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Introduction about restaurant industry – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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What is Waiter?
  • A professional waiting person regardless of their
    sex or place of employment.
  • Professional relates to a waiter who
    demonstrates both a positive hospitable attitude
    and the application of technical ability.
  • A waiter provides the services of food and
    beverages to the guests and
  • ensure that guests enjoy a satisfactory total
    dining experience.

  • Always remember
  • Guests have a right to professional service no
    matter how much they are spending.
  • Whatever the style of the establishment and
    whatever the style of service, the waiters job
    is to give customers satisfaction when they go
    out to eat or drink.

What is Hospitality?
  • The act or practice of being hospitable
  • The reception and entertainment of guests,
    visitors or strangers, with liberality and
  • Friendly and generous treatment and entertainment
    of guests or strangers
  • Receiving guests in a generous and cordial manner
  • Anticipating a guests desires and creating a
    pleasant or sustaining environment

What Hospitality means for a professional server?
  • Making eye contact with the guest
  • Anticipating a guests need based upon body
    language or facial expression
  • Adapting easily and unobtrusively to the needs of
    the guest
  • Aimed at creating a relaxing, positive experience
  • Constant concern for the welfare and enjoyment of
    the guest
  • Every action you perform needs to be genuine and
    sincere. Guests will know when you are NOT.

What Service means to a Professional Server?
  • The manner of presenting a meal to the guest
  • Group of dishes composing a given part of a meal,
    such as a tea service
  • Signify the utensils necessary to serve a
    particular part of the meal
  • Service in this sense would encompass the whole
    ensemble of objects used at the table linens,
    plates, glasses, silver, and hollowware

  1. Remarkable Service is Courteous, Friendly and
  2. Remarkable Service Instills Trust
  3. Remarkable Service Comes from Knowledgeable
  4. Remarkable Service depends on Effective
  5. Remarkable Service is Performed Efficiently
  6. Remarkable Service is Well-Timed
  7. Remarkable Service is Flexible
  8. Remarkable Service is Consistent
  9. Remarkable Service Exceeds Expectations

1.Remarkable Service is Courteous, Friendly and
  • You only have one chance to make a first
  • Guests make decisions within their first minute
    of contact with the restaurant
  • Good servers are attentive to the guests needs
  • Proper manners smooth uncertain social
    interactions, subconsciously informing people
    that they have nothing to fear

2. Remarkable Service Instills Trust
  • A state of trust must be maintained between the
    server and the guest
  • The guest needs to know that menu items are
    described accurately and that health and sanitary
    codes are being obeyed
  • When a restaurant presents a clean and neat
    appearance, it comforts guests by banishing their
    worries about the sanitary conditions in the

3. Remarkable Service Comes from Knowledgeable
  • Need to be knowledgeable about the menu the
    ingredients, preparation, and portion size of
    menu items, the wine list.
  • Also need to be knowledgeable about the upcoming
    events at the restaurant, transportation, points
    of interest and other services

4. Remarkable Service depends on Effective
  • Good servers must be able to communicate
    effectively with the guests as well as the rest
    of the restaurant staff
  • Recognize what guests need to know, and provide
    it in an unobtrusive manner
  • Adapt the communication styles to the situation
    and the guests to whom they are speaking
  • Recognizing nonverbal clues in guests behaviour

5. Remarkable Service is Performed Efficiently
  • More work can be done with less effort when it is
    done efficiently
  • Inefficient technique wastes the guests time as
    well as that of the servers
  • Never enter or leave the dining area with empty
  • Careful attention to mise-en-place, an
    intelligent economy of motion, and a cooperative
    attitude make the servers job easier to perform

6. Remarkable Service is Well-Timed
  • By providing the right items or services before
    the guests realize they need them
  • Properly timing the delivery of each course, a
    server guarantees that guests experience the food
    while it is fresh and at its ideal temperature.

7. Remarkable Service is Flexible
  • A good server recognizes that sometimes the rules
    must be bent a little in the interest of the
    overall quality of the guests dining experience

8. Remarkable Service is Consistent
  • Guests visit a restaurant the first time for many
    different reasons
  • They come back because they like the restaurant,
    its food and its service
  • Remarkable service can persuade a guest to come
    back to the restaurant
  • Remarkable service will bring repeat business

9. Remarkable Service Exceeds Expectations
  • While repeat customers expect the same level of
    service each time they visit, they will be less
    impressed each time
  • Remarkable servers are constantly seeking ways to
    better their performance, findings new ways to
    delight the guests
  • The best service is constantly
  • improving service

