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About Wisdom Teeth Removal


Wisdom teeth needs to be removed only if it doesn’t come through properly. Know more about wisdom teeth removal here. Visit – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: About Wisdom Teeth Removal

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  • A man begins cutting his wisdom teeth the first
    time he bites off more than he can chew.
  • - Herb Caen

Wisdom Teeth An Insight
  • Wisdom teeth are third or final set of molars
    which one might get in their late teens or early
    twenties. Healthy and properly aligned wisdom
    teeth proves to be a valuable asset to the mouth.
    But, if it is misaligned, then it requires
  • Poorly aligned wisdom teeth can crowd and damage
    the neighbouring teeth, jawbone, or nerves.
  • Partially erupted or partially grown wisdom teeth
    harbours bacteria and cause infection leading to
    swelling, pain and general illness. This is
    because, the wisdom teeth are at the back and
    brushing and flossing becomes difficult.

  • Wisdom Teeth Removal
  • Ease or complication of wisdom teeth removal
    depends on the position of the teeth. If a wisdom
    tooth has fully erupted through the gum that it
    can be easily extracted as other tooth. But, if
    the wisdom tooth is underneath the gums, then it
    requires an incision.
  • The surrounding tissue will be numbed prior to
    tooth removal.

  • Recovery
  • The speed of recovery after wisdom teeth removal
    depends on the degree of complication involved
    during extraction. However, you can expect the
    following after tooth extraction
  • Bleeding
  • Facial Swelling
  • Restriction to liquid diet only

  • 24 Hours after Wisdom Tooth Removal
  • After treating the swelling with ice during the
    first 24 hours, apply moist warm towel on the
    affected area.
  • Rinse mouth with warm salt water
  • If you have stitches that are not self-dissolving
    type, visit your dentist after a week and get it

  • For wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, contact
    Emergency Dentist Australia
  • Ph. 1800 947 366
  • Website www.dentistemergencysydney.com
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