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How create gmail account - Hotmail login account help


If you want sign in gmail, here we explain different way to create account and access to work proffesional and your company can be the best. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How create gmail account - Hotmail login account help

  • As we know and have seen, Outlook offers several
    security tools if we mean. One such tool is the
    two-step verification. Basically, this tool makes
    it hard for any hacker who wants to steal our
    password. Outlook works as follows When we go to
    our mail repeatedly from the same team recognize it as safe, but, as we
    enter from any other computer, will consider it
    unreliable and will require you to enter a bonus
    code in addition the traditional password.

  • Then we will see now how to activate this useful
    tool. We begin in Hotmail Login Sign in or and now list the tasks to follow a
    few simple steps 1 After logging in, once inside
    the inbox, you click on our name or account name
    and then we click on "Account Settings". 2 Then
    another page will open and there select "Security
    Information", then click "Set up two-step
    verification." 3 Then, prior to the configuration
    page is displayed. We can note that it is
    important to verify that the security information
    is current before proceeding.

  • That is, we can usually enter the alternative
    that we provide to in yahoo create
    account communicate with us. If we have added a
    phone number as a means of communication, check
    that this works. 4 Next, we will display the page
    where we have to choose the means by which we send the security code. Then,
    displaying the arrow of the first field, we can
    choose between "Application authenticator",
    "Phone" or "alternate email address".

  • We except in the authenticator application
    because it only works on smartphones. So we will
    have it somewhat an app that generates security
    codes. In case you choose a phone number or
    alternate email address, we will enter the
    necessary information to receive our security
    code. Finally, when we start back in from an
    untrusted computer asked us to move
    the password and then, we require the security

  • Learn how to use a very useful feature in
    Outlook "Undo"
  • While it has long since been included in the
    Outlook or gmail sign in login interface undo
    button, allowing us correct a mistake, it is
    sometimes easy to fix but our session may be open
    forbid. Although only the case of a small button,
    this feature can save a lot of time, one must
    know how to use it. Basically turns out to be
    simple, since we have such button visible in most
    sections of our internal Outlook account.

  • Then it's just a matter of simply clicking on the
    button and we will be back to where we were
    before, for example, delete a contact, delete a
    message or other actions that we can do on our
    own. Our bill will take care of us know when we
    can use the button. The same, it is always
    disabled that we have not done anything.

  • The moment we start and create hotmail account
    the session is inactive and we shall be changed
    to enabled when perform some task, such as
    sending a message received from our inbox to
    another folder, etc. So if we want to undo the
    action, only we do Click Undo. It is a feature
    found in programs such as Office and the idea is
    the same, undo anything we've ever done that we
    have not kept up with other actions.
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