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The Rapture has Already Begun


The raising of the dead in Christ precedes the catching away of the living Church. the preaching of Salvation in Hell is the action by the Church that begins the process of Rapture. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Rapture has Already Begun


  • Has Already Begun!

I am not talking about the beginning of
  • I am talking about
  • the beginning of Rapture.
  • The beginning of the beginning.

Rapture begins the end-time cycle of Tribulation.
Tribulation is the time of restitution /
reconstitution that precedes the 1,00 year reign
of Jesus on the earth. It is the time when the
effects of sin on creation, which had been held
back by grace so that we could live, will be set
loose to restore the shalom / balance of
creation. God has held back a lot of the nasty
consequences of our actions and thinking. The
earth will break under the weight of our sins
just as it did in the time of Noah.
Jesus is Drawing Near
He Will Meet the Church in the Air
1 Thessalonians 4 13-17Examine this carefully.
13. I would not have you to be ignorant about
those who sleep in death 14 we believe that
those who sleep in Jesus will God bring with
Him. 15 we who are alive and remain until the
coming of the Lord shall not precede those who
sleep in death. 16. For the Lord Himself will
descend from Heaven and the dead in Christ shall
rise first. 17. Then we who are alive and remain
will be caught up together with them in the
clouds (KJV, Amplified)
The Dead in ChristShall Arise First1
Thessalonians 416
The Key concept is the Dead in Christ. The ones
Paul did not want us to be ignorant about.
How can they arise First if the Rapture happens
in the twinkling of an eye? There is no time for
first and second in an instant.
This refers to the rapture of those who are alive
and remain, the living Church, who are raptured
in an instant, not those who sleep in death in
Christ. God is bringing them.
Let us examine those who fall asleep in death who
arise first, in verse 13
Scripture tells us that to be absent from the
body Is to be present with the Lord. 2
Corinthians 58
Those who accepted Jesus while they lived,
therefore Must already be present with Jesus.
How can they arise to meet Him if they are
already with Him? They must be the ones God will
bring with Him referred to in verse 14.
The Dead in Christ who Arise first are those
who have already died,who belong to Jesusbut
who have never been presented with the
opportunityto hear Jesus offer of salvationand
accept it.
Those who sleep, who accepted Jesus while they
lived, will Descend from Heaven and accompany
  • Those who belong to Jesus but have not yet been
    presented with the gospel while they lived will
    Arise from Hell to meet Jesus in the air prior to
    the rapture of those Christians who are alive.

They will only Arise if the Church preaches the
Gospel to them in Hell and they accept it.
  • The preaching of Salvation in Hell is necessary
    to this aspect of the Rapture.

I will not lose one that the Father has given
MeJohn 639, 189
All souls Will be given the opportunity To come
to the knowledge of the truth. This is Gods
will! 1 Timothy 23-4
No Soul will slip through Jesus fingers
No one will be cheated of their right to hear
the Gospel
Jesus is not going to overlook any precious soul
just to suit our theology.
  • He will seek the damned in Hell just like He
    seeks the lost ones on the earth. He is the Good
    Shepherd. He has already defeated Hell. Now He is
    going to take the souls the Father has given Him
    from there.

If Jesus cannot save those who were cheated of
their opportunity to hear His offer of salvation
then He cannot be the only way to salvation as He
said He was.
  • If the plan for salvation in Jesus does not
    encompass every soul then it is unjust, not fair,
    a lie.

This is not some form of universal salvation.
That doctrine usurps the free-will of every soul.
It is not a doctrine of Love.
  • Gods Love seeks the Beloved regardless of their
    condition and offers all of Himself to the
  • in Jesus.

Gods Love is willing to be rejected by us.
  • That is the risk God is willing to take because
    love can only be reciprocated by a free choice of
    the will.

But God is NOT willing that any soul should
perish without coming to the knowledge of
salvation. 2 Peter 39, Hebrews 1026, 1 Timothy
  • Only AFTER we have received the knowledge of the
    Truth, and rejected it, can we be truly outside
    of the Love God offers us in Christ.

With the preaching of Salvation in Hell
  • The rapture has begun.
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