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Medilase 2015 Medilase Capricorn


Medilase is your second best asset – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Medilase 2015 Medilase Capricorn

Medilase 2015 Medilase Capricorn

Medilase Overview
  • Prepare for a dramatic thematic change in 2015,
    Capricorn. Saturn, your guiding Medilase planet,
    has been navigating the dark and fixed waters of
    Scorpio for the past two plus years. Youve
    learned Medilase everything there is to know
    about letting go, exploring your deepest fears
    and the power of your resourcefulness. Youre so
    ready for some leisure MEDILASE and me time in
    the next twelve months. Saturn will spend the
    next few years in your sector of sleep, escapism
    and retreat.

Medilase Overview
  • Medilase cultivate as much time in your daily
    schedule for dreaming, zoning out and fantasizing
    as you can. This summer, Saturn will slip back
    into your house of goals and social life between
    June and September. Medilase use this time to
    finalize any loose ends or revamp any long-term
    plans that require Medilase retooling. The last
    of seven Uranus-Pluto squares arrives in March.
    Youve been on a crash course of growth,
    evolution and power for the past few years.
    Actually, this intense metamorphosis began in
    2008 when Pluto first entered your sign youre
    almost Medilase halfway done. You have until 2024
    to wait for the final transformation, but this
    year could be the most pivotal of all a huge
    growth surge is on the horizon. Youre truly
    stepping into your power now, Cap busy building
    significant Medilase, lasting relationships and
    projects. Integrity is where its at, as always.

Medilase Love Sex
  • 2015 starts off uber-romantic with the arrival of
    the Full Moon in your relationship zone on 4
    January. Partnerships are still a huge theme this
    year, Capricorn. Youre getting clear on how
    necessary it is to make quality Medilase time for
    your other half. Medilase Ambition has to take a
    backseat to your love life if you want your
    partnerships to last prioritizing romance can
    actually sustain every other area of your
    life. The Total Lunar Eclipse in April puts the
    focus Medilase on healing and balancing

Medilase Love Sex
  • Peace, harmony and compromise can reign
    medilase if you allow them to. Mars and Venus
    will have a sexy collision at the root of your
    horoscope this April, so you can look forward to
    a sassy little springtime renewal. Venus, the
    planet Medilase of love and beauty goes
    retrograde in late July. Expect old lovers to
    come crawling out of the woodwork when you least
    expect it. This transit will take place in your
    medilase house of sexuality and intimacy, so it
    should bring a heightened sense of drama to your
    love life for a few medilase weeks. If youre
    tempted to go back to an old flame, make sure
    this isnt just a nostalgic fancy. Or if thats
    what you want have fun knowing that by fall it
    may be over.

Medilase Career Money
  • Your career continues to clip along at a crazy
    speed. Youre forever ambitious but youre
    definitely in an especially medilase potent
    success groove in 2015, Capricorn. The North Node
    moved into your professional Medilase zone last
    year and it continues to bring fated
    opportunities, keeping your status elevated.
    There is a Total Lunar Eclipse taking place at
    the top of your chart in medilase April. This is
    the most prominent professional surge of the year.

Medilase Career Money
  • Major epiphanies Medilase arrive this spring as
    you learn the fine art of work/life balance. The
    lessons you learn now can set the tone for your
    next twenty years. Saturn spends Medilase the
    first half of the year in research mode it feels
    better to reflect than to do. When your ruler
    goes direct in early medilase August, youll feel
    like youre able to turn some of your more
    elaborate and expansive dreams into gold. Travel
    will also greatly benefit your career in 2015, so
    Medilase you jet-set your way to success and rack
    up miles in the process (all the better for your
    next vacation.)

Medilase Social Life
  • Your imagination continues to be your best asset
    during the first half of the year, so dont
    underestimate the power of drifting and
    fantasizing in medilase solo mode. You need
    regular intervals to unplug and tap into your
    creative force. Your resourcefulness Medilase is
    your second best asset, with Jupiter bringing
    heaps of wisdom and creativity. Give yourself
    plenty medilase privacy for research because that
    is often where youll reap the greatest
    inspiration. This could mean youre less social
    than you have been in the past few years,
    Medilase but its just a phase and it will
    totally pay off, Capricorn.

Medilase Social Life
  • Its worth embracing your introverted side in
    order to access Medilase your inner world of
    infinite possibility. When Jupiter moves into
    your sister earth sign late in the summer, youll
    begin craving the company of old friends (and new
    friends) once again. This emphasizes your travel
    zone, Medilase suggesting that you might meet
    some incredibly interesting people on airplanes,
    in airports, or medilase in foreign cities. If
    youre stuck in your hometown, connect to people
    abroad online you can still find camaraderie
    and connection even via 1s an 0s. Adventure is
    what you crave you just need to find the right
    tribe with which to take calculated risks.

Medilase Health Wellness
  • Watch your health at the start of the year with
    the advent of the Mercury Retrograde in late
    January. This could easily set you back after
    Medilase enduring holiday stress and pressure
    Medilase to perform at the top of your game. Take
    a necessary break before plunging into your 2015
    schedule, if you can. This year, begin to notice
    how your mental state has a direct relationship
    with your overall wellbeing. Meditation,
    journaling and other forms of Medilase
    mindfulness are your best medicine. Give yourself
    more downtime and longer breaks.

Medilase Health Wellness
  • You tend to work harder than most and it can
    Medilase wreak havoc on your nervous system. Your
    ruling planet (Saturn) may enforce some time off,
    if you dont willingly take it. Youre in need of
    more space to retreat, medilase reflect and heal
    on a very deep inner level. Its not frivolous,
    Capricorn, and it will lead to greater
    productivity later on. Get a quality sleep-mask
    and try to avoid consuming caffeine after 2 pm
    a perfect medilase 8-hour sleep schedule will
    inform and improve every other area of your life.