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Title: Digital Marketing Course Training Certification | Continued Learning

Mob. No. 91-9850327938 E-mail URL
The importance of training and career
development in one's career is paramount and we
at Continued Learning realize just that. Training
basically refers to the process of acquiring
skill sets that are necessary to deliver a
certain job or to get a job in the first place.
Our training modules are well defined, the
syllabus is custom created and ensured that it
matches the industry standards. The course
outline is quick paced for the power learners.
More importantly we have supportive tools and
online access for revisions for those who like to
revise in depth. Each and every course has
crystal clear defined objectives and our trainers
see to it that the objectives are realized.
WHO WE ARE Established in 2015, Continued
Learning is a new age company which has
innovative training techniques and models for
career growth. We are a global learning company
and we are known for our dedicated approach
towards delivery quality training. We aim to
bridge the gap between the Campus and the
Corporate and ensure that the journey from Campus
to Corporate is as smooth as possible. Our team
is an extensive team of trainers, administrators,
career counsellors and HRs who look after day to
day operations and training needs. Our management
team is an experienced lot with about 18 years
of Industry experience on various levels.
Career Course with Continued Learning
Web Designing
The internet today has become the nerve
center for global economy and more and more
businesses are jumping on the internet today by
creating their own presence. Business has never
been smoother earlier and those who realize the
importance of technology in business are eager to
not only create an identity for themselves on the
web but also to stay ahead of the competition.
When it comes to India we have already seen the
importance of the portals such as Flipkart.
Web Designing today is becoming one of the
key skillset required to take fullest advantage
of the Digital era. The importance of having a
good, strong web presence is paramount. Having a
website which acts as a medium for people to
access information about one's business or
purchase products has become quintessial for
businesses today. Web Design in broad term is a
set of tools and technologies that encapsulates a
wide variety of tasks involved in the formation
of web pages. Web designs are done by specialized
IT professionals who use technologies to bring
out the best of their creativity to represent
data. Technically, the art of web design is very
difficult since the website needs to be
aesthetically attractive and have excellent
usability, which means that your visitors must
find the website user-friendly and eye-catching.
Web Designing
  • The career of a Web Designers / UI Expert is an
    interesting one with many learning curves. The
    learning curve is quite exciting and puts forth
    with several creative challenges. As per "A Web Designer earns an average
    salary of Rs 198,298 per year." Which is a good
    starting point for the career of a person. As a
    web designer you could be working for a variety
    of businesses, Public sector organizations, small
    private firms, bigger private organizations or
    Government entities. As a web developer you would
  • Understanding client requirements
  • Generating Design plan based on Design
  • Creation of various user interfaces with
    softwares such as Adobe Photoshop
  • Delivering Web pages in HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Optimizing Website for SEO
  • Creation and Delivery of various landing pages
    for marketing purposes .
  • And much more!

Web Designing- Syllabus
The syllabus defined is custom catered and
designed by Industry professionals who understand
what the Industry requires. The way it is
structured is that you get hands on knowledge of
various tools and technologies and immense
practical assignments and experience that help
you gain a job quickly in this fast paced
industry. A well designed, well built and
aesthetically convincing website generates
business at an exponential rate. The full impact
of having a great design is terrific for any
business. A good website acts not just as a
medium to spread awareness about a business but
also acts as an ambassador for the business. User
Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) play a
major role in designing a good website or a good
web based application and helps in engaging the
customer base and enhance opportunities of
business. At Continued Learning, our course
syllabus is catered to give a good understanding
of UI / UX principles and enough assignments to
provide hands on experience for the learners.

Web Designing- Syllabus
Adobe Photoshop is THE STANDARD tool of use which
is basically a fairly complex graphic creation
and editing software program. Pretty sure you
must have heard of Photoshop all the time in the
past even though you haven't actually used it.
Photoshop is fun to use and helps you play around
with graphics and also create great web designs.
In our course we will cover
Introduction to Photoshop
Getting Started
Working with Images
  • About Photoshop
  • Navigating Photoshop
  • Saving your work
  • Menus and panels
  • Exploring Toolbox
  • Applications bar
  • Options bar
  • Creating new documents
  • Customizing interface
  • Preferences
  • Zooming and Panning
  • Working with Multiple Images,
  • Rulers, Guides Grids
  • History and Adjustments Panel
  • Masks Panel, Vibrance Color Correction
  • Note, Blend, Auto-align 3D commands
  • Resizing, Cropping, Straightening
  • Working with Canvas

