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How to have a happy retirement


We are all going retire someday whether we like it or not. Learn how you can have a happy retirement by following 9 ways – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to have a happy retirement

  • 9 ways to Retire Happy
  • By Coach Alexander
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  • Are you about to retire after working many years
    in an industry you dedicated your whole life to?
    Well, sad to say for many, retirement is not a
    happy one but it is only the beginning for more
    worries in a persons life. Think of it this way,
    when you look back at all the hard work you had
    done, did you really achieve what you really
    wanted? It is a tough question for most people.
    Retirement is meant to be a happy occasion and
    everybody should look forward to calling it quit
    at some point in life. When a person retires, he
    is supposed to enjoy rest and leisure after all
    he put in during his youthful years. But we all
    know the truth dont we?
  • The truth is, by the time some people retire
    thats when problems are getting worse. There all
    these medical bills, high cost of living and
    probably a lot of other stuff which makes it hard
    to cope. But on top of that, just entering a
    completely new phase were you are no longer as
    youthful as you used to be and a phase were you
    have to stand on your own two feet, needs a lot
    of adjusting. But apart from the preceding there
    is one very scary thing about retirement, which
    nobody looks forward to at all.

Retirement with Nothing
  • This is by far the worst that can ever happen to
    anybody and if it did ever happen it is so
    unfortunate. You see, when you are working during
    the prime years, money was flowing in and you
    could gain access to whatever you wanted.
    However, imagine how it would feel when it
    suddenly dawns on you that after all those years
    you couldnt even acquire a house, or some land,
    or even save it all up. Imagine how embarrassing
    people would look at a person who had all that
    wealth because he/she was working and yet
    couldnt even save or invest the money. That
    could really be so devastating and you would only
    wish it was a nightmare.
  • I would like to believe that such a thing has
    never happened before, but the principle is that
    if a person retires with completely nothing, then
    thats kind of scary. However, fortunately most
    who call it quit usually have something up their
    sleeves. And the best part is that there is also
    the pension. Which of course, most people are
    very much familiar with. So why worry at all?
  • Some people retire happy but others still retire
    in a low spirit. I still havent seen anyone who
    hit the roof in excitement after retiring from
    the workforce. I bet you havent too but what
    could be the reasons? Well, I dont think its
    always about people wanting to be rich. But it
    could be a reason. Well honestly, it could be a
    combination of things. Some are just not prepared
    for this new phase in life while others, just
    dont want to leave the interactions they had
    with work colleagues and friends. Others who
    leave work, just cant imagine what else they can
    possibly do to keep themselves busy. There are
    certainly a lot of reasons out there but all in
    all whenever somebody calls it quit that should
    be a happy occasion. If you are about to retire,
    whether you are doing so early or you have
    reached your time, here are 9 ways to make your
    retirement a happy one.

9 Ways to Retire Happy
Think Positive
  • Its always good to think positive about the
    whole ordeal even though its never really easy.
    We all have our fare share of problems and thats
    what really complicates the whole equation.
    However, thinking positive gives you an
    opportunity to face whatever challenge comes your
    way with character. First things first, it
    doesnt help to hang around negative people. Lets
    start with an example here, imagine you were
    carrying something heavy while climbing up a
    hill. A few hours later you meet a couple of
    friends who have a similar load as yours but
    instead of carrying uphill themselves they decide
    to put the burden on you. Do you honestly think
    you could successfully carry that additional
    load? Not even a little.
  • The same goes with negative people. They wont
    make you stronger but will only burden you more
    on top of the additional worries you have.

Get Rid of Debt
  • Here is one common fact which cannot escape us no
    matter what we do, it is easy to borrow but never
    easy to pay back. You see folks, moving around
    with debt on your shoulders is like moving around
    with a heavy load on your back 24/7. There are
    things, which are easy to overlook in life, but
    when it comes to somebodys debt, people do not
    usually forgive. It is even worse when you borrow
    money from the bank. If you borrow money from
    them and think you can get away with it, you have
    another thing coming your way. Usually handling
    debt is relative easier to do when you are
    working but when you retire, it is like a plague.
    Here is some advice for you, if you want to
    retire happy get rid of all that debt which you
    have been carrying all your life. Just get rid of
    it and throw it all away. Word of caution, be
    careful to fall into debt again too. What are we
    talking about here? If you are going to borrow
    any money, only do it for the right reasons.

