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Using Wordpress As A CMS For Creating Corporate Microsites


Why using WordPress as your CMS for designing your next corporate campaigns is the right choice, and how you can utilize microsites to their advantage. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Using Wordpress As A CMS For Creating Corporate Microsites

Using WordPress as a CMS for creating Corporate
- By K2B Solutions
Why using WordPress as your CMS for designing
your next corporate campaigns is the right
choice, and how you can utilize microsites to
their advantage?
  • Well, you may consider social media websites and
    other relevant methods as a solid platform to do
    that, however ultimately you will need to lead
    your prospects, somewhere. Where would that be?
    To your Website of-course! So, no matter how
    effective your presentations on these social
    media websites are, you also need an engaging and
    attractive website to complement your
    projections. Corporate websites are usually
    uninspiring and boring, which means that they are
    missing out on a lot of possible client
  • So, to cope with that you can opt towards the
    Microsite solution.

Microsite Whats It?
  • The microsite is a set of pages thats
    designed to support corporate websites by adding
    separate assets to the existing ones. These
    microsites can have their URLs with links
    (sub-domain) to the current domain or get unique
    one altogether.Example
  • Sub Domain
  • Unique Domain

  • The target of creating a microsite is to offer
    visitors a separate browsing experience from that
    of the main site usually for promotional
    purposes such as for product launches, event
    announcements, etc. This gives visitors an
    opportunity to experience a dedicated prospective
    of services being rendered without any other
    functional distractions.
  • To do this most people prefer using WordPress as
    their CMS, as it offers great flexibility via the
    numerous open sourced contents available on the
    web giving you a completely unique design. Also,
    in comparison with other popular alternatives
    this is a very cost effective tool that grants
    you a number of rich features, which makes it
    possible for quick and precise web designing and

How effective are these Wordpress Microsites?
  • While there may be numerous possibilities for
    using microsites, it is most common for
    corporates to take advantage of it, as it allows
    them to explore the untapped areas of their
    marketing strategies. Check out the following
    list to understand the various ways of using the
  • Launch of New Products
  • Campaigns for Direct Marketing
  • Pay Per Clicks
  • Contests Competitions
  • Market Researches
  • Recruitments Employee Outreaches
  • Event / Conference Promotions
  • Other Seasonal Promotions

Advantages of using the Microsites
  • As you now understand the primary focus of
    microsites, the advantages of using one seems
    pretty clear they help you focus your targets
    better considering different personas and
    demographics based on your services or products.
    Also, the marketers can better funnel visitors
    towards a particular service, rather than letting
    them be bothered by other irrelevant clusters.
  • Apart from these aspects and the uniquely
    customizable features they offer, a microsite can
    also be equipped with its own set of navigation
    tools. These navigation tools can by themselves
    work as your microsites unique feature if need
    be, and provide visitors a focus in the direction
    you would want them to have.

  • This ultimately allows the marketers to establish
    the brand better, and provide a venue for
    generating leads. As publishing different events
    or campaigns is done without making alterations
    to the main website this allows you to even
    experiment with new things.
  • Lets face it, the main reason for us to go
    through all this, is to create a focus on the
    Call-to-Action which would dynamically your
    revenue/clientele, community, etc.

  • Focusing on all these facts it must be clear
    that creating a Microsite is the ideal choice for
    all type of promotions, and using the WordPress
    to do that is the perfect combination.
  • We provide you with exactly that - a
    professional corporate microsite customized for
    your business. The designs entirely based on your
    requirements, with emphasizes to the following

  • Flexibility/Reliability
  • Rich Features
  • Customization to the Content
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Social Media Integration
  • Inexpensive Maintenance
  • These rare combinations make using WordPress for
    their microsites a pleasure, for all businesses.

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