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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: question 1

Magazine Construction
  • Tom loftus

Conventions intro
  • What you get on front covers

There are many conventions associated with the
modern music magazines of today. I am now going
to showcase the progression of completing my
music magazine clearly illustrating where my
magazine has followed these classic conventions,
or gone against these modern conventions and the
reasons behind this.
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Selling Line or Banner
Direct mode of address can appear in yer face,
serious, warm
Web-links? Ears?
Feature Article Photo
Cover Line
Secondary Lead
Menu Strip
Graphic Feature or Puff
Bar Code
Date Line
Creates a wacky, fun image, sharing an identity
with the reader that offers the independence of
indie music.
Cover page conventions
  • Firstly there are two main areas in which I have
    broke conventions of a modern magazine cover.
  • The first is that I have used white as a
    background in which people associate with dead
    space. I choose to do this as it adds/reinforces
    clarity and simplicity which is one of the main
    aspects of my music magazine.
  • Secondly is that my leads, kickers and heading
    aren't in block capitals I choose to break this
    convention as I think its appealing to a mature
    audience and easier to read.
  • Ways in which I have conformed to modern
    conventions are the use of direct mode of address
    and a medium shot in the photography fields this
    conforms to most modern magazines as it is meant
    to grab the audience.
  • I have also used the rule of thirds within my
    cover to create a sense of order this conforms to
    modern music magazine conventions.

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  • I have followed conventions very well within my
    double page spread.
  • I have used classic conventions of separating the
    page into ¾ image and ¼ text.
  • I have also separated my text into organized
    columns which is very popular within modern music
  • However I have broke conventions in a number of
    ways. One way in which I have broke convention is
    the use of a fact file box within my columns and
    the article itself this is seen rarely in modern

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  • I have broke convention again by using the white
    background as seen on my cover. However I think
    It works effectively as it contrasts against many
    colors and as there is a lot of information on
    this page all of the dead space is filled
  • I have however followed conventions by using the
    column segregation system as seen in many music
    magazines. I think this works well as it
    reinforces my magazines meaning of clarity and
  • I have also followed conventions with the use of
    subheading and using bold text. Many modern
    magazines feature sub heading as an effective way
    to differentiate topics within the magazine.
  • However you could say I have also broke
    conventions by using a wide variety of color
    within my contents page no other modern magazines
    really do this except for billboard. However I
    have put a twist on it by creating coloured
    segmented blocks and I think it really helps
    bring out my photographs and main articles.

Inspiration for music magazine article
I got inspiration for my article by blending many
subjects modern indie/hip hop magazines take on
board. Therefore I deiced to blend together a
Pete Doherty esc character and throw in modern
hip hop aspects e.g. obscene wealth and the
luxury party lifestyle. However I deiced to
conform to conventions by writing it in a relaxed
modern indie interview style with questions and
answers. I differentiated the questions by making
them bold and the answer in just normal text. I
also choose to make my article conform to a clear
and simplistic style by the use of frequent
paragraphs within the article itself.
Magazine Article
Hello, Winston its a great honour to have your
in our presence because I know youre so hard to
get hold of at the minute with all the touring,
recording and general craziness. Yeah cheers
buddy its a great honour to be interviewed by
clarity I mean Jesus Christ I used to read this
mag growing up. Right so where shall we begin.
How about your childhood what was that like just
as crazy as today or were you quite a normal
kid? Erm yeah I was born in the quietest normal
town in the uk man tiny country roads not much
civilisation haha. But at the age of about 10 we
moved from the town Guisborough to New York due
to my dad being a Wall Street broker and my
mother being a renegade street artist. This is
where I really started getting into music and
picking up instruments. So how was life in New
York as a kid and the contrast must have been
crazy compared to your hometown? Actually I only
lived in New York for a month after that my dad
became rather successful Im not saying for the
right reasons but we moved to a 28-bedroom house
in the Hamptons. Whoa man that house sounds
awesome. Yeah It had a tennis court, Jacuzzi,
cinema and so on but that didnt really bother me
not sure why I would kill for that stuff now
haha. So your father was a lot famous before you
where what was that like being followed by
paparazzi at a young age and always being in the
press? It had its ups and down like I always
remember being put to the front of the cue in
stores and getting the best seats for baseball
games. But then one of my earliest memories is
the FBI kicking our door down in the Hamptons and
arresting my father. So yeah it was kinda cool I
suppose hahaha cool thing to tell my friends at
school. Haha thats literally mental. Now how
about we talk about this infamous weekend you had
which often appears in the song lyrics of your
new music in the album casino creations? Yeah.
Where to begin. Right I had just spent two weeks
in New York recording the album and doing
modelling work for Burberry. But my tour was
about to start the day after the last day of
recording was booked so because I am so
unreliable my manager books a private jet all
payed for. Of course when your fly private you
say when you want to leave and theres no
checking in. so because I am flying private I get
about 12 friends to accompany me mostly girls I
think out the twelve there was four boys. One of
my friends on the jet is Leonardo DiCaprio so he
challenges me to a game of poker I accept
somewhere over the pacific he bet his Bugatti and
I lost one million in cash. Thats
surreal. Anyway we havent got to the crazy part
yet first three nights of the tour is the o2
arena London each night was sold out. I was
staying in the Ritz London classy place you
should check it out haha. Anyway I have a three
day rest over these nights which were Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday then flying into LA on the
Friday to perform at the house of blues which
was recorded for my live DVD but better news yet
I had Saturday off haha. So Im staying at the
Beverly Wilshire same hotel and suite as the one
in fucking pretty woman. Now the craziness starts
I wake at 700am drink about three mimosas which
is abnormal for me anyway waking up at seven that
is. I think to myself I want to drive a
Lamborghini to day so I go down to Christies
auction house auction starts at 830am great by
900am I had bought an ice white Lamborghini
Countach and a vintage Cartier gold bracelet. I
drive it our of the dealership and down rodeo
drive with all the high-end shops I think to
myself I want to spend money today but this isnt
good enough. I ring my long-time friend Tommy
Gates I tell him to book a private jet to Las
Vegas an hour away from Hollywood but still a
40,000 flight. So Im with tommy he brings about
eight girls and we got blacked out drunk on the
Magazine Article continued
Conclusion So to conclude my music magazine has
many aspects that conform to modern stereotypical
music magazine conventions. However I have put my
own unique style into these conventions and I
believe that the audience will be able to
recognize these conventions but also see how they
differ from other current music magazines.
Therefore the audience will be familiar with the
style but not bored as it has been approached
differently. There are also multiple areas In
which my magazine hasnt conformed to these
iconoclastic music magazine conventions. This
really makes my magazine stand out as it could be
seen as the dark horse in the modern music
magazine industry. And could also lead to
specualtion around my magazine being different
and therefore gaining mass popularity with an