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In Vitro Fertilization Process & Low Cost IVF India


We Care India is provides the Best IVF Treatment Procedure in India. We offers best and affordable In Vitro Fertilization Process & Cost. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: In Vitro Fertilization Process & Low Cost IVF India

IVF Treatment Procedure Fertilization Process
  • Almost 80 percent couples have a good chance of
    conceiving with 12 months of unprotected sex.
    However, if you are concerned that you may not be
    able to conceive or are having trouble, you can
    consult a doctor to help you understand what
    treatment or alternatives you must try. In order
    to conceive successfully, there are three
    conditions that need to be fulfilled-The sperm
    count and the mobility must be normal,

What is In Vitro Fertilization?
  • IVF is a very important treatment for infertility
    for couples who have tried all other assisted
    reproduction technologies. In this process, the
    egg is fertilized by a sperm outside the body.
    The term In Vitro is a Greek term which, when
    translated, means in glass. This process is
    primarily used to deal with female fertility
    issues. One of the major reasons for this
    procedure to be used is any problem with the
    fallopian tube. It I also used when the sperm
    quality of the partner is low resulting in lower
    chances of fertilization. In such cases, a donor
    sperm is used to fertilize the egg. Our well
    qualified Doctor's provides the best technology
    for IVF Treatment Procedures in Delhi, India. We
    provides our In Vitro Fertilization Treatment
    with affordable process and cost.

The Process of IVF
  • The process of IVF is comparatively expensive and
    is usually the last option after all other
    possible infertility treatment procedures. The
    process itself is quite simple and stress free.
    The first step is an ultra sound to determine the
    health of the fallopian tube hand the maturity of
    the egg. Maturity of the egg can also be
    determined with the help of blood tests.
    Following this, the follicular liquid is removed
    from the follicle for examination. Once an egg is
    found in one follicle, the process is repeated
    for all the follicles that are developing.
    Finding multiple eggs increases the chances of
    getting at least one healthy one for the actual

The process of IVF
  • The egg is then washed and placed at room
    temperature. Semen samples from the father are
    later collected and placed in the incubator in a
    separate tube. Once the egg has reached the right
    maturity, a droplet of semen is added to each
    test tube and then left in the incubator. The
    fertilized egg forms the pre-embryo of the
    zygote. Once the zygote divides into two or more
    cells, it is transferred into the uterus of the
    lady with a catheter. Two weeks after this
    embryo transfer, blood tests are conducted to
    determine if the embryo has been implanted
    successfully and whether the woman is pregnant or
  • The success rate of this procedure solely depends
    upon the health of the lady, the sperm quality
    and the health of the egg itself.

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