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Good Grant writer Are Great Demand

Description: - A grant writer is a specialist writer who concentrates on writing applications for grants for organisations, government bodies and more. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Good Grant writer Are Great Demand

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Should you pay for a grant writer? 
  • The art of grant writing is really an overlooked
    skill. Many people think they can be a grant
    writer just by picking up a pen or these days in
    using a keyboard.
  • Essentially if your organisation or business
    wants to lodge grant submissions either you have
    to have the skills in-house, you have to pay for
    a grant writer on a casual basis, you have to
    hire a full time or a regular grant writer or
    find a grant writer who will undertake the work
    for free.

Developing in-house skills
  • Grant writing is an easy skill to pick up. It is
    just a matter of filling out a form and writing a
    story about your project right?
  • Effective grant writing requires a strategic
    approach, you need to be able to identify
    available opportunities for starters, you then
    have develop your project concepts to make them
    more fundable.
  • There are a myriad of other issues to consider
    such as organising referees, developing budgets,
    coordinating partners etc .
  • So if you decide to develop the skills in-house
    you really need to identify someone with great
    research and wordsmithing skills.

  • It will take a novice grant writer at least 6
    months to get yup to speed.
  • So as you can see this is not an easy or cheap
  • Good grant writers are in great demand so you
    could train someone up and have them poached by
    another organisation to start the process all
    over again.

Hiring a Casual Grant Writer/Grant Writing
  • The casual grant writer might be a viable
    solution. However you need to find a highly
    skilled grant writer willing to work on a casual
    basis. Also you need to consider their
  • You might have a pressing need for a submission
    to be prepared but your grant writer might be
    working for someone else and not be available.
    Such is the nature of a casual/consultant.
  • Also a casual grant writer/consultant will also
    charge a dearer hourly rate generally or cost you
    more that someone you engage who has regular

Hiring a Full time/Regular Grant Writer/Grant
Writing Consultant
  • A regular/permanent grant writer/grant writing
    consultant really is only really a viable option
    for larger organizations of if you have many
    projects that require funding.
  • You can either find someone and employ them on
    salary or you can find a grant writing company
    and engage the services of a grant writer on a
    more regular basis under a retainer arrangement.
  • Engaging a grant writing company such as Red Tape
    Busters ensures you have a grant writer at your
    disposal as and when you need them.

  • Engaging someone like us on a retainer basis
    ensures you will always have a quality consultant
    available and we can do everything from
    developing your projects, to finding grant
    opportunities, to matching grants to projects, to
    writing the submissions and everything that goes
    with that process, to assisting you acquit the
    funding opportunities.
  • Essentially hiring a company to provide grant
    writing services means you only pay for the
    consultants when they are working for you there
    is no down time, no lost time, no sick leave or
    holidays you only pay for productive time.

Free Grant Writer
  • Now I am not aware of any free grant writers out
    there. I have heard some offer a non win no fee
    service but those grant writers will be starving
    and out of business in a few weeks or months.
  • The sad reality of grant writing is that you can
    be the best organisation, with the best project
    with the best submission and still not receive
    funding so working on a no win no fee basis is a
    flawed strategy in the grant writing world.
  • Free grant writers might be out there offering a
    pro bono service but again I havent heard of
    them. If good grant writers were out there and
    were free gee they would be busy!

  • Each organisation however is different with
    different needs but where organisations think
    that developing the skills an in-house is the
    cheapest and best way of winning grants
    seriously I suggest they should think again.
  • Contact us at Red Tape Busters -
    http// should you require
    specialist grant or tender writing experience to
    help your organisation or business win grant
    funding or achieve successes with tenders.

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