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Airbrushing And Spray Paint Art


You can learn more about these fascinating acrylic painting techniques at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Airbrushing And Spray Paint Art

Airbrushing And Spray Paint Art
Picture and imagery are some of the oldest and
most powerful ways of expressing meaningful
ideas, emotions and perceptions. To do great art,
you need both the skills and the right tools.
Your work will be enjoyed not only for its
aesthetic value and the depth of what is
expressed, but also for its relevance and
message. That's why it's always a great idea to
be aware of emerging trends and possibilities.
  For the traditional hair-brush painting
artist, it can be challenging to achieve fine
layers of wet color. Using a regular brush makes
this simple task unnecessarily difficult. For
example, to make the shining light around the sun
with a regular brush, we need to carefully apply
our color in even strokes. It can take serious
time and concentration to do it evenly. However,
with airbrush and spray paint art techniques, all
you need to do is press a nozzle or a button to
produce this effect perfectly in seconds, even on
top of still wet areas!
What do airbrushing and spray paint art have in
These two artistic styles have become very
popular in the last few years. They are both
forms of acrylic painting. Spray paint art,
basically uses aerosol cans to spray a fine,
controllable mist of color onto paper, canvas or
other surface. Airbrushing mainly involves using
air to propel acrylic colors. The air makes it
form a fine, smooth consistency, making it easy
to create as many flawlessly even layers as you
desire.   Spray paint art and airbrush have
historically used very different sets of acrylic
painting techniques, but now there is a new
bridge between the two! With a bit of
experimentation, one artist, Alisa Amor, found a
way to use spray-can skills with only a cheap
airbrush and safe, non-toxic, water based colors
resulting in some incredible new effects.   These
new airbrushing techniques include a cornucopia
of effects and tricks to create gorgeous
textures, trippy color combinations, natural
looking waves and clouds, realistic mountains and
rocks and many more possible uses. Every artist
should become aware of the possibilities these
basic acrylic painting techniques offer and add
them to their repertoire.  
Here are just a couple examples of what is
possible with an airbrush.
  • Newspaper as a brush Using a magazine of
    newspaper to drag colors over a surface to create
    different textures and shapes has been a staple
    of Mexican spray paint art for many years. It is
    now included as part of a suite techniques that
    allow one to create planets and landscapes in
    minutes. The technique is simple. After
    airbrushing your wet layers on paper, use a
    newspaper or magazine page to drag and add
  • Blowing your colors with air This is a
    technique that few artists use, but can create
    some very cool effects. It involves using air in
    the brush itself to blow paints over a surface
    and create some very natural looking effects. For
    example, you can create the foam on a wave,
    clouds and much more using this technique.

How do you do it?
When airbrushing, it is fun to start by laying
some basic background colors. You cannot do this
with most traditional airbrushes. They do not
release enough volume to create a wet, juicy
layer. To use these new acrylic painting
techniques, you will need a more industrial type
of brush called a quick change airbrush. Luckily
these kinds of brushes are very inexpensive and
can even be purchased at some large hardware
stores.   Once you create some layers, the next
step is to use pieces of newspaper to drag and
texture them. You might be making the mountains
of a landscape or creating the curl on a wave or
simply placing some gorgeous planets in your
universe. Each image requires a different use of
newspaper and layers of color.
How do you do it?
Airbrushing and spray painting techniques are a
great way of adding spice and interest to your
artwork. Every artist should at least become
familiar with the possibilities that using
pressured air offers. One of the most important
new aspects that these styles of painting
contribute is for artists to become proficient in
moving the layers around on your paper or canvas
with newspaper. Using paper as a sort of
adjustable brush is a fascinating new development
worth learning.   You can learn more about these
fascinating acrylic painting techniques at
Alisa Amor enjoys figuring out how to do spray
paint art techniques with an airbrush and
non-toxic water based acrylics. She loves helping
others find their own inner artist. With over 20
years of experience as a professional in these
fields, she has taught many artists how to enjoy
their creativity even more!
Address - 14 Forest Lane, Eureka Springs AR
72632 Mob - 914-261-4966 Website
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