Personal Qualities of the Professional Server
  • Physical
  • The first impressions is important
  • The impression one can make is through the
  • Make it a positive one
  • The uniform is a badge of professionalism
  • and should be worn with pride
  • Good grooming is a must, every server
  • must have impeccable personal hygiene

Personal Qualities of the Professional Server
  • Behavioral
  • Need to have an ability to deal with people
  • Sincerity and maintaining a high level of
    personal concern is not always easy
  • It is important to remember that if you
  • can see the guests, the guests can see you.
  • So you should never let any bad days of yours
    being observed by the guests

Behavioral (cont)Personal Traits of a
professional servers
Personal Traits Descriptions
1. Attentiveness Professionals servers do not daydream at work, nor are they absentminded Must always be alert to the needs of the guests Station must never be left unattended Must have an ongoing knowledge of what is happening at each of the tables reading the tables. A servers eyes should constantly be surveying the tabletop, guests, stations, working area and others.
2. Politeness A server should be happy to assist in any area that relates to the customers comfort These includes opening doors helping guests with chairs, packages, coats adjusting the sound level of music giving directions assists in whatever and whenever necessary in a cordial and polite manner.
Behavioral (cont)Personal Traits of a
professional servers
Personal Traits Descriptions
3. Proficiency The professional server must be willing to work constantly at the expansion of their technical skills and multitasking abilities A skill is the development of proficiency in an art or craft and is improved by practice Examples moving through crowds with a tray of beverages, opening sparkling and still wines, executing elegant tableside preparations.
4. Dependability It is a sign of maturity and a desirable trait for individuals in any profession A person that can be relied on to accomplish what they promise, to be at work during agreed-upon hours, to fulfill commitments, to provide knowledgeable and smooth-flowing service.
Behavioral (cont)Personal Traits of a
professional servers
Personal Traits Descriptions
5. Economy Responsible in doing their share to keep costs down Minimizing waste the largest and most unnecessary expense in the industry Examples carefully handling and stacking china and glassware using glass racks of the correct size carrying no more than can be handled safely avoiding unnecessary soiling of linen making sure that all items served are included on the bill etc.
6. Efficiency Acting efficiently means getting the same work done, but with less effort and better results. The ability to catalog orders and plan trips to the kitchen and service area saves steps. The time saved by being organized can be spent on better serving the customer.
Behavioral (cont)Personal Traits of a
professional servers
Personal Traits Descriptions
7. Positivity A professional server maintains a happy and positive disposition, even amid chaos. A positive attitude makes one see all problems as opportunities to improve quality Positive people create an environment that is pleasant for everyone, including the guests.
8. Honesty It is an important trait for anyone, particularly an individual who is dealing with the public
9. Knowledge A good server is a good salesperson Must be knowledgeable in every aspects especially in their product line, service provided, information about surrounding areas and also any general informations required. Must be prepared to answer any questions asked by the guests.
Behavioral (cont)Personal Traits of a
professional servers
Personal Traits Descriptions
10. Loyalty Make an effort to obey regulations and behave positively toward the firm Maintaining high standards of quality Sense of proprietorship of belonging to, and ownership of, ones job work together for the common good, helping their fellow employees to consistently achieve the highest standards of service. Loyalty to the guest is also important to the development of repeat business.
11. Preparedness Always think ahead, have everything ready before service begins, putting off work that can be done in advance.
12. Productivity The ability to get the job done according to the standards and time stated. Always remember that excellent service is the first goal.
Behavioral (cont)Personal Traits of a
professional servers
Personal Traits Descriptions
13. Composure Service personnel should only speak concerning business, limiting their conversations with fellow workers to the job at hand. Service staff should always speak the language commonly used in the working place by using foreign language, you might give the guest the impression that you are talking about them.
14. Sensitivity The server must be sensitive to the needs of the guest, and adjust the pace of the meal accordingly. Understand if the guests want a quick and efficient service when they are in a hurry. Examples suggest food that can be prepared fast.
15. Tact The ability to say or do the right thing at the right time without offense to others.
Behavioral (cont)Personal Traits of a
professional servers
Personal Traits Descriptions
16. Persuasiveness Even before the actual service of the meal begins, the professional server must SELL the guest on what to order. Selling increases the check average therefore increases the restaurants profits and gratuities as well.
17. Willingness A willing server routinely does more than is expected helping coworkers, carrying an umbrella for guests as they walk back to their car, volunteering valuable feedback to management without being asked. Remarkable service exceeds expectations.
  • Service without hospitality is impersonal and
  • The skills of serving do not qualify as
    hospitality without sincere desire to provide for
    the guests.
  • A servers passion for remarkable service is
    developed by keeping the guests satisfaction
    with the total dining experience as a goal.