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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


We offer one of the best tile and grout cleanings in Dallas at an affordable price.Our carpet cleaning process leaves your carpet safely clean. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

  • Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Cyclonepro Services
  • ? Carpet Cleaning with Organic Pre-Treatment
  • ? Air Duct Cleaning
  • ? Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • ? Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing
  • ? Rug and Furniture Cleaning
  • ? Marble and Granite Polishing
  • ? Shower and Bathroom Restoration
  • ? Wood Floor Cleaning and Buffing
  • ? Power Washing
  • ? Vinyl or Linoleum Floor Cleaning
  • ? Window Cleaning
  • ? Commercial Floor Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning with Organic Pre-Treatment
  • Hire the highest rated carpet cleaning
    service in Plano, TX. Trained professional carpet
    cleaners, not sub-contractors,we use experience,
    powerful cleansers, and the biggest truck mounted
    steam cleaning machines in the Dallas metro to
    give you a cleaner carpet. The engines running
    our steam cleaning systems are the size of car
    engines so that means deep cleaning with heat.
    Cleaning agents break the bonds of dirt to carpet
    and powerful hot water extraction forces it out.
    Carpet is left clean, safe and without residue.
    Our carpet cleaning results are long lasting.
    Need more than carpet cleaned? We have over 10
    types of services to choose from for one stop
    shopping. Research customer reviews and check our
    A rating with the Better Business Bureau to know
    more about our accredited residential or
    commercial carpet cleaning company. 

Air Duct Cleaning
  • Professional air duct cleaning performed by
    a local Plano, Texas company since 2001. The
    National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA)
    refers to the ventilation duct system as the
    lungs of the home, taking air in and blowing air
    out. Indoor air contains dust, pollen and other
    pollutants that deposit themselves in the air
    conditioning and heating duct work. When dust or
    mold spores build up, it can irritate people who
    have allergies, sinus or respiratory problems.
    The contaminants can be safely cleaned with HVAC
    duct brushes to release dust and high powered
    contact vacuum to capture it. Our truck mounted
    system with specially made vent cleaning brushes
    and vacuums go as far as possible through the
    ducts, delivering the best air duct cleaning
    results. The dust and mold moves into our vacuum,
    out to our truck and out of your life.

Dryer Vent Cleaning
  •  Our dryer vent cleaning service has been
    unclogging ducts since 2001.Manufacturers of
    dryers recommend that dryer vents should be
    cleaned as often as once a year. It improves the
    safety and efficiency of the drying unit. We have
    seen a number of dryers with burnt out elements
    from a clogged dryer duct. Sometimes the dryer
    simply does not dry. The dryer can run for an
    hour and still not dry the clothes. In the worst
    cases, the highly flammable lint catches fire and
    the house is at risk of a devastating fire.
    Excess lint needs to be able to escape through
    the air flow, otherwise, it builds up and gets
    more thickly compacted. When clothes go through
    an entire cycle but when removed are still wet,
    you know you have a safety problem.

Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing
  • Plano, TX premier tile and grout cleaning.
    Introducing cutting edge technology that will
    produce clean floor results like never before.
    Dirty grout ruins the look of any surface. No
    more scrubbing on hands and knees. Tile and grout
    cleaning with our cleansers applied to tile and
    grout, our men scrubbing grout lines, then using
    powerful truck mount cleaning machines with STEAM
    will clean grout like no other method. We get
    great results on cleaning floors, stone,
    kitchens, countertops, backsplashes, showers,
    tubs, bathrooms, patios - anywhere that has tile
    and grout.

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