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sap crm online training in sweden,denmark,delhi,bangalore

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Title: sap crm online training in sweden,denmark,delhi,bangalore

Why Customer Relationship Management for
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Competitive advantage
  • In the past we had 3 aspects of competition- time
    , costs and quality
  • Less costly more profitable to maintain a
    relationship with an existing customer
  • CRM concepts allow the purchaser to offer
    additional services that are valued by the
  • Customers can choose from many alternative
  • This increase in the number of products, models
    and types increases the pressure on companies to
    include greater flexibility responsiveness in
    their internal processes and performance levels.

Software solutions for CRM
  1. Operative CRM - improves and automates business
    processes in marketing, sales service
  2. Analytical CRM - prepare, support, optimize
    customer-oriented decision processes based on a
    customer database
  3. Cross-company CRM enables long-term cooperation
    between the company and its business partners
    (direct sales/ Channel Management)

One size does not fit all
  • There is not only one CRM solution that can be
    applied to all industries
  • Who is the customer?
  • What does he want?
  • What does the company want to achieve?

  • 1 Interaction channels-multi channel
  • 2. Extended Sales Scenarios- usage based billing
  • 3. Extended after salescustomer service
    scenarios- warranty, sub-contracting, rotables
  • 4.The influence of mobile devices-real-time
    connections are still not available
  • 5. Service level monitoring- service level
    agreements (SLAs)
  • 6. Real-time connection to customer
    installations- expensive scenario
  • 7. Loyalty Reward- systems for rewarding
    customer royalty (telephony, courier service,
    credit cards, airlines)
  • 8. Future of CRM- more data for customer and his

2. Structuring of Industry solutions
  • 2.1 Many of the goals of CRM are
    cross-industry(new customers or increasing
  • 2.2 Industry classification by NACE european
    mandatory statistical classification of economic

NACE segment Economic sectors contained Examples
A,B Agriculture forestry,fisheries fish farming Arable farming, fishing
C Mining,oil gas, stone earth quarrying Coal mining, oil recovery
D Processing industries Food industry, tobacco, textiles,, paper, chemicals industry Weaving, beverage manufacturing, instrument making
E Energy water supply Energy, water, gas suppliers
2.3 Industry Sector Classification for Software
SAP Industry solutions NACE Sectors NACE Sectors NACE Sectors NACE Sectors NACE Sectors NACE Sectors
SAP Industry solutions A B C D E F
Cross-industry mySAP CRM X X X X X X
SAP for aerospace X X
SAP Automotive X
SAP Banking
3. Software solutions for CRM in industries
  • CRM software solutions must offer substantial
    analytical functions that enable the continual
    monitoring of all customer relationship measures
  • It should be possible to structure sales areas
    hierarchically according to user-defined grouping
  • 3.1 Business partner
  • Pan-Enterprise Partner Relationships using many
    different partners for various task groups
  • 3.2 Industry specific products and services
  • 3.2.1Industry specific business processes-
    Splitting work processes into smaller units
    provides benefits of specialization,but the tasks
    are no longer transparent.

Industry specific approaches to satisfying
requirements of consumers along the hierarchy of
Leisure industry, sport facility operators,
Car brands, high-tech gadgets, luxury goods
Telecomm, postal system, publishers,
Public authorities, national defense, pension
schemes, hospitals
Consumer products, estate agents, clothing
industry, utilities, construction industry
Customer related business progress with SAP
  • 1. Each enterprise has individual requirements-
    basic solution from a respectable manufacturer
  • 2. Structure of SAP industry solutions
  • 23 Industry solutions
  • SAP solution maps with example of the consumer
    products industry
  • To provide a quick overview of the processes and
    functions of all industry business scenarios and
    display graphically the details

Solution map
3.1 From industry specific to enterprise specific
  • SAP NETWeaver- provides prerequisites for the
    creation, composition and operation of
    company-specific solutions.
  • SAP Enterprise Portal- offers each user a
    role-dependent central point of access for
  • SAP Mobile Business- enables mobile devices to
    access the applications of mySAP Business suite
  • SAP Business Information Warehouse ( SAP BW)-
    analyzes structured business data,products,busines
    s transaction data.
  • SAP Knowledge Management (KM) intgrated in the
    SAP EP- objects are indexed and classified and
    stored in various formats at various locations in
    the company.
  • SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI)-is the basis of
    the SAP MASTER DATA MANAGEMENT (MDM) enables the
    standards-based and open, process-oriented
    integration of components (queuing, mapping,
    recipient determination, routing and monitoring
    of collaborative processes)
  • SAP Solution Manager- supports implementation
    operation of the solution made from the SAP
    components, offers tools for planning execution
    of SAP implementation projects

Fine-Tuning of Business Processes by configuration
  • The main functionality of SAP software solutions
    can be customized in 3 ways
  • 1 Customizing settings
  • 2 Using interface configuration
  • 3. Enhancement of business objects with
    additional attributes
  • The CRM business objects can be enhanced by
    marketing attributes
  • From a technical point of view marketing
    attributes are additional fields that are
    generated for the business partner object before
    being made available to mobile devices

