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Preschool Maths Coaching in Singapore


Preschool Maths at Ei Maths, Singapore. We engage students with different fun activities and video games which can enhance their will power to grasp the concepts of mathematics. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Preschool Maths Coaching in Singapore

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is unique about program?
  • Spiral Curriculum Approach
  • self taught ability, active independent
    learning habits.
  • Structure workbooks
  • mathematical processing skills, challenging
    problem solving.
  • Activities using manipulatives tools
  • provide concrete-pictorial-abstract development
    of concepts. Skills development thru hands-on

2. What is the difference between
and other Mathematics program?
  • Curriculum includes a combination of both
    Creative Thinking and Problem Solving skills.
  • Syllabus are aligned with topics require to be
    covered by MOE.
  • Personalise learning materials to train
    independent thinking skills.

3. What are the Mathematical skills covered in
the program?
  • Numerical calculation
  • Logic reasoning
  • Life application
  • Visualisation
  • Observation
  • Judgment
  • Combination Thinking

4. What are the Heuristics Problem Solving skills
covered in the program?
  • Work backwards
  • Restate the problem
  • Before and After
  • Repeated Identity
  • Guess and Check
  • List a table
  • Pattern

5. Why is there a need to perform a diagnostic
test upon enrollemt?
  • The program has 40 books in a year. We need to
    assess the mathematical ability of the child
    before deciding on which level of entry is
  • We focus on bridging an individual childs
    learning gap in Mathematics instead of a one size
    fits all approach.

6. What is the purposes of the hands on
  • Other than computation skills in the learning of
    Mathematics, there many other thinking skills, as
    stated earlier that are important.
  • The activities are a series of structure games
    to motivate the students to play or work on
    such that the various thinking skills can be

7. Are the number of pages in the books
  • Over-emphasizing on procedural skills without
    understanding the underlying mathematics
    principles (rote learning) will kill interest in
    the learning of Mathematics.
  • The number of pages in the books are sufficient
    to achieve optimum learning in the child.

8. How can my child learn if there is no white
board teaching?
  • Students do not learn to think better by simply
    hearing correct answers or passive teaching from
    the Instructor. They will only think when the
    Instructor ask them a question.
  • Though our questions posing techniques, students
    discover and explore mathematics concepts,
    develop interest and confidence in solving
    Mathematics problems.
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