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Cloud Storage Services to Streamline Workload


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Title: Cloud Storage Services to Streamline Workload

Cloud Storage Services to Streamline Workload
Cutback IT Costs
Cloud Storage A Brief Outline
  • Cloud storage is a kind of data storage model,
    wherein files and documents are saved offline.
    Complete cloud architecture is managed and
    maintained by the third-party service provider.

Significance of Cloud Storage Services
  • Remote data storage services are gaining enough
    impetus in todays IT dependent business scenario
    owing to its multitude of business-uplifting
    attributes. It helps individual users and all
    size companies to accommodate their growing data
    needs without bearing hefty upfront costs. It
    acts as a central platform for all your data
    related needs.

Cloud Storage vs. Traditional Storage Platforms
  • Cloud storage has become one of the most
    preferred solutions for the businesses looking
    forward to bring all their unmanaged data into
    one platform. Lets check out some of the
    amicable features of cloud storage services that
    make it a preferred solution among all size
  • Cloud is a cluster of multiple servers, all
    working as a unit to accomplish dynamic business
    objectives. On the other hand, traditional
    storage platform such as hard disk, CDs, DVDs
    acts as an individual unit with fixed amount of
    data storage capacity.
  • Cloud is Scalable. Cloud storage services enable
    businesses to scale up/down the computing
    resources as per the surging data storage needs.
    On the contrary, conventional storage options are
    not at all scalable. Once you have reached the
    given limit, you have to look for a new external
    disk to store your data.
  • Cloud is Economical. In cloud storage, you dont
    have to procure or manage hardware resources.
    Here, cloud host manages all for you. Whereas in
    traditional storage platform, you need to buy
    extra components (hardware) to keep a pace with
    your growing data needs.

Cloud Storage vs. Traditional Storage Platforms
  • Cloud is Simple. In cloud storage, you dont
    have to undergo several set of steps to store
    your data. In just a few simple clicks, you can
    get started to store your mission-critical
    business or personal data. On the contrary,
    keeping your data in-house is not only intricate
    but also a very time-consuming activity.
  • Cloud is Highly Reliable. Keeping your files on
    the cloud enables companies to access their data
    from anywhere in the world. To put simply, cloud
    storage service provides flexibility to the
    end-users to access their files from anywhere
    with any Internet supportive device including
    desktops, laptops, smart phones, etc. On the
    other, this is one of the drawbacks of offline
    data storage solutions.
  • Data backup process is automatic in online data
    storage model. The files stored on cloud get
    replicated to multiple locations, curtailing data
    disaster scenario. In traditional storage, you
    have to keep a backup of all your copies every
    time you add something, which is quite
    complicated task.

  • Cloud enables organizations to take a quick
    insight of their data. Files can be easily
    managed and categorized as per the business
    priority. When compared to cloud storage,
    conventional cloud storage solutions are not easy
    to handle as you have to keep in mind on which
    disk you have save the data you are looking

Does Cloud Storage Platform Make Sense for All
Size Companies?
  • If reports are to be believed, cloud storage
    services are capable of meeting demands of all
    profile and size organizations.
  • Cloud storage services are highly economical
    when compared to traditional data storing
  • Cloud storage offers maximum uptime for your
    business-critical data, enabling end-users to
    access the files from anywhere in the world.
  • Cloud storage services are easy to subscribe,
    providing customized space to accommodate varying
    data needs
  • Cloud storage helps businesses to store all
    their data at one platform and manage it

Cloud Boosts Business Productivity and
  • Data stored online can be accessed from
    anywhere this is what makes cloud an optimal
    solution. You can store your files online, share
    it with your friends, colleagues, and employees
    with no need to rush to your office or home. You
    can access your files on any Internet compatible
    device, this in turn, augments business growth.
    Cloud eliminates the geographical boundaries
    enabling you to always be connected with your
    critical data all the time.

DataBaGG Best Cloud Storage Platform
  • DataBaGG is one of the avant-garde cloud storage
    solutions developed by experts using unmatched
    technology. It offers custom-built storage
    platform for all businesses and individual users.
  • Key Attributes of DataBaGG-
  • Automatic Synchronization
  • Automated Backups
  • Customized Storage Capacity
  • Global Access Quick Sharing
  • Stringent Security

Try before you buy
  • offers free 5 GB of cloud storage
    space, which enables you to explore the strong
    and weak points of our cloud storage platform.
    Once you get convinced, you can proceed to
    subscribe and enjoy uninterrupted network uptime.

Connect With Our Experts
  • If you have any queries related to our cloud
    storage platform, you can call us at
     1-888-885-4570, or visit

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