3.2 Flexible Enhancement with composite
  • The goal of CA is to implement additional
    business processes quickly and flexibly by
    leveraging existing investments for the company.
  • This is done by using the functionality of
    already existing applications.
  • SAP Composite application framework(CAF)- offers
    an abstraction layer with an environment for
    development and execution of composite

3.3 Outlook for the following chapters
The industries are divided according to their CRM
requirements Many demands made on CRM affect
more than 1 industry
4. Manufacturing industries
  • 4.1 Automotive industry requirements
  • Faultless vehicle, equipped and configured
    according to the needs
  • Services such as after-sales services, breakdown
    services or mobility guarantees
  • Financial service, installment purchase plans,
  • A certain brand image,so that it represents a
  • Marketing- make sure the products stand out from
    the competition. Different customer,different
  • 4.1.1 Transition from Make-to-stock production to
    make-to-order production
  • Make-to-stock production- common in the USA- the
    dealer checks if there is a suitable vehicle if
    not he if there is a planned configuration
  • Make-to-order -

Individual object
  • A product or model with a uniquely identifiable
    instance, for example,truck/car/motorcycle/tractor
    /bus which has a unique registration number. This
    enables to track vehicle-specific info
  • The IB is not only used the automotive industry
    washing machines with manufacturing info,
    buildings with their apartments and the
    location,size, number of rooms

Object family
Attribute set
Van Car Truck
Basic Technical Data
Type Engine Transmission
History of individual objects
  • Event history shows who created the event, when
    it was created, what type it is
  • Attribute history all changes made to the
    object itself
  • Partner history- shows how the business partners
    for an individual object has changed throughout
    its lifetime
  • Counter history displays counter readings

Interaction center
  • It is central interaction channel where business
    transactions are processed by phone, email, fax
    or web chat.
  • Functions for automotive industry
  • Registration of customer requests processing of
  • Checking all business-partner/vehicle
  • Customer interaction in service,sales or
    marketing activities
  • Finding solutions in the solution database, to
    anser queries directly
  • Forwarding inquiries to the responsible
    departments areas
  • Checking updating vehicle-related warranty
    contact info
  • Entering,processing problem messages, complaints
  • Selling spare parts
  • Updating customer relationships

Critical success factors for CRM implementation
  • What is the goal of the project? To increase
    customer satisfaction? Do new customers need to
    be found or should the company identify valuable
    customer relationships?
  • Companies should focus on integrating strategy,
    processes and technology. CRM software does not
    solve problems of badly organized CRM processes.

Selection of important customer-oriented business
Business Scenario Short Description
Campaign mgt Optimization of running a campaign form the market analisis to the results check
Lead mgt Automation of pre-sales steps Focus on most promising purchasers sales possibilites
Customer segmentation Personalizing the range of products services offered
Service order processing Support processes in the service area,taking account of inquiries quotations, order creation, spare parts planning
Mgt of services on contractual warranty bases Special requirements extension of service order
Spare parts procurement Functions to sell spare parts based on service processing
Leasing Supports the leasing process,contract mgt,changing current leasing agreements
Interaction center for the automotive industry Grouping info about customers,vehicles parts, customer enquiries,claims, return calls
Relationship network
Marketing campaigns with effectiveness reviews
  • It is important to target customers individually,
    existing customers are the easiest to target
  • Email campaign done by the Marketing manager
  • planning the marketing campaign
  • Determining the target group- grouped by selected
  • Executing the marketing campaing
  • Conducting the follow-up activities
  • Analyzing the campaign success- number of users
    upgraded, activities/revenue

Consumer Products Industry
Supply Production Distribution
Business to consumer (B2C) Business 2 Business
Supplier of Raw/ Packaging Material
Retail Grocery/ Mass Merchandiser
Consumer Products Company
Supplier of services
  • 7.1.1 Brand Products the significance of
  • The clever use of advertising PR plays a major
  • Lack of transparency in Marketing Sales
  • Growing number of singles, graphic circumstances,
  • Difficult to analyze the success of specific
    advertising measures

SAP for consumer products
  • Marketing- evaluations analyses offer marketing
    mgrs an overview of market share,sales,
    familiarity of a brand compared to that of its
  • Use this info to plan in advance retail
    promotions,marketing events etc
  • Account mgt- access to all relevant customer
    info. Customers are assigned to representatives
    or sales employees to help to plan,start, log
    activities for the account,check order
    receipts,promotions,trade fairs
  • Category mgt- planning optimizing the
    presentation of their products on site,
    merchandise of product category.

SAP Trade promotion MGT
  • Avarage 23 of the annual sales marketing.
  • -planning strategies activities in MS
  • -analysis evaluation tools for campaigns
    trade promotions
  • -mobile laptop solution
  • -fully automatic integrated mgt of all
    logistics processes
  • -integration of mySAP ERP SCM to plan cover
    additional requirements for a promotion
  • -role-based access using the SAP enterprise portal

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