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Ancient Egyptian Pyramids - Mystery of Egypt


When one thinks of Egypt it is hard to do so without seeing the pyramids in the mind's eye. These piles of limestone or mud brick are the oldest known manmade structures on our planet.See more: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Ancient Egyptian Pyramids - Mystery of Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids - Mystery of Egypt
When one thinks of Egypt it is hard to do so
without seeing the pyramids of Giza in the mind's
eye. These piles of limestone or mud brick are
the oldest known manmade structures on our planet
and have actually survived longer in the period
known as BCE (before the common era) than they
have in CE (the common era). Since the dawn of
recorded history they have been an enigma, and
this continues through to the present day, with
more books and papers being written about them
than any of the other ancient monuments in Egypt.
Library shelves, throughout the world, are full
of the various theories about how they were
built, why they were built, and why they are
located in certain places and the full gambit of
writing is used in these theories from the well
researched and referenced volumes, to the ones
which, quite frankly, deserve to be in either the
science-fiction sections or the children's ones.
Pyramids of Egypt
Pyramid of Sakkara
Saqqara is one of the most extensive
archaeological sites in Egypt! It was the
cemetery for Memphis, the capital of Ancient
Egypt, yet it is still one of the virgin
archaeological sites, despite the fact that so
much has already been found here!
Pyramids of Giza
Among the major tourist sites, there is only one
considered to be The major and on top of any
list - are the Pyramids of Giza. There are three
main Pyramids here, which were built in the 4th
Dynasty (circa 2550 B.C). The Pyramids of Ancient
Egypt were built as tombs for Kings (and Queens),
and it was the exclusive privilege to have a
Pyramid tomb. However, this tradition only
applied in the Old and Middle Kingdoms. Today
there are more than 93 Pyramids in Egypt the
most famous ones are those at Giza.
Pyramids of Giza
Pyramid of Meidum
Meidum Pyramid is located 65 Km to the south of
Sakkara. To visit to it you simply drive along
the road that takes you to Sakkara, go pass that
site, and continue straight on for about an hour
until you see the Pyramid. There is another way
to reach Meidum that is a little longer, but a
lot faster. You take the road to the Fayoum Oasis
and then join the Assyut desert road. After about
77Km you will see the Pyramid on your left
side. There is an admission fee of 25 LE.
Pyramid of Dahshour
The Pyramids of Dahshour always evoke in us a
great part of the history of Ancient Egypt.
Although this area is not a major tourist site,
like the Giza Plateau, it seems to me like a
wonderful book, which tells us great, glorious,
events of Ancient Egyptian History. Dahshour is
one of the most important cemeteries, which
belonged to the vast necropolis of the great
Ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis.
Pyramids of Abusir
In Abu sir there are total of about 14 pyramids
in this site. The pyramids belong to the fourth
dynasty Abusir is located at a 2.5 KM to the
north of Sakkara and about 12 Km south of the
pyramids of Giza.
Pyramids of El_Lisht
This pyramid is built by Amenmehat I ? who
changed the governing system of Egypt to be more
centralized, ?Amenmehat I changed the capital of
Egypt from Thebes where his ancestors ruled in
?the South and established a new city that was
situated somewhere to the North to be ?in the
middle between Upper Egypt in the South and Lower
Egypt in the North. ?
Pyramids of Hawara
The Pyramid of Hawara near the Fayoum was
constructed by Amenmehat III, the sixth Pharaoh
of the 12th dynasty of the Old Kingdom of ancient
Egypt around 1850 BC.
Pyramids of Abu Rawash
The pyramids belongs to Djedefre who reigned at
the fourth dynasty after king khufu. The king
reigned for about 8 years in total. His pyramid
is in a very ruined condition today. The pyramid
itself has a massive 49m channel cut into the
bedrock to a 20m deep shaft.
Pyramid of Lahoun
The site of El - Lahoun is the southernmost
pyramid structure in Egypt. Its builders reduced
the amount of work necessary to construct it by
ingeniously using as its foundation and core a 12
meter high natural limestone hill. The pyramid
core is composed of cross walls of limestone over
knoll of rock (3 courses are seen to the left,
the lower 2 are covered with the lower 2 are
covered with hornet mud nests). Binding the
bricks together are small amounts of mortar and a
filling of sand.
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