Save or Invest
  • I usually believe that saving is a sure way to
    retire happy because unlike investments which
    have a 50/50 chance of success, saving money is
    usually certain because the money is already in
    the savings account. However, there is absolutely
    no reason shunning a good opportunity when it
    comes your way. But before we get into investment
    opportunity options, lets dive into the savings
    options first. When saving money, it is usually
    advisable to have a target on the amount of money
    you would like to have in your account by the
    time you retire. When you have figured that out,
    then should you have an idea of how much money
    per month should be put aside for that cause.
    Remember that, sometimes we might just be tempted
    to get some money out when need arises but dont.
    Tempering with your savings will only make it
    easy for you to take money out at will. Remember,
    this is retirement money we are talking about.
  • What about investments? Well there may be a lot
    of ventures that could bring you additional money
    but I am one who likes to play it safe. Of course
    they will tell you that the most successful
    people of this world took risks in their lives to
    get to were they were. Here is my advice, if you
    see an investment opportunity, dont invest all
    your savings. If anything, find even an
    alternative way to finance that investment.
    Leave the savings out of it always. So what
    investments are there? Well you can invest in
    stocks, or you can invest in property.
    Alternatively my personal favorite is to invest
    in a new start up business. Not many start ups
    that require little money put in these days.
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Have a Retirement Plan
  • Having a retirement plan really puts everything
    into perspective. Most of the times we tend to
    worry about a lot of things such as, what am I
    going to do with all this time? How will I earn
    the extra cash? Although you cannot eliminate all
    the problems on Earth, you certainly can have a
    plan of action to tackle your challenges. If you
    are worried how boring life will be after
    retirement, have a set of activities that you
    will do after you call it quit. Make life
    interesting by putting your plans in writing.
    Ever wanted to do humanitarian work? Ever wanted
    to travel around? Thats were it all begins.

Have a Retirement Party
  • What good is retiring if you cant even have a
    party? Remember calling it quit shouldnt be a
    sad time, but add some color to your life by
    enjoying a retirement party. Usually others will
    do it for you and if thats the case, you
    shouldnt shy away from being part of the fun.
    You can invite friends and relatives to the
    occasion. However, always remember not to be
    careless to the point of losing a leg or limb
    just because you were trying to have fun.
    Remember, you want to start your retirement years
    on a good and positive note.

Strengthen your Family Bonds
  • Family is what will get you through those years
    when you would have retired. When you strengthen
    family bonds, you strengthen you relationships
    and this in turn leads you to having some
    reasonable levels of satisfaction. Are you
    married with rebellious children you simply
    couldnt get along because you were too busy?
    This is the time to mend those scars by bringing
    the people you care about closer to you. Make it
    a reality and never give up the fight.

Keep Emotionally, Mentally and Physically fit
  • Exercise can do you a lot of good in keeping all
    your faculties healthy. You dont want to be in
    one place all the time, use your bodys energy to
    Jog around or take long walks. Eat healthy foods
    and drink plenty of water too. You will be amazed
    at what these small changes can do for you even
    as you approach the retirement years. Keep your
    mind busy by reading novels, brochures or other
    important literature, which is relevant to your

Be a Part Time consultant
  • Even though your retirement is fast approaching
    that doesnt entirely mean you dont have to do a
    part time job only on your terms. Just before you
    call it quit, you can establish healthy networks
    with people who might be interested in your
    expertise knowledge or technical knowhow. It
    doesnt have to be done regularly but can be done
    when you really need to do it.

Accept whatever happens
  • retirement can sometimes be a tricky situation
    for anybody. You see everybody wants to retire
    happy and thats a fact but life as we know it is
    full of surprises. It is indeed vital that even
    after all we have done to make sure that
    everything goes according to plan, we should be
    prepared incase things dont actually work out.
    However, the best part is that when we realize we
    dont have control over everything in life can we
    then be able to accept. At least we gave it a
    shot right? But look at the bright side! Most
    retirees are reasonably okay.

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