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Sewage treatment plants- Chokhavatia associations


Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs) - Under the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, every industry has to provide adequate treatment of – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Sewage treatment plants- Chokhavatia associations

Welcome to Chokhavatia Associates
For over 30 years, Chokhavatia Associates has
been delivering world-class, award-winning design
solutions with all the creativity and innovation
that are at the heart of our business.
Acknowledged as consummate multi-disciplined
professionals in our field, we provide a broad
range of industry-focused consulting services
that address the distinct and unique challenges
faced by our clients around the world. Building
and maintaining trusting partnerships with
clients and associates underpins our success we
do this by adhering to four fundamental business
principles listening carefully understanding
fully designing and creating purposefully, and
implementing effectively.
Company Profile
We understand that public and private sector
clients demand responsive, affordable, and
technically sound consultancy services, delivered
with a personal touch. Chokhavatia Associates is
an internationally recognized civil and
environmental engineering consultancy with a deep
commitment to innovative and practical design for
built environments. Our powerful key strengths
give us clear focus, and form a common bond among
all our team members. Solid Experience We are a
full service civil and environmental engineering
consulting firm, led by a management team that
has been in the industry since 1974. There are
few firms anywhere that have the depth of
experience and skills that Chokhavatia Associates
possess. We provide a complete spectrum of
services, which includes feasibility studies,
advisory and consulting services, complete
engineering design drawings, project management,
construction management, operational
troubleshooting and maintenance contracts,
together with on-going training programs.
Our Services
Air Pollution Control
Air pollution Mitigation by effective Air
Pollution Control Monitoring
We at Chokhavatia Associates have recognized the
need for air pollution prevention. We have
successfully taken up projects of Air Pollution
Control Monitoring for different organizations.
We provide monitoring services for effluent gas
streams generated by various industries. To
monitor ambient air quality and effluent gases
efficient gas sensing devices are required .We
design monitoring equipment to monitor the
opacity of effluent gas stream, to examine large
particles and to check ambient air quality. We
also optimize instruments used for continuous air
monitoring. We design sensitive sensors for
pollutant gases such as CO, NO, NO2, O3, SO2,
hydrocarbons, etc.
Common Effluent Treatment Plants
Under the Water (Prevention and Control of
Pollution) Act, 1974, every industry has to
provide adequate treatment of its effluents
before disposal, irrespective of whether it is in
stream, land, sewerage system of sea. The small
scale industrial units (SSI), which are presently
defined as units whose plant and machinery are
valued at less than Rs. 5 crore occupy an
important place in the countrys economy. The
Ministry of Environment Forests (MoEF) has been
implementing a centrally sponsored scheme for
CETPs since 1991. In the light of the operational
deficiencies in the earlier scheme, the
development of pollution control technologies
Waste Water Recycling
Waste Water Recycling  The sewage and the
industrial waste waters after the treatment have
the potential of reuse.  The treated sewage /
effluent can directly be used for the irrigation
or plantation depending upon the crops or the
nature of plantation.  By giving polishing
treatment to the treated sewage / effluent, it
can be reused or recycled for cooling towers,
washing purpose, flushing in the toilets and with
further advance treatment like reverse osmosis,
it can be used for boiler or for process
applications.  Chokhavatia Associates have put up
more than 29 years of experience with a global
client base in the design, detailed engineering
and operation and maintenance of sewage and
industrial waste water treatment plants.  During
the design phase, Chokhavatia Associates also
undertakes the detailed understanding of the
production processes and effluent generation
Waste Water Treatment Plants- An Essential Process
Waste water treatment has become an essential
process that has to be carried out before the
water is released to different water bodies by
various industries and domestic sources. It is
necessary to limit the pollution of water and
hence, waste water is treated in waste water
treatment plants to remove the pollutants before
the water is let out into rivers, lakes or seas. 
Chokhavatia Associates are pioneers in designing
different types of Waste water treatment plants.
The immense experience gained by designing,
planning, construction, operation and management
of these plants have helped us to set a high
standard and implement sophisticated and
efficient waste water treatment technologies for
our clients.
Sewage treatment Plants The most important waste
water treatment technology
Sewage and its treatment- Sewage is waste water
carrying domestic wastes, agricultural wastes or
overland flow. This is carried in sewers or
drains. Sewage contains both organic and
inorganic wastes it also contains grit, solids,
oil and grease.  Chokhavatia Associates have
immense experience in designing Sewage Treatment
Plants for cities and townships, municipal
organizations and private sectors. Chokhavatia
Associates have designed, engineered, and
commissioned Sewage Treatment Plants and Sewage
treatment Package Plants. These treatment plants
are developed on the basis of our clients
requirements. We also standardize different
techniques employed in sewage treatment.  Our
sewage treatment plant designs are in complete
concurrence with the guidelines and regulatory
norms of the state pollution control board and
other regulatory authorities.
Contact us
Office Address 1, Laxmikunj, Behind P.T. Thakkar
Collage Road, Museum Paldi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat,
India - 380007Email- office_at_chokhavatia.comPh-
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