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60 second bunny task


60 second bunny task – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 60 second bunny task

Theorists and 60 second bunny task
Tzvetan Todorov
  • Tzvetan Todorov (born March 1, 1939) is a
    Franco-Bulgarian historian and essayist, to use
    his own definition of himself. He has lived in
    France since 1963, and is the author of books and
    essays about literary theory, thought history and
    culture theory.
  • Todorov has published a total of 21 books,
    including The Poetics of Prose (1971),
    Introduction to Poetics (1981), The Conquest of
    America (1982), Mikhail Bakhtin The Dialogical
    Principle (1984), Facing the Extreme Moral Life
    in the Concentration Camps (1991), On Human
    Diversity (1993), Hope and Memory (2000), and
    Imperfect Garden The Legacy of Humanism (2002).
  • http//theoryofnarrativepropp.blogspot.co.uk/2012/

Vladimir Propp
  • Was born on April 17, 1895 in St. Petersburg to a
    German family. He attended St. Petersburg
    University (19131918) majoring in Russian and
    German and philology . Upon graduation he taught
    Russian and German at a secondary school and then
    became a college teacher of German.
  • 1.The villainstruggles against the hero
  • 2.The donor prepares the hero or gives the hero
    some magical object
  • 3.The (magical) helperhelps the hero in the
  • 4.The princess and her fathergives the task to
    the hero, identifies the false hero, marries the
    hero, often sought for during the narrative.
    Propp noted that functionally, the princess and
    the father can not be clearly distinguished
  • 5.The dispatchercharacter who makes the lack
    known and sends the hero off.
  • 6.The hero or victim/seeker heroreacts to the
    donor, weds the princess
  • 7. False hero takes credit for the heros
    actions or tries to marry the princess.
  • These roles could sometimes be distributed among
    various characters, as the hero kills the villain
    dragon, and the dragon's sisters take on the
    villainous role of chasing him. Conversely, one
    character could engage in acts as more than one
    role, as a father could send his son on the quest
    and give him a sword, acting as both dispatcher
    and donor.

Films and how they perform at the awards shows vs
public opinions
  • The most popular types of genre amongst people
    are romance, horror and video recording
    documentaries. Amongst the Oscars Drama films are
    the most title winning movies, whilst sci-fi is
    one of the ones that doesnt achieve so well.
    Although when blended with another genre it tends
    to do well in the Oscars, an examples being
    Gravity and Apollo 13 being sci-fi drama

60 second bunny movie task
  • http//www.angryalien.com/aa/thecabininthewoodsbun
  • Cabin in the woods is a teen slasher movie. The
    film itself is clever due to the character theory
    the film shows. one of the films characters who's
    is involved in the project, states that the films
    characters were to be killed in a certain order,
    due to the character theory order.

Dana Is the hero of the film she is one of five
victims of A layout that the company made to
save mankind from the gods, although Dana and the
others did not know this. She is the hero because
of her drastic change of personality by the end
of the film, she is a strong leader and the last
one standing. In the film the company were to
plan how the five were to be killed and have to
have it happen in a particular order in order for
the sacrifice to happen. They also had to make
sure that the others fitted a certain stereotype.
Dana was under the virgin character, who was
able to live Or if she was to die to be killed
last out of the five. Due to being the hero she
managed to fight evil and win.
The Helper
Marty is the one who helps Dana with fighting to
survive the cabin in the woods. Although Dana is
the hero she still needs the help of Marty on
multiple occasions in order to defeat the god.
Even at on point saving her from death. In cabin
in the woods stereotype he was the Fool and
Marty was to to be killed second in the ritual.
Though this became a problem for the company as
the audience believed that Marty had been killed
by the red neck zombies, only to be revealed as
The false hero
  • The character curt is the false hero as he is
    shown throughout the film as the hero

The princess
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Cabin in the woods character theory
The company
The company are the dispatchers who have sent the
main characters on their mission which is to have
the characters choose how they are to be
eliminated and to be eliminated in a particular
order to save humanity. They could also be
classed as the secondary villain of the film
The villain
How doe this link into my research and planning
of my film?
  • This is so that I am able to research character
    theory and to be able to apply this to my short
    film. This is also to be able to use this
    PowerPoint as a revision tool for my upcoming exam

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