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IVF and Infertility Treatment in Pune


"We offer the most appropriate ivf and infertility treatment in pune following internationally accepted protocols of ivf and infertility treatment." – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: IVF and Infertility Treatment in Pune

Sahyadri Hospital
  • Ivf and infertility treatment in pune

What is IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)?
  • It is the treatment of choice for a woman with
    blocked, severely damaged fallopian tube.
  • The entire process of fertilization takes place
    outside a womans body.
  • During the IVF process
  • Womens eggs are removed from the ovaries
    fertilized with husbands sperms in a laboratory.
  • The fertilized egg (embryo) is later placed in
    the womans womb.

When is IVF needed?
  • IVF was originally developed for women with
    blocked tubes.
  • It is also used when other conditions are present
    such as
  • Endometriosis
  • Male factor infertility
  • Unexplained infertility in which no medical cause
    for infertility can be found.
  • Our physicians will review your history and guide
    you to treatment that is most appropriate for you.

How much time does treatment require for IVF?
  • Most treatment cycles will require about 8-10
    visits to the clinic for blood work.
  • Ultrasound starting on day 2 of your cycle.
  • This may be every day, every other day or as
    requested by your physician.
  • The pregnancy test is done 14 days following your
    embryo transfer or insemination.
  • We recommend minimizing stress and keeping a
    positive outlook during this time.

What are the common causes for Infertility?
  1. Ovulation problems
  2. Tubal Block
  3. Male associated infertility
  4. Age-related factors
  5. Uterine problems
  6. Previous tubal ligation
  7. Previous vasectomy
  8. Unexplained infertility

Common Causes of Infertility
Who should visit us?
  • Couples less than 35 years not being able to
    conceive within one year of trying.
  • Couples more than 35 years not being able to
    conceive within 6 months of trying.
  • Women diagnosed with Poly cystic ovarian
    Syndrome, endometriosis, and tubal problems.
  • Women with irregular cycles and hormonal
  • Men diagnosed with abnormal sperm count.
  • Couples on fertility treatment wanting second

Why Us
  • State of the art fertility center providing end
    to end fertility solutions.
  • Personalized fertility treatment with warmth and
  • Experienced highly accomplished team of IVF
    specialist, embryologist and support staff.
  • Following internationally accepted IVF protocols
    global practices.
  • Sahyadri Hospitals have a rich experience in
    providing Infertility treatment
  • The IVF Centre in Sahyadri Hospital has treated
    more than 4000 patients to date with a success
    rate of 60.

What is the success rate with each treatment
  • Success rates at our Centre are on par the best
    in the world.
  • Expected success rate per cycle of treatment
  • 8-10 with IUI
  • 30-40 with IVF and ICSI
  • 50- 60 with oocyte donation

What to do when the treatment fails?
  • If the pregnancy test is still negative 15 to 17
    days post-transfer
  • Your doctor will ask you to stop taking the
    progesterone and youll wait for your period to
  • The next step will be decided among you, your
    partner and your doctor.
  • Having a treatment cycle fail is never easy. Its
  • Keep in mind that having one cycle fail doesnt
    mean you wont be successful if you try again.
  • You will have to discuss with your doctor what
    will be the best option.

  • IVF and Infertility Treatment in Pune at Sahyadri
    Hospital makes Motherhood.a Possibility
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