to pitch.
  • Once you have this initial list, you can narrow
    it down by getting the answers to the following
  • Does this website or blog already feature outside
  • Is there information on the requirements
    for submitting an article or content and am I
    able to fulfill them?
  • Is there a submission form or is the editors
    email or Twitter handle listed so I can contact
  • Does this website or blog feature high quality
  • Do I want to post my content on this
    website and do I want this website
    associated with my brand or business?

Pitching your Content
How to Pitch Influential Websites or Blogs
Every pitch should have the following elements
  • A captivating email subject line The blog editor
    you are pitching to probably gets hundreds of
    pitches a day. If your subject line does not
    spark interest, it will be the first and last
    piece of your pitch that will be read.
  • Provide your Idea If you have already written
    the article, provide the editor with a link to
    review. Give them reasons before they click your
    link as to why they should be interested in
    your content. If you are suggesting writing
    for their website, give them compelling
    topic ideas and sell yourself as a writer
    by providing your background information.
  • Give a brief explanation of you and your
    company Also, list other reputable websites
    you have written for and provide links to those
  • Personalize Your Pitch Besides addressing
    the editor and website by name, make
    specific references to existing blog posts or
    articles you have enjoyed reading on the site.
    This will let the editor know that they are not
    part of a mass mailing, and that you have a
    vested interest in writing for their website or
  • Take the Initiative If theyre interested in
    your article or having you write a post for them,
    ask the editor to respond with specific
    formatting guidelines so that you can make sure
    your content will be published on their website.

After the Pitch
Remember, you are not the only one
pitching Editors get hundreds of pitch requests
a day, especially if the website is a renowned
source for industry news. Be patient. If you
dont get a response after a few days, send a
follow-up email. Kindly remind the editor of your
submission with a shorter email that covers your
article or topic idea and why they should be
interested. Dont be rude and burn bridges. Just
because an editor is not receptive towards a
specific article or topic idea doesnt mean that
they will reject your content in the future. The
fact of the matter is that not every site
you pitch is going to be interested in
your article or content. If you send out 20
pitches, you will most likely get one or two
responses at best. If you have real expertise in
your industry, and you have the ability to
demonstrate it in a compelling blog article,
infographic, or video, you will have an
excellent shot at having your post getting
picked up on several different websites. However,
if you find that your submissions are getting no
responses, take a long, honest look at your
content. Ask trusted colleagues to critique and
evaluate your blog post and take the time to edit
or modify as necessary. Content is King, but
Quality is Essential There are many rewards that
come with being featured on an industry-leading
website or blog. Earning that distinction takes
hard work and most likely, will require a
team ef-fort. Hire or work with skilled
copywriters, graphic designers, or a video
production crew to create content - not just to
get picked up on other websites but for your own
blog as well. Take pride in producing quality
content that provides value to users, and the
results will come.
Share your Content
Besides being featured on industry news
sites, There are other avenues to share your
information with your audience that you can take
advantage of. It requires extra time and effort
to properly market content across multiple online
platforms, but if you reach potential consumers
that dont know about your company or website, it
will only be a matter of time before you begin to
see an increase in conversions. Only your most
loyal clients and fans will visit your website
and blog, and the benefits of producing
high quality content will only come from
your commitment to sharing it. If your
content is truly newsworthy to people interested
in your industry and business, you will only have
to do the initial sharing. Your online business
revenue will increase significantly over time as
your brands increase in credibility translates
into more clients and customers.
Other Platforms to Broadcast
Blog Syndication Tools Although its
popularity has waned in recent years,
blog syndication tools are still a simple way
to subscribe to a blog, in a similar way that
one would subscribe to a magazine. You can
use a program called an RSS reader to subscribe
to blogs and see any new content that has
been created since you last checked. Tools like
Feedly, Pulse, and Skimr are all great ways
to aggregate the news you care about on one
program. Taking the time to make sure that your
blog content renders appropriately on these
platforms will help make sure that loyal
customers who have added your blog can get
to your content quickly and easily.
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other Social
Media Broadcasts Promote and push out all your
content and blog posts via your companys
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other
social media platforms. Virtually all social
media allows
You to link directly to your online content. Try
to keep your word count down so that
your followers dont have to go through multiple
clicks to read all of your content. If your
followers like your posts, they will likely to
share it with people in their
networks, creating an ever-growing audience.
Be aware of the different stylistic features of
each social media platform when posting.
  • Facebook is the most casual of social
  • media platforms, but it does allow you to target
    your audience based industry and demographic.

Social News Websites Posting or submittingyour
blog article on Digg, Reddit, Inbound, and
Alltop not only gives you a chance to
broadcast your article to a wide
audience, it also gives you the opportunity to
get referral links back to your website. This is
a great way to communicate with industry
influencers and possibly build cross-business
relationships that can lead to great future
content opportunities.
  • Twitter has 140 characters or less, so
  • make your words count. Dont be afraid to venture
    into hashtags. Who knows, your brand might
    start trending!
  • LinkedIn is the most professional of social media
    platforms, so be sure to write in a formal manner
    that is representative of your company.

Online Articles Directories Online Articles
Directories There are a number of online
link directories where you can publish
your articles or list your company.
Exercise caution and only link to websites that
are relevant to your industry and offer an
explanation of why your content or website
is listed. A good example is getting your
company to be featured on a website that
discusses the top ten companies of your industry.
Make sure your links are nofollowed, and avoid
link directories that list hundreds of
non-related websites just for link equity.
Commenting Take the initiative and get the word
out about your content and company. Find the most
popular blogs of your industry or blogs
discussing topics that your company has
expertise in. If you feel that your
content can supplement the information contained
in a blog post or provide a different take on the
information contained in the blog, make a brief
comment and nofollow a link to your content.
Dont comment on blogs that have nothing to do
with your industry just to gain links. As
a blogger yourself, you should know how
irritating it is when someone leaves a
comment on one of your posts that is
spammy, and doing this habitually can lead
to a Google penalty.
Answering Many question-and-answer sites like
LinkedIn, Yahoo! Answers, and Quora give members
the opportunity to ask questions. Join an
industry or interest group and regularly review
the questions that are being asked. If you
believe that your content can assist in answering
a particular question, dont hesitate to provide
an answer with a nofollowed link to the specific
post that addresses the topic.
In Conclusion
Well-written original content tells the world
that you are an expert in your field. By giving
something of value to your audience, you enhance
your companys brand as well as your personal
brand. Presenting content that you are
passionate about will generate interest from
others who share the same interests such
as thought leaders, popular industry sites, and
returning and future customers.
By drawing in more of your target audience
through your blog, you will be able to
generate more online business by attracting
qualified traffic that consists of users who
are actually interested in your products or
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