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International Mail Forwarding: A Look at the Options, Costs, and Advantages


Using an international mail forwarding service helps consumers protect their identity and financial information while overseas and ensures they get all of their mail and packages in a timely manner. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: International Mail Forwarding: A Look at the Options, Costs, and Advantages

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  • Although people are communicating more and more
    by email today, paper mail and packages are still
    frequently delivered the old fashioned way via a
  • International mail forwarding ensures that when
    youre out of the country, whether temporarily or
    permanently, you wont miss important mail items
    and packages.

  • When mail doesnt reach you, your identity and
    financial information could be compromised.
  • You dont want your personal information
    circulating in the mail with no final destination
    and being returned to sender while youre abroad.
  • An international mail forwarding service will
    ensure you receive all of your paper mail and
    packages and reduce the likelihood that your
    personal and financial information will end up in
    the wrong hands.

  • Mail forwarding companies typical offer a
    subscription-type service at different levels
    (e.g. Silver, Gold, Platinum).
  • You can choose a monthly subscription option or
    an annual subscription, for added savings.
  • Typically a subscription service will include
    features like package tracking and may offer
    additional services like personal shopping and
    extra scan services, for additional fees.

  • Look for an international mail service provider
  • Helps you set up forwarding on a predetermined
  • Provides document scanning options and sends you
    clear photos of packages and labels, enabling you
    to reject anything you dont want to be forwarded
  • Consolidates your items into one larger
    shipment, as per your instructions
  • You can choose the amount of time you want items
    to be kept in storage before shredding or

  • Your mail contains confidential, private, even
    sensitive information, making it important to
    protect your personal information.
  • When searching for a mail forwarding service,
    look for a provider with
  • An established history and excellent reputation
    in the industry.
  • A solid connection to delivery networks around
    the world.
  • Total online functionality, allowing you to
    manage your account, change delivery frequency as
    needed, and receive daily email messages with
    status and inventory updates.

  • Once youve chosen a basic plan you may consider
    adding on some additional services, including
  • Digital mail consolidation, wherein mail is
    received and sorted, then converted to digital
    formats, merged, and stored safely online where
    you can instantly access it.
  • Shipping services for purchases from retail
    stores that do not offer international shipping
    (both online and brick-and-mortar).
  • You may consider establishing more than one U.S.
    address through your mail forwarder, which will
    allow you to receive mail from specific sources
    using different addresses of origin.

  • Setting up a subscription plan is among the most
    cost-effective ways to have your mail forwarded
    internationally. Review all of your plan options
    and the list of services included with each plan
  • Some vendors will charge additional fees for
  • Shipping additional documents and packages over a
    set maximum
  • Separate or expedited shipping of selected items
  • Exchange rate change

  • Who pays customs duty fees in the receiving
    country, the mail service provider or the
    customer? How do I go about calculating costs and
    paying customs?
  • Are your fees based on U.S. exchange rates at the
    time I start my subscription? Do they change with
    fluctuating currency exchange rates?
  • What additional fees do you charge if I receive
    more packages or letters per month than my basic
    plan allows?
  • Do you offer repackaging before shipping, and are
    there additional fees for this service?

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    world with mail and package consolidation and
    forwarding. Our reputation is built on a long
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