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Web Hosting Guide – By MilesWeb


This white paper talks about the various important aspects of web hosting. Newbies and website owners will get a clear insight on selecting the appropriate web hosting package for their websites. Although signing up for a web hosting package looks like a simple task, there are many crucial factors to be taken care of; without proper understanding of these factors you might end up making a wrong choice. A guide that helps you to get in-depth understanding of web hosting. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Web Hosting Guide – By MilesWeb

Web Hosting Guide By MilesWeb
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  • The Inception Of Website / Blog Idea
  • Registering A Domain Name For Your Website
  • Analyzing your web hosting requirements
  • Selecting The Web Hosting Package
  • Types Of Web Hosting Packages
  • Bursting The Myth Behind Unlimited Web Hosting
  • Selecting A Web Hosting Company
  • Conclusion

Copyright 2015 MilesWeb.com. All rights
The Inception Of Website / Blog Idea
  • The first step of bringing your website to life
    is your thought process. If you have decided to
    create a website or a blog, you might be having
    some concept in mind. Various types of websites
    can be created and before you start with
    designing the website, you need to know what type
    of website you want and how you want it to look
    when it is ready. For instance, if you would like
    to create an online store, you will have to setup
    a shopping cart along with the web hosting
    account. If you would like to set up a blog, then
    you will have to plan in the direction of
    installing WordPress on your hosting account.
  • If you are clear about the idea of your website,
    you can streamline your thought process
    accordingly. Also, the process of getting the
    website designed will also be simplified. If you
    have a website idea in mind, you need to think
    and plan on getting it implemented.
  • The online world is booming with websites, every
    individual and business owns a website you will
    only benefit from setting up a website and the
    benefits will grow with time.
  • Some commonly created websites include
  • Personal blog
  • Personal portfolio
  • Online store
  • Photo sharing websites
  • Forums / Communities

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Registering A Domain Name For Your Website
  • Once you know what type of website you would like
    to create, your next step is to get a domain name
    registered for your website. An impressive domain
    name will be easily remembered by people and this
    will help in getting lot of traffic to your
    website. Your website domain name is your online
    identity therefore it is important to select the
    most appropriate one with the right domain name
  • Registering the perfect domain name is not really
    easy! You will find that most of the domain names
    you think of are either already registered or
    purchased by individuals for domain name
  • Important Guidelines For Selecting A Domain Name
  • Brainstorm many domain names before finalizing
  • Make sure that your domain name is impressive and
    easy to remember
  • Check the spelling of the domain name before you
    register it
  • Choose the right domain name TLD
  • Your brand name should be your domain name, this
    makes it easy to create brand awareness
  • For hiding your domain information, consider
    domain name privacy (WHOIS privacy)
  • If you are not able to find the right domain
    name, consider using hyphens and numbers
  • Avoid registering trademarked domain names

