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Bikini competition posing guide


The Right Posing Can Make A Poor Physique Look Great. The Wrong Posing Can Make A Great Physique Look Poor.” Straight From The Mouth Of A Distinguished NPC Judge – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Bikini competition posing guide

The Right Posing Can Make A Poor Physique Look
Great. The Wrong Posing Can Make A Great Physique
Look Poor. Straight From The Mouth Of A
Distinguished NPC Judge
There you have it--truer words have never been
spoken! Posing is an artistic skill that you
cant develop a week before your show and expect
to shine. To develop posing skills that command
an NPC or IFBB stage you must invest the time to
perfect your posing. A posing coach can help and
provide you with NPC and IFBB level posing tips,
but coaching WILL NOT pay off unless you immerse
yourself in consistent practice!
This is the most frustrating thing I see at
shows a competitor looks well-conditioned and
ready to rock the stage. Then she walks up on
stage and displays months of hard work
incorrectly. Why? Because her posing practice was
more of an afterthought and took a back seat to
her training and nutrition.
The reality is that you perform like you
practice. If you go through the motions while
working on your posing, dont expect to be
seamless and fluid on stage. You cannot think
yourself into a great posing performance nor can
you read some bikini competition posing guide and
expect to shine. Dont get me wrong well directed
posing guides, seminars and coaching provide
fantastic blue prints, but its your personal
commitment to daily practice that will pay the
most dividends.
If you have to think through your posing on stage
you will appear stilted and uncomfortable. Its
why I dont believe in positive thinkingwhy?
Because you have to stop what youre doing and
think about it. Look we all live in a response
stimulus world and when the crap hits the fan we
react. You dont have the time to think yourself
positive like Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night
Live. And thats why you cant think youre
posing through on stage rather youre posing
needs to become well-conditioned into your
nervous system so it becomes ingrained in muscle
memory until it feels natural and fluid.
It would be the equivalent of a gymnast focusing
on endurance training but slacking on her
technique. She may look fit when she steps on
that balance beam but her poor technique takes
over the performance. Your balance beam is the
stage and your technique is how you present your
hard work---give it the same focused attention as
your training!
Its bears repeating, in our sport, we tend to
spend 90 of our time on training and nutrition
and leave the rest as an afterthoughtwhy?
Because it seems relatively benign when compared
to the training but its not. I believe that
most competitors arrive to their show physically
prepared but less than half bring a polished
stage presence and frankly when youre competing
in highly competitive shows its your stage
presence where you will gain an edge.
Rather than focusing countless hours trying to
discover the most effective training process, fat
burner or nutrition strategy focus on how you can
improve your stage presence and posing and the
results just might amaze you.