Web Designing- Syllabus
Working with Layers
  • Elliptical Marquee Tool
  • Magic Wand Free Transform Tool
  • Regular Polygonal Lasso Tools
  • Combining Selections
  • Magnetic Lasso Tool
  • Selection Tool Refine Edge.
  • Understanding Layers
  • Creating, Selecting, Linking Deleting Layers
  • Locking Merging Layers
  • Copying Layers, Using Perspective Layer
  • Filling Grouping Layers
  • .... and much more

Painting with Photoshop
  • Using the Brush Tool
  • Working with Colors Swatches
  • Creating Using Gradients
  • Creating Working with Brushes
  • Using the Pencil Eraser Tools

Web Designing - Syllabus
Introduction to Internet HTML Basics
HTML Elements HTML Attributes HTML
  • HTML5 Web sockets
  • HTML5 Messaging API
  • HTML5 Working with Drag
  • and Drop
  • HTML Headings
  • HTML Paragraphs
  • HTML Styles
  • HTML Formatting
  • HTML Links
  • HTML Images
  • HTML Responsive
  • HTML Entites
  • HTML Table
  • HTML Forms
  • HTML5 Canvas
  • HTML5 Data Storage
  • HTML5 Audio and Video
  • HTML Offline Applications
  • HTML Geolocation
  • HTML Web Workers

Web Designing- Syllabus
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet
language used for describing the look and
formatting of a document written in a markup
language. The primary function of CSS is to
enable the separation of the actual content from
presentation and presentation classes that can be
re-used overall reducing the page size. Our
course focuses on CSS3 and Bootstrap as a
  • CSS Navigation Bar
  • CSS Rounded Corners
  • CSS Border Images
  • CSS Backgrounds
  • CSS Colors
  • CSS Animations
  • CSS Responsive Web Design - Introduction
  • CSS Responsive Web Design - Viewport
  • CSS Responsive Web Design - Media Queries
  • CSS Responsive Web Design - Images
  • CSS Responsive Web Design - Videos
  • CSS Responsive Web Design - Frameworks
  • CSS Introduction
  • CSS Syntax
  • CSS Text
  • CSS Backgrounds
  • CSS Fonts
  • CSS Links
  • CSS Lists
  • CSS Tables
  • CSS Box Model
  • CSS Margins, Dimensions, Display
  • CSS Attribute Selectors

Web Designing - Syllabus
Design Principles
We strongly believe that just knowledge of tools
wont help you grow in your career. What you need
is a strong grasp of Design principles to stand
out from the crowd. We lay a very strong
foundation on Design principles, understanding
Semantics of a web page and flow structure of a
website or a web based application.
Usability / UI Design
UI / UX lie at the heart of our training program
and we lay a strong emphasis on the following
  • What is UX? User Goals and Business Goals
  • Understanding Users, User Research, Questions
    and Profiles
  • Designing for Devices
  • Understanding Design Patterns
  • Information Architecture
  • Visual Design Principles
  • Functional Layout Design
  • Designing with Data
  • Conscious vs. Subconscious Experience
  • Designing with Intention
  • Wizards and Gamification

Web Designing - Syllabus
Javascript / JQuery
JavaScript (JS) also known as ECMAScript is a
dynamic programming language that is commonly
used as a part of delivery mechanism on web
browsers. JavaScript allows for client-side
scripts to interact with the user, control and
manipulate the browser.
  • JavaScript Introduction
  • JavaScript Output
  • JavaScript Variables
  • JavaScript Operators
  • JavaScript Arithmetic
  • JavaScript DataTypes
  • JavaScript Assignment
  • JavaScript Functions
  • JavaScript Objects
  • JavaScript Scope
  • JavaScript Events
  • JavaScript Strings and String Methods
  • JavaScript Numbers and Number Methods
  • JavaScript Math
  • JavaScript Dates Formats and Methods
  • JavaScript Booleans
  • JavaScript Comparisons
  • JavaScript Conditions
  • JavaScript Switch
  • JavaScript Loops
  • JavaScript Break
  • JavaScript Type
  • JavaScript Forms (API and Validation)
  • JavaScript Objects
  • JavaScript Functions
  • JavaScript DOM
  • JavaScript Browser BOM
  • JavaScript Frameworks

