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Security In Schools


The security measures don’t end here. Better concerns have the best results. So regarding these security measures School Security is to be avoided in some extends. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Security In Schools

  • Security Concerns In Schools

  • One of the biggest obstacles keeping schools from
    achieving a secure environment is the big D
    also known as Denial.
  • Fortunately, parents insistent upon tighter
    security measures are raising awareness and
    officials have no choice but to re-think security

  • 10 Practical Things Parents Can Do to Assess
    School Security
  • Ask your child about safety in his or her school.
  • Identify comfort levels and methods for reporting
    safety concerns
  • Examine access to your school
  • Find out if your school has policies and
    procedures on security and emergency
  • Determine if your school has a living school
    safety team, safety plan and ongoing process, as
    well as a school crisis team and school
    emergency/crisis preparedness guidelines. 
  • Inquire with school and public safety officials
    as to whether school officials use internal
    security specialists and outside public safety
    resources to develop safety plans and crisis

  • Ask if school emergency/crisis guidelines are
    tested and exercised.
  • Determine whether school employees, including
    support personnel, have received training on
    school security and crisis preparedness issues.
  • Find out if school officials use outside
    resources and sources in their ongoing school
    safety assessments.
  • Honestly evaluate whether you, as a parent, are
    doing your part in making schools safe.

Some Technologies that are basically Concerns
for Security in Schools
  • In spring 1996, Sandia scientists advised Belen
    High School administrators, parents, teachers,
    and students on technologies and approaches that
    would most effectively address a variety of
    problems at the school, then helped implement the
    changes over the summer.
  • By the following summer the school reported a 90
    percent decrease in vandalism and theft, 75
    percent fewer fights on campus, and 95 percent
    fewer false fire alarms, among other
  • Sandia has conducted similar vulnerability
    assessments at dozens of other New Mexico schools
    as well.

The Major technology included in Safety on the
school Are-
  • School Bus Tracking
  • School Bus Attendance System
  • Smart Card Solution

School Bus Tracking
  • The best way to assure school childrens safety
    while travelling in the school vehicle is to
    employ the real-time GPS School Bus Tracking
  • It is a convenient solution that can be accessed
    through your personal computer or your mobile
  • There are many benefits to this software apart
    from real-time location tracking.
  • It helps in driver management, fleet management,
    reduces expenditure, and provides convenience for
    both parents and school management.
  • As a system, the GPS School Bus Tracking Software
    works with amazing accuracy and reliability.

School Bus Tracking
School Bus Attendance System
The School Bus Attendance software was created to
tackle these issues with modern day technologies
such as GPS and RFID. The Main Features Of this
devices are -
  • RFID tag reader and GPS tracking included n the
    same device.
  • GPS tracker and RFID reader together provide
    School Bus Attendance.
  • From casing to PCB and components on it, this
    device uses industry grade materials
  • Portability. As all the features are included in
    a box, the device is portable and easy to
  • Compactly designed and conveniently sized, so
    that it doesnt consume much space.

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Smart Card Solution
  • Real time information about Student Vehicles
  • Providing GPS safety and security to vehicles and
  • Automated SMS alerts to Parents
  • Generate various MIS Reports
  • Students, Parents, Vehicles and Driver data can
    be stored

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  • The security measures dont end here.
  • Better concerns have the best results.
  • So regarding these security measures school
  • security is to be avoided in some extend.

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