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Yoga Gives Your Life a New Direction


According to experts, yoga creates a deep impact not only on your physical and mental forms but also on all aspects of your life, including your behavior and thoughts. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Yoga Gives Your Life a New Direction

Yoga Gives Your Life a New Direction
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Yoga is a way of life. It is about the union of
mind and body. It considers the body and mind as
one entity.   According to experts, yoga creates
a deep impact not only on your physical and
mental forms but also on all aspects of your
life, including your behavior and thoughts.
This unique form of mindbody exercise originated
in the Asian country of India. Rishikesh, a holy
town of the Himalayas in North India is known as
the Yoga Capital of the World. The International
Yoga Festival 2015 starts on March 1 and ends on
March 7 at Parmath Niketan, Rishikesh.   Do you
know the Beatles visited this yoga capital in
1968 and were so impressed that they composed a
song Happy Rishikesh as an honor?
Experts say Yoga is not for everybody. It is
only for those who are willing to imbibe it.
Also, you must learn asanas or poses from trained
practitioners. Incorrect poses may lead to
Yoga is a life-altering experience, but it is not
a one-time experience. You must make it a part of
your life. Only then can you extract the maximum
According to yogis, Yoga is an 8-fold path.
Asanas are one part. Pranayama, which is a
breathing exercise, is another part. The next is
meditation. The other two are yama and niyama.
They are also known as the foundations of yoga.
They mean righteous living and having a certain
set of discipline in life.
Is Yoga Considered Strength Training?
Yoga is no body building exercise, but it is a
body- and mind-strengthening one. It increases
flexibility in your body and focus in your mind.
It introduces you to your spiritual self. It
helps to channel energy flow through the body. It
de-stresses the mind. When both these things
happen, the body is at ease. There is no
If you are looking to tone up for summer, include
yoga asanas and breathing exercises in your daily
workout. Believe it or not, yoga tones up your
body. It opens up blocked energy channels and
facilitates good body movement.   So, while you
swear by your squats, Pilates, the exercise ball,
dumbbells, treadmills, and more, you must also
bow to yoga.
Instead of asking, Is yoga considered strength
training exercise, try it. You will stop asking
and start feeling the amazing results. It is
glorious for improving body and mind health,
strength, fluidity of muscles, concentration of
the brain, and freshness of the entire you.   It
helps you take a new lease of life it makes room
for healing to flow. It empties you of depression
and fills you with enthusiasm.
Some people wrongly believe that yoga asks you to
eat boiled food or restrict your diet. You need
not even turn pure vegetarian. Enjoy your turkey
or steak but in a healthy manner. Relinquish
certain poisons from your life, such as soft
drinks, white sugar, white bread, white flour,
white rice, sugary drinks, and so on.   You can
still have pizza and cake but in moderation.
Schedule a day to treat your taste buds. Gorging
on junk food once a week is no problem. However,
as experts and those who practice yoga admit, as
you take up the yogic life, you yourselves will
find a diminishing interest in junk food.
  • Reasons to Quit Sugar for Life
  • Sugar is an unnecessary item in your diet.
    According to nutritionists, this is one edible
    thing that the body does not need at all. It is
    purely to delight your taste buds.
  • Sugar accelerates oxidation processes in the
    body. Oxidation is responsible for producing free
    radicals, which invite aging.
  • Your life is a sweet gift from God. Relish each
    moment, whether spicy, sweet, salty, sour, or
    bitter. You need no sugar!

Yoga offers a set of workouts for the whole
family. Age is no bar in this form of exercise.
From 10 to 60, this is for everybody who wants
to try. The beauty of yoga is that the whole
family can sit together and spare an hour or two
for connecting with their selves and the divine
power. This is the best way to kick-start your
day.   It is not wrong to say that the family
that does yoga together stays together!
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