Copyright 2015 MilesWeb.com. All rights
Analyzing Your Web Hosting Requirements
Registration of domain name is followed by
purchasing a web hosting package for your
website! In order to purchase the right web
hosting package, you need to know the amount of
hosting resources required by your website. To
start with, you need to have understanding of 3
basic web hosting concepts Web Space Web
space is also known as storage space or disk
space. It refers to the amount of space on a web
server that is assigned to the website by the web
hosting company. In the allocated web space you
can upload files (HTML files, content, image
files, videos etc.). Bandwidth Bandwidth is
the level of traffic or data allowed to transfer
between your website, users and internet. Web
hosting companies provides with a particular
level of bandwidth with every web hosting
package. Hosting Location You need to be
careful while selecting the web hosting location.
If you are based in India and your target
audience is also from India, then your hosting
location should also be India. Selecting proper
hosting location avoids website latency and
enhances website loading speed. Once you have an
understanding of these terms, you will be able to
estimate your web hosting requirements.
Copyright 2015 MilesWeb.com. All rights
Selecting The Web Hosting Package
Now that you have registered the domain name and
you have an idea about the hosting resources that
will be required, you must go ahead and sign up
for the ideal web hosting package. Various types
of web hosting packages are available. Types Of
Web Hosting Packages Shared Hosting Shared
hosting is the basic form of web hosting that is
used by small, medium-size, startup websites and
blogs. Like the name suggests, on a shared
hosting server, many websites share the space of
the same server. This is the most ideal hosting
plan to start with. Reseller Hosting People
who wish to start their own web hosting business
but would like to avoid the high infrastructure
costs, opt for reseller hosting. Through reseller
hosting, you can create your own hosting plans
and promote your own brand name though white
labeled reseller hosting packages. This is an
inexpensive way to start a web hosting
business. VPS Hosting VPS hosting, also known
as virtual private server is a virtual server
that hosts websites. A VPS has its own operating
system and all the users have access to that
operating system. Users get dedicated environment
to manage their websites.
Copyright 2015 MilesWeb.com. All rights
Selecting The Web Hosting Package
Dedicated Hosting A dedicated server is an
exclusive server that is dedicated to one client.
This type of hosting is used by clients that own
high-traffic or resource intensive websites. With
a dedicated hosting package, the user leases the
entire server. Cloud Hosting Cloud hosting
comprises of multiple connected servers that
constitute a cloud. Cloud hosting is a scalable,
powerful and a reliable hosting environment where
the users have access to an abundance of hosting
resources. Cloud hosting environment is fully
customizable and secure. On the basis of your
hosting requirements, you can choose any of the
web hosting packages mentioned above. There are
special web hosting packages available for
eCommerce websites and bloggers as well, you can
contact your web hosting company to find about
Copyright 2015 MilesWeb.com. All rights
Bursting The Myth Behind Unlimited Web Hosting
  • While searching for a web hosting package, you
    might come across web hosting packages with
    unlimited bandwidth or unlimited disk space. It
    is important for you to be cautious and stay away
    from such web hosting packages. Unlimited
    bandwidth and disk space does not exist in real!
    The web hosting companies that provide unlimited
    hosting resources are only overselling the web
    hosting. In reality Unlimited is a marketing
    gimmick that is used for alluring the customers.
    Web hosting companies are here to make money and
    they have to think about earning profits
    therefore they have to use such marketing terms
    for getting more and more customers.
  • Unlimited hosting is limited in the real sense
  • It is not possible to offer unlimited bandwidth
    through limited number of cables transmitting the
  • It is not possible to employ unlimited manpower
    for managing the networks and servers
  • If your website becomes slow after signing up for
    an unlimited hosting package, you will be asked
    to upgrade the hosting package
  • Unlimited hosting users are restricted by many
  • There are restrictions on RAM, Inodes, CPU
    queries, number of MySQL databases etc.
  • Web hosting is a long term investment, so why
    invest in something that is not real? Why invest
    in something that wont provide you with the
    right benefits? Opt for a realistic web hosting
    package and enjoy hassle-free hosting.

Copyright 2015 MilesWeb.com. All rights
Selecting A Web Hosting Company
  • Just like you have to put in some thought process
    in determining the appropriate web hosting
    package, you also have to put in some analysis
    for selecting the web hosting company. The web
    hosting company should be a reputed one and they
    should have an expert team to manage the servers
    and customer issues.
  • Consider The Following Factors While Selecting
    The Web Hosting Company
  • Shortlist web hosting companies and compare the
    hosting resources and prices offered by them.
  • Read web hosting reviews and know what their
    customers have to say about them.
  • Know what features and add-ons are offered.
  • Get information about the web hosting locations
    they can provide.
  • Check out the control panels and user interface
    for managing the web hosting account.
  • Check if they offer CMS powered hosting, if
  • Know if your website has room to grow without
    investing a lot of money.
  • The most important thing ask if they provide
    with 24/7/365 support and if they are available
    for dealing with customer issues round the clock.
  • Check if support is provided through various
    channels like phone support, tickets, chats and
    emails. You can test the response time by
    initiating a chat through the website.
  • Just like it is important to sign up for an
    appropriate web hosting package, it is also
    important to sign up with the best web hosting
    company. As a result of this, you will get good
    customer service and you can entirely concentrate
    on business expansion.

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This web hosting guide will help you to narrow
down your choices to get the best! Web hosting is
a part of long term planning for the online
presence of your business. If you put in some
time and analysis in finding a good web hosting
platform, you will be able to ensure the uptime
and smooth functioning of your website. A fast
website will also complement your SEO efforts and
will help you to secure good rankings. There are
many companies in the web hosting world that
claim to offer the best with proper knowledge of
web hosting you will be able to differentiate
between the companies that really offer the best
and the companies that are just limited to
marketing gimmicks.
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