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Gold Makeup – Suits All Skin Types And All Ages


New and latest gold makeup is suitable for all types of skin and ages. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Gold Makeup – Suits All Skin Types And All Ages

Welcome to Your Beauty Advisor
For Tips On
Gold Makeup Suits All Skin Types And All Ages
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  • Beauty and fashion go hand in hand. There is
    nothing as exotic as gold makeup.
  • But before you attempt to put it on your face,
    here is a caveat.
  • Try to be subtle do not end up looking like a
    gilded Oscar Statuette.

Getting the look
  • There is no any doubt that eyes are the place to
  • If you want a sheer wash of gold on eyelids, use
    a fluffy blending brush. Fluffier the brush, less
    color it will take up.
  • On the other hand, for a denser and opaque
    application use a rigid flat brush.
  • Cream colors are versatile. These can be applied
    and blended conveniently by fingers.
  • Ideally, adding a fine wash of creamy gold to
    your brow bone helps.
  • End up by adding black eyeliner and mascara to
    avoid the washed out look.
  • You can also wear your favorite glosses as a
    standalone or over your deep wine lips.

One good thing about gold make-up is it suits
nearly all skin types, colors and ages.
However, you must apply gold makeup with care
to look chic. As one expert beautician put it,
If you want to look gorgeous in gold, there are
definitely some important rules.
  • Tip 1
  • First decide where you want to apply it. Ideally,
    restrict golden-make-ups to one or two areas only
    such as eyes and lips.
  • Tip 2
  • Choose the gold that suits you best. If your skin
    is pale, choose a pale shade of gold.
  • Tip 3
  • Never wear gold with other glittery make up. Too
    much glitter can look awful.
  • If you are over 40, apply less gold and that too
    with care. The reason is
  • Glittery makeup tends to collect in fine lines
    and wrinkles. So it is best to avoid applying to
    areas where there is a possibility for this to
  • If you are still not confident of gold working
    for you, start with gilt cream eye color or face

Make-up for lips and hands
  • For Gorgeous Lips - Dab a spot of gold over red
    lipstick and have a really good glare at you. If
    you feel subtle look suits you better, try golden
    powder color.
  • Hands Luckily, your hands are one location
    where anyone can wear gold with confidence. It is
    a color that looks splendid on both long and
    short nails.

On that all important day having a flawless
wedding makeup is incredibly important.
  • For best results hire a professional makeup
  • A professional artist through the use of
    highlighting, contouring, and color placement
    will create an appealing illusion of bony
  • The stylist will make up your eyes, so that it
    endures heat and humidity.
  • Will create strong jaw line and a proportioned
    mouth and balance out all features.

  • Needless to say, flawless wedding makeup needs a
    lot more deliberation than what people normally
  • Here are a few tips that should work well.
  • Less is more
  • Many of us think brides must wear more make up
    than usual to allow their features stand out in
    front of the camera. This is not correct because
    todays HD cameras pick up imperfections and
    caked make-up very well.
  • Lips, eyes and cheeks need balanced makeup. Do
    not aim at transforming yourself too much.
  • Choose formulas that last long
  • You will be meeting guests all day and dancing
    all night. Your wedding day is bound to be long
    and strenuous. Choose makeup products that need
    minimum touch up.

Gold and beauty have worked together since
ancient times
  • There is evidence of gold being added to skincare
    routines all through history. It is said that
    Cleopatra, the famous Egyptian queen, used gold
    faced masks to preserve her dreamlike beauty and
    flawless complexion.
  • There is also mention of Empresses in China using
    crushed gold in their skin care routine to
    enhance their beauty.
  • We all know that spas and major cosmetic brands
    across the world are now focusing on gold as an
    effective skin care treatment following the path
    of the ancients.
  • The cosmetic industry in the United States was
    close to a whopping 60 billion in value in
  • From mascara to nail polish, from your favorite
    glosses to eye shadows there is no shortage of
    products for you to choose from.
  • However, before you choose, make an effort to
    understand what you are paying for.
  • Your makeup budget must address what suits you

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