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How To Resolve the QuickBooks Issues


This contains how to resolve your quickbooks issues. In the you will going to get the idea that how can you resolve the quickbooks issues. Through this you can easily solve the quickbooks issues. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: How To Resolve the QuickBooks Issues

10 QuickBooks issues and how to resolve them
Updating the data file fails
  • This can be very tricky. When you are updating
    QuickBooks from one version to the next,
    sometimes the earlier version's data file can't
    be read by the newer version. Because of this,
    the data file must be updated . usually this will
    happen during the installation process and will
    require you make a backup first. However, to
    avoid any issue wit the data files. make sure you
    run a verification on that file before you
    uninstall the old version or install the new
    version . Better yet, install the new version
    side by side with the old version so you will
    always have a fallback.

Rebuilding the data file fails
  • Sometimes verified data still wil not upgrade to
    the newer version . In this case you will have to
    go back to the older version and do a rebuild
    your data. for some users it's a easy task but
    when dealing with the file that holds the keys to
    the company's finance kingdom, others will
    hesitate. If the rebuild simply won't work, you
    might want to make sure that data file is located
    on the local machine. The data file be located on
    C\ drive. That means even if your data file is
    on the Q/ drive(Q drive on the local machine but
    shared, quickbooks thinks it's on a different
    drive). QuickBooks could have an issue with the
    rebuild. So before the rebuild copy the data file
    to the C\ drive. Do that rebuild and move the
    data file back where you need it.

You lose the connection to the data file
  • This probably the most common issue as well as
    the most challenging to troubleshoot. If their is
    the slightest hiccup in the network your
    connection can be lost. If you are sure that
    QuickBooks set up correctly , you might want to
    use the QuickBooks connections diagnostic tool to
    help you figure out what's going wrong. Also make
    sure that your computer firewall and your
    antivirus are following the connection through.

The reinstall fails
  • If you need to reinstall QuickBooks, Their is
    little something you not don't know about intuit
    i.e the clean uninstall. Before you do your
    reinstall , go ahead and uninstall using the
    standard windows uninstall methods. But you have
    to delete some directories-
  • 1. C\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooksXXX
    directory(where XXX is the release number)
  • 2. C\Windows\Users\Documents And
    Settings\Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooksXXX
    directories(where XXX is the release number)

QuickBooks run slowly in multi-user mode
  • In this issue your QuickBooks run slowly in
    multi-user mode. You can use clean up tools to
    boost the speed of your QuickBooks on the
    multi-user mode. If your QuickBooks speed is not
    increase by the tools then you can always turn
    off the Audit Trial feature.

QuickBooks client machine cant locate the data
file on the server
  • The first thing to do here is to make sure that
    the server manager is installed on the server
    machine. If it is not then map the drive to the
    server from the client and try to connect that
    way. If you can see the server from the client,
    the issue is that the server manager is not

You cant find the licensing information
  • If you have lost your documentation and can't
    find your license/product numbers. You can locate
    them by hitting either F2 or ctrl1 when
    QuickBooks is open. But you can't find your
    validation code. If you have to reinstall, you
    will have to register and then you can save the
    hint for your validation code.

A new printer wont print
  • This one is simple but still flummoxes users all
    the time.
  • Close QuickBooks.
  • Search for the qbprint.qbp.
  • Rename qbprint.qbp to qbprint.qbp.old.
  • Restart QuickBooks and printing should work.

You have lost the admin password
  • If you lost your admin password or may be you are
    a new administrator coming into a tricky
    situation where you the old admin didn't leave
    the password. You can recover that password by
    using the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset
    Tool. It is not 100 percent foolproof but it
    works most times.

You have lost the admin password
  • Have you ever tried to copy the QuickBooks data
    files from your hard drive to removable drive for
    back up purpose may be. You found that the file
    is locked. To unlock the QuickBooks data files
    first you have to click on Start Run, enter
    sevices.msc, look for the QuickBooks and stop it.
    Once the services are stops then you should be
    able to copy and paste that file.

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