Web Designing - Syllabus
jQuery is a cross-platform JavaScript library
designed to simplify the client-side scripting of
HTML. jQuery is the most popular JavaScript
library in use today.
  • JQuery Introduction
  • JQuery Syntax
  • JQuery Selectors
  • JQuery Events
  • JQuery Effects
  • JQuery HTML
  • JQuery Get
  • JQuery Set
  • JQuery Add
  • JQuery Remove
  • JQuery CSS Classes
  • JQuery css()
  • JQuery Dimensions
  • JQuery Hide/Show
  • JQuery Fade
  • JQuery Slide()
  • JQuery Animate
  • JQuery Stop()
  • JQuery Callback
  • JQuery Chaining
  • JQuery Traversing
  • JQuery Traversing
  • JQuery Ancestors
  • JQuery Descendents
  • JQuery Siblings
  • JQuery Filtering
  • JQuery AJAX
  • JQuery AJAX Introduction
  • JQuery Load
  • JQuery Get/Post

Web Designing- Syllabus
Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and
JavaScript framework for developing responsive,
mobile-first web sites. Bootstrap is completely
free to download and use!
  • Bootstrap Introduction
  • Bootstrap Components
  • Bootstrap Plugins
  • Bootstrap Grids
  • Bootstrap JS

  • HTML5 Elements
  • HTML5 Basics
  • HTML5 Attributes
  • HTML5 Syntax
  • HTML Headings
  • HTML Paragraphs
  • HTML Styles
  • HTML Formatting
  • HTML Links
  • HTML Images
  • HTML Responsive
  • HTML Entities
  • HTML Tables
  • HTML Forms
  • HTML5 Canvas
  • HTML5 Data Storage
  • HTML5 Audio and Video
  • HTML Offline Applications
  • HTML Geolocation
  • HTML Web Workers
  • HTML5 Web sockets
  • HTML5 Messaging API
  • HTML5 Working with Drag and Drop

Web Designing - Syllabus
CSS Animations
Long gone are the days of Flash for animations on
the web. Welcome to Animations using CSS3! YES!
With CSS3 you can derive world class animations
on the web and we teach you just that. Our Course
  • Introduction to CSS3 Animations
  • Transitions
  • The _at_keyframes
  • Playing with the Timeline
  • Alternate Cycles and Speed Curve
  • Shorthand Property and Examples

Optimizing for the Web
Speed is the key factor on the internet today.
Mature users won't wait for a long time for your
website to load up and hence optimization of your
web design is of paramount importance. Given the
scenario today it is essential for the web
designers to optimize their design for speed and
test it against various standards such as Yahoo
YSlow and Google Page Speed. We give you a great
insider on how to optimize your site for speed,
what are the best standards and practices
followed over the world today and what are the
industry acceptance levels when it comes to site
optimization techniques. We also give you a
primer on what web analytics is all about and how
you can optimize your sites for SEO by way of
speed and overall structurization of your web
Audience - Whom is it for?
So who should look up to this course
  • Practically anyone who wants to learn web
  • Graduates BE, ME, MCA, MCM, BBA, BCA, BCS, Bsc
  • Working professionals Graduates who are
    working in BPOs and want to get into IT industry

Benefits - Continued Learning
  • Assignments
  • Project work / Live Project
  • A full year's access to Learning Center
  • 24 x 7 Support
  • Weekly Reviews
  • Certification
  • Job Guarantee!
  • Group discussions

Duration and Fees
Fees 18,000 INR (Service tax as applicable)
Duration and Fees
100 - Job Guarantee!
Become employable, not just certified!
That is our motto. One of the most important
reasons a student joins a course, is to add value
to his career and get a job. And that is exactly
what we achieve here at Continued Learning. We
ensure that the student is well trained and that
he gets a job!
At Continued Learning, we believe in strong
quality training and practise based approach
which helps our students become employable. And
we are so confident about what we can deliver
that we offer a 100 Job Guarantee with our
career courses which we are happy to give out as
a registered agreement on stamp paper. Terms as
  • 95 attendance to course necessary
  • Job Placement within 3 months - post course
  • Guarantee stands void in case candidate rejects
    an offer.

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