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I want to quit my Job


If you are currently working for a company and are finding it hard to quit then you should continue reading, yeah!! I want to quit my Job too! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: I want to quit my Job

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8 Things to Consider before quitting your Job
  • By Coach Alexander
  • TopTier4You.Com

  • Being employed is one of the basic fundamentals
    of surviving in this world. If you want food to
    continue living, you have to work. If you want
    shelter or would like to send your children to
    school, you just need to have a job. Money is
    what gets most things done and thats not going
    to change for a while. Having even loose change
    in your wallet these days to spare is like giving
    it your awe, money is so difficult to find.
  • Being on the job is becoming tremendously
    demanding. Why do we say this? Well especially in
    heavily industrialized countries like the United
    States of America, employees are required to work
    long and stressful hours just to beat deadlines.
    In an industry, which gives very little room for
    errors, people are devoting much of their time
    and energy into producing the perfect product,
    which wins the hearts of consumers. The working
    environment is becoming fierce, demanding and
    strenuous for anyone these days.
  • However, people who are sick and tired of
    everything decide it is time to call it quit. The
    trouble is, they know they know they should do it
    but they just dont know whether its the right
    thing to do. If you are one of them, then you
    should be reading this article.  

Why people quit?
  • People quit their jobs for a variety of reasons
    some of them genuine while others not so genuine.
    Some people quit their jobs because they found a
    better one somewhere. Others decide to quit
    because of frustration with the low pay, poor
    working environment and poor working relationship
    with their fellow workers. Another reason people
    decide is because they want to further their
    education or get into a career of their choice.
    Whatever the reason for you, the fact still
    remains.you want to quit your jobs

8 Things to Consider before quitting your Job
Do you really want to Quit?
  • Its very important to ask yourself this question
    before making any rush decisions Do I really
    want to quit?. Sometimes we are taken away by
    negative feelings that we may want to quit over a
    Job that is actually the best for us. Therefore,
    before you call it quit, first of all ask
    yourself whether this is something you really
    want to do. Have you thought through things
    carefully? Perhaps the reasons for leaving arent
    really big enough reasons to leave. By
    considering these things carefully then can you
    come up with a concrete conclusion as to whether
    it is a good idea or not to leave?

Do you have to quit?
  • A person who wants to quit is different from a
    person who has to quit. If the Job you currently
    hold is becoming detrimental to your health, you
    might have to quit. Actually, if your supervisors
    even become suspicious that the work is making
    you unhealthy, they might decide to let you go
    themselves. But here is another scenario maybe
    you find yourself a better Job somewhere, with
    better conditions than the current. Should you
    decide to leave? That might be a good decision.
    Of course much depends on the way you see things
    at this point, because it really falls on you to

How are the conditions?
  • You know what folks? Different jobs offer
    different conditions of service. Some Jobs will
    offer you a better pay with other benefits
    attached while some others will offer even
    better. If you are considering leaving for
    another prospect, weigh the pros and cons of
    doing so. A better pay doesnt necessarily mean
    being better off nor does working for a world
    proclaimed organization always mean you will be
    have great conditions. Take this as an example,
    if you are given a higher salary for a Job thats
    100 Km away from home, you might just find that
    there is little differences from your current
    one. Why do we say so? Well, if you add up the
    costs of fuel and the risk involved in moving a
    long distance, the real net salary you will have
    as take home may just be the same salary as the
    one you currently have. So weighing matters in
    such a way when considering to leave can really
    help you come up with a good decision.

What does the Company policy Say?
  • Some people make the mistake of quickly quitting
    a job without reading carefully what the company
    policy says. When you decide that you want to
    leave your job, make sure that you have read the
    policy word for word. Every company has rules and
    regulations, which are all legally binding. If
    the company makes a breach in company policy, you
    could take them to court. If the other way
    happens, then you have yourself to blame if you
    cant get your benefits in good time. Some
    companies have a specific time frame they should
    be notified before calling it quit. The sooner
    you realize it the better. However, doing things
    by the book is not always followed sometimes. If
    for instance you are leaving the company in good
    faith and your relationship with the owners is
    still healthy with no hard feelings left, then
    its simply a matter of talking to them. They
    might understand your situation and let you leave
    even when its on short notice.

Are you holding onto any Company Debt ?
  • Its important to consider whether you are holding
    onto any company debt or company property. Most
    companies wont let you go until you have cleared
    all your debt and returned any property that you
    may be holding onto. Its just that simple,
    imagine if you were in their shoes you would have
    done the same thing. However, if you are able to
    pay all your debt and return all the things you
    owe them, then well and good for you.

Am I ruining my reputation?
  • Leaving a job in good faith with stronger
    relationships would have a positive impact in
    your future job prospects. You see, the industry
    has lots of networks and if you re the kind who
    likes getting a job and leaving it after a short
    time, you might subject yourself to serious
    scrutiny even at interview stage. Its better you
    explore how your departure could affect your
    future job prospects with other companies.

Why am I really Leaving?
  • Sometimes leaving could be avoided if you explain
    to your owners why you are really leaving. If
    its because of a poor pay, some organizations
    are willing to give in to your demands. If its
    because of certain benefits you are not really
    seeing, that explained to them could see you with
    something better. However, only when they refuse
    to give you the better conditions of service you
    need, then can you have a valid reason to leave
    the job speedily.

What alternative sources of Income do I have ?
  • Truth be told, it is important you have an
    alternative source of income before leaving
    especially if you are renting a house, keeping a
    family or paying for things you need. The key
    thing to ask yourself is what other sources of
    income do I currently have in order to sustain
    myself? If you found yourself an alternative then
    good for you.

Choosing an alternative source of Income
  • After reading point (8), you might be asking
    yourself how you can establish an alternative
    source of income before you actually call it
    quit. There are many alternative sources of
    income in this world today, however some may be
    easy to get into while others may be very hard.
    But some people while on their day job try to
    find a second job. That second job will be turned
    into the main Job once they quit their current
    one. Others, simply decide to start a money
    generating business which they work hard to build
    each and everyday in the background.
  • While its true that starting a business is a lot
    of hard work, it also depends on the kind of
    business you decide to venture in. You cant aim
    for big multi million businesses at this stage
    because it is highly likely you dont even have
    that kind of money to invest in the first place.
    But, there are some businesses that require
    little investment but quit a reasonable return.
    Have you ever heard of making Money Online? Well
    I am sure you have, but just incase the concept
    is new, I will explain what making money online
    is really about.

Making money online
  • Many people are making money online and with this
    kind of money they are able to lead a normal
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    Internet has given them the liberty to do so many
    things. But before I even go into the details you
    might ask how easy it is to start earning a
    living online. Well the results vary, but for
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